100 Doraemon in Cheras Viva Mall, Malaysia


This is the largest Doraemon exhibition held in Malaysia @ Viva Home Exhibition Hall. It was happened from 14-Dec-2013 until 23-Mar-2014. The main attraction was a showcase of 100 unique of Doraemon figures along with others figures.

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo 

Why it was named as 100 Doraemon? It was a countdown towards his birthday, which falls on Sept-3, 2112 in future.

One hundred (100) brings much meaning to this expo. You can see 100 different poses, 100 different figures with each holding 100 different secret gadgets! If you have time, read each information available to know the gadget functionality better.

If you know Doraemon, means we’re likely at around same generation. A big fan once a while but not hardcore. Bought many comics to read and movie/series to watch, especially those episodes aired in RTM back in time. Memories huh?


Yung Fur & Huey Kuen Wedding Dinner


Once again, congratulations to the both of you, Yung Fur & Huey Kuen! “Loving couple!”. Although these photos come quite late. Here are some photos on your wedding dinner! Enjoy!

Wedding Reception : Lucky Palace Restaurant, Seremban 2

In less than a month, this was a second wedding banquet I attended.

As a good ex-colleague of mine (she), we knew each other since, ermm … 5 years back, in Nov-2007. We worked about 2 years plus before calling each other as ex…colleagues.

Occasionally, we organized some outing and annual gathering for meet up and keep in touch, so our relationship as ex-colleagues will be forever.

Please enjoy the photo below … taken from her wedding dinner. Not much and only focus on small group photos.


Aaron & Michelle Wedding Dinner


Once again, congratulations to the both of you, Aaron & Michelle! “Loving couple!”. Although these photos come quite late. Here are some photos on your wedding dinner! Enjoy!

Wedding Reception : Sin Choi Wah Restaurant

Invited as I knew both of them. He is my ex-colleague. All of our ex-colleagues were sitting in one or two table, felt like a gathering. We’d a second round drink (first ever heard about groom who went out for drink after his wedding dinner?). Yes, he did follow us for second round drink.

From the drinking session, he told us he had few room rented in Tune Hotels (Kota Damansara) and no one is going to occupy it. Asking us whether interested to use or not.

For us who drink so much (in fact, we can drive back home no problem), we can have a nap at ‘local’ Tune Hotels. At normal situation, we won’t go for KL or PJ hotel, but this round was different.

Please enjoy the photos below.


Annual Gathering 2011


Our excited series of gathering has concluded successfully at Bagan Lalang. Our 4th series of outing is expanded to include out of our friends’ circle, made entirely environment fun and enjoyable.

17-18 Dec 2011 | Annual Gathering 2011

We called it Annual Gathering series because we have got rid of old-fashioned and closed-minded name, DC a.k.a Delivery Channel. We’ve moved for a better life. Two friends of us have married this year. Bonding between us never show signed of weakened. We’re still kicking as strong as ever because we’ve recruited two new members joining us this year, Tasha & Kelly.

The decision of choosing Bagan Lalang as our destination was made with majority. It’s a new experience to held barbecue (BBQ) session on the beach side. Barely one month planning, we have chosen Camar Laut Resort as our accommodation.

I booked 3 unit of semi-d chalet with 2 rooms (4 pax) per unit. Only cost me RM360 (RM120 per unit). Kind of cheap compare to Hotel Seri Malaysia which is next to us. We have 15 pax to fit one unit during the Gift X’Change session. Three decided not to overnight.

Even though packed, but it was fun.


Super Se7en Paintball Challenge


After 3 years from my first paintball event by AmBank, I get persuaded to join this event again although I’m not really keen into it especially getting shot by people. Anyway for your information, it’s an annual event by the Sport Club for a fee as low as RM30 only.

19 Feb 2011 | Super Se7en Paintball Challenge

Shooting game is famous among those who like enemy killing feel. This subsidized event by the club itself had attracted much experience and non-experience players. Winners are always those who wear their own uniform and have killing team name.

Sound funny but true. We unable to avoid those killing team as it was chosen via balloting. Well, a game is just a game, my team entered the game with just for fun mindset. We strive for our own best. Let’s work as a team and yeah! Killing … GO GO GO!


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