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Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland


We have successfully concluded our YAMCHAR session @ high altitude, shooting out from our usual location around KL & PJ.

14 May 2011 | Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland

My Khaki has successfully organized a session for its member. A golden meeting met its target. A fruitful outcome has been achieved. This was an awesome plan. Isn’t it, wahai my Khaki’s member?

Yamchar is not an unfamiliar term for us. It has been concluded in many places but Chui Shui’s station is still our main place twice a month, average count yea.


Energizer Night Race 2011


NEEDLESS to say about the outrageously event I ever had and the impact of the organizer for this night race, I personally think it has given me a very good start of what I called NIGHT RUN!

16 Apr 2011 | Energizer Night Race 2011

Without thinking much, I’ve desired to join my first ever night run in Sepang. By having a bit of expectation, I hope to step my foot for first time in famous F1 race circuit in my country since 10 years ago. The registration was straight forward, merely RM50, I can get a running shirt with bibs. The headlamp will be given on the race day itself.

The entire event was a messy though.

However, this was fixed between runners and the organizer in few weeks later by refund the participation fees and distributed all the goodies to ALL registered participant via courier. WHAT A BIG LOSS compensated for this failure event. A very THUMBS up to the organizer for seeking such solution to make customers happy in the first place.


Super Se7en Paintball Challenge


After 3 years from my first paintball event by AmBank, I get persuaded to join this event again although I’m not really keen into it especially getting shot by people. Anyway for your information, it’s an annual event by the Sport Club for a fee as low as RM30 only.

19 Feb 2011 | Super Se7en Paintball Challenge

Shooting game is famous among those who like enemy killing feel. This subsidized event by the club itself had attracted much experience and non-experience players. Winners are always those who wear their own uniform and have killing team name.

Sound funny but true. We unable to avoid those killing team as it was chosen via balloting. Well, a game is just a game, my team entered the game with just for fun mindset. We strive for our own best. Let’s work as a team and yeah! Killing … GO GO GO!


CNY 2011


Quite some years I didn’t write on Chinese New Year‘s post. I’m back this year with self-fulfilling on such important event in Chinese calendar.

3 – 4 Feb 2011 | Happy Chinese New Year 2011

It’s a Rabbit Year in year 2011. A year with good wealth coming in, good health maintaining on and good relationship to continue foster.

Despite the age, the way of celebrating CNY is different from 10 years back or even 20 years back. I’m no longer seeing myself jumping up and down for this festival. Instead, I’m playing a different role in this festival itself.

Counting down is no longer part of me because having to count 10 … 1 is really nothing better to do. Firecracker still sounding around my ears but lesser this year. Don’t know why. Many are focusing on gathering, get-together and mix-up during this festival. Gathering has become easier with Facebook nowadays.

First two days normally reserved for family and relatives while the rest will be friends and social network gathering. Not forgetting the Angpow from those were married uncle and aunties. Even friends who married are not excluded from giving angpow. Hey, here I come. Huat ah!

Kong Hei Fatt Choy to all my DeXXy.Net readers and fan.

Have a prosperous and happiness year in Rabbit Year.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010


Penang Bridge International Marathon was my latest marathon event that I joined last year. For the last two years, I was only within the KL area, barely go out for BIG places.

21 Nov 2010 | Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Being for myself, it was a breakthrough when I hit my own record at 1 hour 12 minutes. Although nothing to proud as it’s not under one hour, but I’m grateful.

Running this event was always my wish and finally I did it after planning since 3 years ago. It was hard to plan when I considered about the cost coming all over from KL for just few hours event.

Therefore, I’d planned accordingly and mixed with my Penang Food Quest trip. This trip was 3 days 2 night and unbeatable compare to my all previous food trips. Remember to stay tune for the next post.


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