Energizer Night Race 2011


NEEDLESS to say about the outrageously event I ever had and the impact of the organizer for this night race, I personally think it has given me a very good start of what I called NIGHT RUN!

16 Apr 2011 | Energizer Night Race 2011

Without thinking much, I’ve desired to join my first ever night run in Sepang. By having a bit of expectation, I hope to step my foot for first time in famous F1 race circuit in my country since 10 years ago. The registration was straight forward, merely RM50, I can get a running shirt with bibs. The headlamp will be given on the race day itself.

The entire event was a messy though.

However, this was fixed between runners and the organizer in few weeks later by refund the participation fees and distributed all the goodies to ALL registered participant via courier. WHAT A BIG LOSS compensated for this failure event. A very THUMBS up to the organizer for seeking such solution to make customers happy in the first place.


Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010


Penang Bridge International Marathon was my latest marathon event that I joined last year. For the last two years, I was only within the KL area, barely go out for BIG places.

21 Nov 2010 | Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Being for myself, it was a breakthrough when I hit my own record at 1 hour 12 minutes. Although nothing to proud as it’s not under one hour, but I’m grateful.

Running this event was always my wish and finally I did it after planning since 3 years ago. It was hard to plan when I considered about the cost coming all over from KL for just few hours event.

Therefore, I’d planned accordingly and mixed with my Penang Food Quest trip. This trip was 3 days 2 night and unbeatable compare to my all previous food trips. Remember to stay tune for the next post.


HL8 IT Sports Club


Ever since I joined HL8 10 months ago, I was put in a situation where I could able to fully enjoy with Sport & Club activities. This club was revived back after few months and organized quite some events since then.

I.S.A Plus Club 2010

I.S.A Club is considering as an active club with self-funding through participation fees. I’m part of the committee member which carries a title called Auditor but it doesn’t justify my role there. The only significant role is between is President and non-president post. That’s it.

This club had brought me the whole new experience in organizing activities. We have come out a whole year plan to be carried out and we do meet up for every quarter to discuss about arrangement and rules.


SCKLM Marathon 2010


Participation in marathon is still remain my casual workout since few years back. This year, I forced myself to measure up on my improvement over the time especially after completed few big mountain hiking.

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

27 June 2010

My running time in the past was fairly below average @ 90 min for 10km distance with difficulties. Today, I managed to achieve 78 min (in recent Siemens 10K run) in a same distance with comfortable level. Thanks to my series of mountain hiking lately.

For me, my great interest is yet to be in this field.

My result for SCKLM 2010 is as below (82 min):

This year, I have a lot friends who joined for fun, aligned with over-marketed marathon event in various media channels. It draws a huge crowd and some of my passive friends also joined and caught me surprise.


SCKLIM – KL Marathon 2009


Running a marathon (quarter-marathon) is no longer in my treasured activity since last 2 years. I’ve been tempting to do this actually, however, tendency of hill-hiking is very strong. I prefer to have my everywhere hiking, exploring nature and island rather than this.

Anyway, I’d choose to start running again this year by joining Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 (SCKLIM).

28 June 2009

SCKLIM 2009 @ Dataran Merdeka

To make up on this event, I woke up quite early to catch with flag off time of my 10km category @ 7.00am. We reached at Dataran Merdeka earlier than expected. After meet up with another friend (Mei Ching), we headed to the starting point. We managed to secure a good start at very front space.

On a day before, I collected goodies bag, shirt/vest and bib number from same place also.


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