The Fallen Of Dignity


A beginning of all of the deflated-ism one after another started with the first departure. We saw, we observed, we felt and we touched of this reality with dumfounding outcome. After six years of uprising an empire … the ending was quite gloomy.

The Fallen Of Dignity

August 2009

The great departure of the department leader was known as Master’s of ALL the Masters. This marked a very important point of the downturn and gloomy future here. One after another was following his steps end up weaken the empire overall. Some were fetched a good fortune when they left-over in the falling out  of what-so-called abandoned heritage.

An absolute devotee follows their Master anywhere he goes. One’s career or life is very hard to be re-justified again without recognition of the past. Hence, the real reason of existence of surrender-ism here.


End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment


End of the 10th cycle of the lunar eclipse. In mere human terms, it simply means the end of the 10th month of service for a certain corporation.

End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment – Freedom towards a new career path

20th October 2009

Ahhhh … … … !@#$%

It has been 10 long months since I have been imprisoned in this evil & disastrous unit, stuck in a middle of a restless department. And after serving a painful 3 long months of notice period, the day has finally come to free my soul from this horrible disaster.

Since the Day 1, I, the Dark One, was tricked into a simple ploy to get into a unit filled with sweet promises of bright career path, highly paid salary, attractive remuneration, exciting benefits, you-name-it-we-got-it stuffs.  Initially, it was simply too hard to believe that such attractive position can still be available at that time, despite the economic downturn worldwide.

Ohh, it’s something like what the Chinese love to say, ”rewarding stuffs don’t come jumping around in such a leisure pace”. And yes, the offer is really something that jumps not only around, but jumps directly to ME. Wow, that ‘s weird.


Darken Era: End of Saviour of Support


The darken era of the fallen of Support. Life after DeXXy, one-man show era. (Please note that this not a fictional storytale or some sort. Based on true experience from the eyes of the Dark One).

The strong ‘bell‘ rang non-stop…rings like no one’s business. I looked at my watch. It shows 09.05am.

Yet …

Darken Era: End of Saviour of Support – 5 OCT 2009

Nobody was care the ‘bell‘ ringing. Oh, wait…there is someone; the “so-called substitute” for the other side, but she was simply too occupied at that moment, picking up another line. Her agonizing, yet restless look shrouds her already tense face. It looks as if she can’t take it anymore soon. And yet, other people who surrounds the Support faction, chose to ignore the continuous ring from the lines, especially when the Master is not present.

Well, this is yet another true, blue day after the departure of Savior of Support, to Neverland.


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