Waterfall Trek

Sungai Chiling @ Kuala Kubu Baru


So here we are, our natural escape to Sungai Chiling Waterfall located at Kuala Kubu Baru. I foresee myself to hook up with waterfall places in future other than hiking. The waterfall ambiance is giving me a pleasant sound every time I step into water.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kubu Bahru

September 2009

Chiling Waterfall has become a popular place for many peoples in the town. There has been a long talk about this trip. Well, I managed to form a group of 10 peoples finally. We started from KL, around 7am. Our first stop was before Rawang town.


Sungai Gabai Waterfall


Sungai Gabai Waterfall is located at the district of Hulu Langat. The waterfalls have few falls which cascade down over 100 meters. Apart from swimming and picnicking, wading in the river among the rocks and boulders can be an exciting outing for the whole family.

As I love weekend outing, this weekend is kind of special. It’s a place where I never been before and very scenic in Hulu Langat district. If you come from Kajang, you should follow the road sign to Hulu Langat or Pangsun.

The distance is about 25km from KL. My group is form of 5 peoples included me. They all car pool with me and we started our journey at 7.30am. Kinda early but actually it’s better. The place is not yet get crowded at this hour.


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