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CNY 2012


A brand new year post for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. As per my write-up in my year 2012 resolution, it was pretty hectic and self-fulling year for myself.

23 – 24 Jan 2012 | Gong Xi Fa Chai 2012

From the picture above, this year is belong to Dragon year. A year of symbolizing good fortune and intense power. Dragon is said to be a deliverer of fortune and authority, hence for those born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

I’m 29 years old this year, a meaningful year to keep on receiving red packet from elderly and those married. Many were expecting me to start giving out next year, means cash flow will be flowing out. I should get as many as I can this year from those married friend, associates and partner.

Rabbit year has seen myself progressing much in preparing my another life stage. Prosperity came to me in getting a property and capital for my business as well as future prospect career. Thanks Rabbit for making my year so meaningful.

I’ve total of 9 days leave for CNY 2012, hence a lot of plans getting on for the whole week. Pardon for less updates about my recent trips because I’ve giving many hours to perform my responsibilities this year.

Wish my readers, Kong Hee Fatt Chai and visitors a very good prosperous year.

2011-12 Cross Over Resolution


01.01.12 … marks an equally important post in DeXXy.Net. Have you set your resolutions for year 2012? Good presentation of your resolutions will make things more achievable. Don’t you agree?

3 Jan 2012 | Happy New Year 01.01.12

A man’s vision can be concisely put in such easy way, notably career, family, health, financial and entertainment. To attain those, my resolutions must have a strong degree of relationship between them.

A greater shall look upon myself to get something done better than last year even though something must be loosen up a bit to get others go through.

Let’s me start with my Y2k12 resolutions before I recall back my Y2k11 achievements.


A minor revamp on DeXXy.Net


ONE year had passed unnoticeable. Neither myself nor my reader still remember me ever stopped writing for such long period ever since this blog started. Working life has consumed 80% of my time, leaving me struggling with my limited personal time.

1 Jan 2012 | Minor changes of DeXXy.NET

Leisure activity was still going on but at slower pace.

I’ll be taking my sweet time from now onwards to catch up with posts and updates here. Stay tune and thank you for supporting this blog continuously.

Annual Gathering 2011


Our excited series of gathering has concluded successfully at Bagan Lalang. Our 4th series of outing is expanded to include out of our friends’ circle, made entirely environment fun and enjoyable.

17-18 Dec 2011 | Annual Gathering 2011

We called it Annual Gathering series because we have got rid of old-fashioned and closed-minded name, DC a.k.a Delivery Channel. We’ve moved for a better life. Two friends of us have married this year. Bonding between us never show signed of weakened. We’re still kicking as strong as ever because we’ve recruited two new members joining us this year, Tasha & Kelly.

The decision of choosing Bagan Lalang as our destination was made with majority. It’s a new experience to held barbecue (BBQ) session on the beach side. Barely one month planning, we have chosen Camar Laut Resort as our accommodation.

I booked 3 unit of semi-d chalet with 2 rooms (4 pax) per unit. Only cost me RM360 (RM120 per unit). Kind of cheap compare to Hotel Seri Malaysia which is next to us. We have 15 pax to fit one unit during the Gift X’Change session. Three decided not to overnight.

Even though packed, but it was fun.


Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland


We have successfully concluded our YAMCHAR session @ high altitude, shooting out from our usual location around KL & PJ.

14 May 2011 | Coffee Bean @ Genting Highland

My Khaki has successfully organized a session for its member. A golden meeting met its target. A fruitful outcome has been achieved. This was an awesome plan. Isn’t it, wahai my Khaki’s member?

Yamchar is not an unfamiliar term for us. It has been concluded in many places but Chui Shui’s station is still our main place twice a month, average count yea.


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