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Fish Farm Thai Restaurant


I love Thai’s delicacy. My sister suggested this place for our dinner on this year mother’s day. It’s located at Hulu Langat district, a hidden inside the jungle. Not far away from Look Out Point, a popular hill-top eatery place. Turn into the side road on entrance. Road leading to there is quite bumpy, so drive slowly.

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

8 May 2010

Food are normally hot, spicy, sweet and sour. Spices are imported from Thailand while the food are prepared in restaurant. Most workers are from Thailand and the best is they know how to speak Malay and even simple Cantonese. Therefore, you can communicate with them any language … LOL.

Some of the popular food available there are Tomyam Seafood soup, BBQ Talapia Fish, Lamb BBQ, paku vege belacan and sotong with salty egg sauce.


Lou Sang 2010 @ Hakka Restaurant


My first Lou Sang dinner with my ex-colleagues, almost all of us here. There were nine of us (ten originally including FK Wong (Simon) decided to fly us kite at last minute). We arrived at 7.30pm. This was highly anticipated dinner, without you all, it won’t be a complete dinner that day.

Lou Sang @ Hakka Restaurant

10 February 2010

Once we get our sit, we were served with the menu. It was a special dinner meal set ranging from RM498 to RM698. We decided on the basic dinner set, comprised 9 meals. I don’t remember the meal’s name but it’s very similar to hotel bouquet dinner except the first dish. Our first dish was salmon fish yee sang.


Snippet 201109


Now you see a non-travel related post. It was an outing for three of us @ The Spaghetti Farm, Mid Valley Mall. There seems to be a 2-plus-1 dining joints right, with my first Downhearted model, Nikki Chris Looi.

The Spaghetti Farm

Why did we choose this place for our first ever outing? Our Nikki is a Spaghetti lover. I’m not even aware this new dining place even though I’m frequent visitor here. The name is nice, meant to show their specialization in spaghetti and pasta. Wow…Italians food.

The waiter/waitress were so friendly during my order. I choose the basic meal with drink add on, cost me RM12. As I don’t know which one to choose, all basically same to me, except the color of pasta.

Table No.17 … a four sitting table.

Me and Nikki.

A set meal … forgotten the name. It’s a minced chicken with tomato pasta. A chicken mushroom soup and a light drink.

Not bad. The source and the meat working perfectly in my mouth.

Proudly introduce a bowl of her favorite spaghetti.

Chicken mushroom soup.

Well, at least now, Italians has a something for me to think about. Think about The Spaghetti Farm, wholesome Italian food.

Nando’s Chicken


It was after Bukit Tabur hiking trip @ Taman Melawati, we were heading to Wangsa Maju Jusco shopping mall for lunch. We decided to lay our butt on Nando’s Chicken after few rounds walk nonsense.

Welcome to the best-taste home grilled peri-peri chick in the world

Nando’s Chicken

All of us were exhausted and tired after a great hike at crystal quartz hill. You may refer to my Tabur’s post.

We reached around lunch hour, ngam ngam hou. I called up Jian which he was interested to join us for lunch but not earlier hiking. There were 8 of us whom shared the below Peri Platter set.

The Peri Platter (4 ppl) set contained one full chicken, a large rice, a large fresco salad, a large coleslaw and a large chips.

Being with your mother nature, you should have try the hottest possible flavor.

Drink is bottomless, so if you order a set like this, better share one glass with two person. I regretted for not doing this.

Our silly group picture. Nobody see the DSLR camera except Him (a.k.a God!). Whose featured more silly here? No comment. LOL.

Nando’s is the best!! Opsss….I mean our lunch @ Nando’s.

Bak Kut Teh @ Klang


Ok…this is going to be a review on restaurant and food, perhaps. It is a simple food talk; Bak Kut Teh @ Klang. No doubt that Klang is well known for BKT.

Bak Kut Teh @ Klang

It is my first time having BKT at Klang. I’m not fan of BKT nor lover. Occasionally, I will had it nearby my housing area. Reason behind this post? I just love BKT from Klang…hahaha.

A pottery full of pork, organs, mushroom and vegetable. I never seen such a nice full pot with so many varieties! Upon having this, I had lost my interest with BKT at other place already.

Yow Char Kuay…in Canto. It’s crispy if you eat without soak into BKT soup. It just taste good when mix up together. I don’t think people can eat BKT without this!

OTAK-OTAK delicacy; the biggest piece that I ever had.

If you’re not fan of BKT, don’t worry. You still can have your normal meal here.

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