Paintball @ Shah Alam Extreme Park


After one year from my first Paintball event, I come again for my second time with my own group. Due to the lucky draw from Hikers Climber during Eco-Challenge last month, I’ve been presented a voucher with 5 peoples participation for free.

Paintball @ Shah Alam Extreme Park

29 August 2009

That’s the main reason we come out with this activity. Total of 15 peoples are participating with the game. We split into two group ( 7 + 8 ) and compete!

We played at 9am, therefore, we gathered and briefed about the safety measures at 8.45am. We opted for normal package of RM40 (100 bullets and equipment) as we play for fun. No additional bullet after we were satisfied with 3 rounds of game.


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Nearly every month, we do held events for birthday celebration. However this time was a bit special which we held at our colleague’s house. To join this ‘game‘ each of us was required to bring some raw food so that we could grill all the night long.

BBQ @ MK House

June 2009

As it was organized on Friday, we quickly packed up from office and proceed to MK’s house. Upon reaching, we get prepared with the setup and ingredient. I brought my own BBQ stove which is quite light and compact.

MK did not realize that he got an electric BBQ stove at his house! Duh! Of course the electric is much easier to use.


PC Fair II 2009


PC Fair is back! This round, I went there for 2 days. First day was rather simple with no intention of buying. So, Jian and me just getting there for fun. Of course, fun means doing something out of our norm before.

PC Fair (II) 2009

31/7 – 2/8

YES! Taking picture of babes (opss…girls) was the target. Nothing to say much about what’s going on in PC Fair, but to show those pictures taken with full credit to Jian’s artwork.

I’m interested to buy this kind of bag. On first day, it priced at RM78. Last day, the price dropped to RM65. Damn!!! A lesson to be learn next time.

Even on first day, the fair was about to get crowded. The booth designed is match and stunning, but not babes. They’re far lesser compare to previous. Haizzz.

The only astounding booth with babes is AntiVir. The ‘models‘ up the stage were just smile and pose for the whole day for 3 days. Salute them!

While photographers are busying themselves, we were busying from behind, one of them was focusing on the leg!

From LG booth.

And DeXXy.Net choice of PC Fair Babe is below! A simple, yet sweet, standing on Kingston redemption booth on alone, reminding customers to go for lucky draw if had purchasing any Kingston product.

On the second day, I wasn’t able to come again due to stupid road block and massive jam in KL. I decided to turn out at last day, luckily with greater bargaining power. I purchased my first ever DSLR, which will show in my blog later on.

Overall the fair is not bad, from my point of view. There are still some improvement needed even though the broadband war area has been showing more manners and courtesy to customer compare to last time.

Go-Kart Championship 2009


This was an irresistible offer. Only pay RM40 and you can drive for 3 rounds (individual and team event) total up of 13 laps. I expect myself to join this year as second timer.

Go-Kart Championship 2009

13 – 14 June 2009

This event held in Shah Alam outskirt stadium, a popular track for kart-ing fans. Normal walk-in price is quite expensive compare to group booking (with more than 15  peoples). I have a team of 4 (Jason, me, Jian and Ellen).

First timer would not expect any real fun until ride on it. I started slowly until I get familiar with the track, then speed comes.

First day normally the day for warm up and briefing. We reached damn early at 7.30am. Then, we had our breakfast.

Briefing start on the game rules and regulation.

For individual event, I’m in Group C. No need for a long wait but certainly, we were waiting like crazy.

All of us were wearing red on that day.

This is the pit where the karts start and stop.

A normal kart with ambank sticker all around.

The curves of the track. Making peoples life tough.

Ignorant driver spotted, causing accident by performed ‘road block‘. Stay cool man.

Safety comes first. Drive slow enough and with hand support somemore. Extra safe. Cool driver! Everybody who witnessed her were laugh like hell. So funny.

This AKA was driving safety also. He drove below the speed limit.

This driver drives over limit, caused spinning and stuck in the middle.

We have 2 teams participated this year. One is SLOW-SLOW-RUN and the other is SPEED-BREAKER. Totally opposite meaning right? Haha.

Our team was listed out from Top 5, thus making an early exit. Overall was a good experience for me to make myself part of Kart-ian community for 2 days.

I won’t look forward for next year. Don’t ask me why…hehehe.

Table Tennis Tournament 2009


Frankly speaking, I do not expect myself to join this tournament at all. A first timer and newbie like me has no threatening power here due to the large number of professional players here.

It was held at Dewan Serbaguna Taman Maluri on 24 May 2009, not even a month after the previous bowling competition. Click Bowling Tournament 2009.

Table Tennis Tournament 2009

Joining fee was only RM10. Limited to selected players on a first come, first serve basis. I’d managed to register as single player as there was no one to be found to partner me.

The only thing that irritated me was that no T-shirt provided due to the short notice given. Come to think of it, well, this event was planned at the very last minute, so basically I can’t really put the entire blame on them.

Before the tournament starts, we were served with buffet style breakfast. Notice the dining area was empty due to the fact that I was late for the event but still manage to have my breakfast as well,  heh.

As usual, we were briefed on the rules and regulations, how the game will be conducted and so on. The event was not big therefore is more controllable. I felt kind of bored and do not feel any excitement at all.

Maybe because the hall was so stuffy all the way since the start of the tournament!

It was not until I won a match! Oh my God, it was so unexpected ! Voila…however, the competition was equally tough for me when I faced experienced players.

The judges were in red shirt, no wonder lah…we do not have any T-shirt. Player wear their own shirt…as if there was no standardization, haih.

The fast-paced sound of “Tik tok…tik tok…” can be heard across the small & stuffy hall.

As the results came out…you will notice that I was put into a group of ‘dead’ match. You know what I mean?

This was indeed a good experience of giving the game a shot even though it’s been some time ago since I last participated in a tournament.

At least I got a chance to play one now! No target being set for the next tournament. Hehe, lets see.

Who knows, I’ll be back again to the tournament with much better skill? *fingers crossed*

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