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Y2k9 Happening


Happy 2009. Welcome to the first day of the year. First post here.  A hope, a future, a plan and an achievement. I foresee myself will continue to put effort in career, health, relationship and traveling.

My last year resolution will be continue this year. In some aspect, I will do to bring up my level and continue to pursue for result. So, you will see some “Advance” resolution here.

Year 2009 Happening

  1. Continue to put effort in love relationship
  2. Continue to communicate well with various level of people
  3. Continue to participate as many as possible sport events
  4. Start to invest into higher yield return saving
  5. Continue to put higher quality of lifestyle
  6. Continue to excel in career planning in term of project involvement
  7. Continue my crazy planned trips all over my calendar.

Simple right? Yes, it does simple but then its require a lot of thought and time to make it success. Okay, lets elaborate here.

  1. In Year 2008, I met a girl that loves me so much and so do I. To further on, I’m aiming high on this relationship and will make myself towards a family planning in 2 years time.
  2. In Year 2008, I manage to upgrade myself in term of my thought and how I communicate with people. I learn in my support role. I hope to extend it in project management area which is the key of successful business.
  3. In Year 2008, I couldn’t believe I participate various physical challenges that required me to complete it within 15km. I would continue to pursue such event as many as possible to bring up myself in stamina. I hope to maintain my fit body. I’d to lose 4 more kgs to get an ideal body. I lost from 87kg to 84kg this year.
  4. In Year 2008, managing debt is driving me nuts. Last year debt is still hanging around and hardly reduce. Thanks for my recent purchases of big stuffs. My financial status remain as per last year. So, my aim next year is to reduce into zero debt and reduce my credit card collection. Even though I manage to invest in Amanah Saham, however, it’s still doesn’t reflect my debt enough. Hopefully I could start my investment plan by next year.
  5. In Year 2008, I didn’t improve much of my quality life. I hope to make something different this year. Lets see.
  6. In Year 2008, I finally expose into project as members. As the chances to get into project more higher, I’d to prepare myself before hand. I’ll start my studies in MBA next year. Estimated completion time is 3 years.I do not deny the possibility of getting new job if opportunities come.
  7. In Year 2008, I had slow down in my traveling. However, I’ll buck up and again planned all over my calendar with  many trips within Malaysia.

Yo! How about yours?

Snippet 010109


KL in the countdown mode

KL in the countdown mode. Getting ready…

I was like errr…not doing countdown for few years already. As this year is going to be different, I went up to Nga Nga hill nearby my house. It was less than 3km and I could take a breathtaking view from uphill.

Things are going to be weird when the place start to jam and seems like going no where, if I settled down in road side and walk up instead. It become unmovable and people start counting in their own vehicle. Darn no mood right?

I just walk till I get a good view to KL. Took my Olympus and snap pictures. Voila! 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 Woohoo!

KL @ 12am 010109

Shaking….everybody shaking, the earth shaking, so do I. Haha. It lasted for 5-10 minutes. Vehicles started to jam, fedup man…what to do? Reach home at 12.45am. Ok la.

Let’s start this new day, new year at tomorrow morning! I go to Melaka for 3 days 2 night trip. Good night!

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