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2010-11 Cross Over Resolution


Happy 2011. First post of the year. It’s time to reveal my resolutions for this year. In my previous year, I set few general resolutions and this year won’t be any exception. To be frank, my intuition told me that hopes, future, achievements, satisfactions and fulfillment this year can be achieve. How about you?

1.1.2011 | Happy New Year 2011

Effort and concise plan will be focus on my mid-career, healthy body & mind, relationship and traveling as beginning of year 2011. An extend of degree resolution is set to be achieve in pride. Try to always look for greater achievement, more far than you can expect.

Always hold on with belief attitude to get something done more immensely.

Let’s me start with my Y2k11 resolutions before I recall my Y2k10 past.


Annual Gathering 2010


Compare to last year (3-in-1 DC Hilarious Nitez), this year we make it rather casual and relaxing. We all agreed to officially launch our first edition of Annual Gathering in year 2010, to conclude the year in fashionable way.

11-12 Dec 2010 | Annual Gathering 2010

Our strong bonding proved it all. Our final decision making our way to Bukit Tinggi was made a month ago. A good and smooth planning contributing the successful of the trip planned. To make things interesting and colorful, we made a visit to Colmar Tropicale French Village.

Our accommodation is Selesa Hill Resort where we had 2 units of 3-bedrooms (up to 12 pax). The cost is reasonable at RM300 each unit, equivalent to RM50 per pax). The place was totally suit our needs, with privacy, cooling air and spacious. Our room all are clean and neat, bringing up our Home-Sweet-Home feel.


Snippet 241010


An unforgotten day for DarkOne, as it says, darkness shall prevail until the judgement day. It held in the dark of bistro + brewpub at Tropicana Mall.

24 Oct 2010 | DarkOne’s awaken @ Royal Thai

To show how strong our bonding is, our group picture proved them all. One year plus apart from common empire, while some went to shade under different land with same ruler, we all have one common ideologies, that’s condemned the fallen empire ruling.

A night without prolong time and a busy week had occupied most of us. Hence, we were only able to make it on Sunday night which is obviously not a favor from anyone of us.


Maybank Scam Site 3


SCAM … SCAM ALERT! Please DO NOT trust or give a look at this kind of email. Bank never (and never) send such email to customer AT ALL.

Sample email from scammer

There’s NO WAY online banking identification can be verified using TAC code. TAC code is used to perform transaction and any update on your banking profile. Not used for verification. Please take note.

It has been long time since I wrote my scam mail that hitting our financial industry especially for those come from email. Again, I’m not a customer of Maybank but I would like to stress the important of awareness of such threat to us. It shouldn’t taken lightly because there were million of ringgit went to this syndicate yearly and most of the time the person who suffered from this is still customer.


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