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Hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner, Christy. Age is just a number. Some may say 20s is good, it shows young and energetic, but for you it’s a golden time and new chapter of life. You’re considered energetic and matured, not over matured. You have better feeling and views in most of the things.

7th February 2010

A day to remember … each of us

Anyway, Happy Birthday!! We arranged this out of surprise for her on that night. It was wonderful, warmth and sweet dinner. Due to her too busy with work CNY preparation, she was almost forget about her BIG day.


Lou Sang 2010 @ Hakka Restaurant


My first Lou Sang dinner with my ex-colleagues, almost all of us here. There were nine of us (ten originally including FK Wong (Simon) decided to fly us kite at last minute). We arrived at 7.30pm. This was highly anticipated dinner, without you all, it won’t be a complete dinner that day.

Lou Sang @ Hakka Restaurant

10 February 2010

Once we get our sit, we were served with the menu. It was a special dinner meal set ranging from RM498 to RM698. We decided on the basic dinner set, comprised 9 meals. I don’t remember the meal’s name but it’s very similar to hotel bouquet dinner except the first dish. Our first dish was salmon fish yee sang.


The Fallen Of Dignity


A beginning of all of the deflated-ism one after another started with the first departure. We saw, we observed, we felt and we touched of this reality with dumfounding outcome. After six years of uprising an empire … the ending was quite gloomy.

The Fallen Of Dignity

August 2009

The great departure of the department leader was known as Master’s of ALL the Masters. This marked a very important point of the downturn and gloomy future here. One after another was following his steps end up weaken the empire overall. Some were fetched a good fortune when they left-over in the falling out  of what-so-called abandoned heritage.

An absolute devotee follows their Master anywhere he goes. One’s career or life is very hard to be re-justified again without recognition of the past. Hence, the real reason of existence of surrender-ism here.


Snippet 100110


Barely a week after the new year countdown, it was a birthday party plan for Andrew. He is one of my new kaki (member) in my last theme park trip. This party organized in so sudden and we all have been assigned a task to contribute.

Andrew’s Birthday Party

10 January 2010

Welcome to 30’s Club … woohoo hoo.

These balloons were represent us. We planned, we surprised him and we made it finally. Quite simple but enough to keep us busy. We played a song for him to made him feel touched. We ordered and bought lots of delicious food while she made a red tainted eggs and cheese cake.

FYI, she really put a lot of effort & energy to give him a memorable dinner. I never seen such of her so energetic in doing something hopefully to make him feel good. We had so much fun and let the pictures do the talk here.


Y2k10 Happening


Happy 2010. This is a combination of Review 2009 and 2010 Resolution post that I usually wrote for few years back.

Happy New Year 2010

First post of the year, here I comes. When comes to talk about my resolution, it was giving me some sense of achievement. I felt myself grow better in relationship, career, health and even socializing. Traveling and trips were as crazy as you would guess. Yea, almost every 2 weeks got event or places to go until I can’t keep track what I did in past months. Just have a time to check it out what’s happening here.

In Year 2010, I set myself achieving greater control of my life, pursuing my dream and setting my life target for me to achieve. It’s not a year or two to accomplish, but few years efforts.


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