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Exploring Jeram Perlus


ONE of my trekking buddies pursued me into hiking + waterfall which was never my interest in the first place. Gradually, my loves to the nature extended to waterfall as well.

2 Apr 2011 | Jeram Perlus Waterfall

Jeram Perlus is one of my latest comebacks to waterfall trekking since Chiling Waterfall. I opted for this because the location is strategic to my convenience and within Selangor.

Hulu Langat, a realm of vast jungle and falls for nature lover. How can I resist that?

Some more, trekking is required for about 2-3 hours depends on individual speed. I was hesitant if purely on waterfall with any challenging trail, but this one was different.


The 8th Wonder of Kanching Waterfall


A revisited trip to Kanching Waterfall was made for a purpose. To explore the highest level of fall, the 8th waterfall. Usually, the highest fall was formed by streams of river banks and bed in a pool of water before flowing down from steep cliffs.

30 Oct 2010 | Kanching Waterfall Highest Level (8th)

The 8th waterfall is not an ordinary level for most visitors because  the highest point is at 7th waterfall level. Indeed, the highest point can be seen as a small waterfall connected to 7th waterfall at about 10-15m distance, creating a small pool of water.

It wasn’t a popular level because to get into this level, one has to bear a very steep and tough hike. However, the route leading to this level has been marked with red-sign arrow for safety purpose.

As for introduction, this waterfall offers many different levels under a lush greenery jungle. Common visitors were those from family and couple type who wanted a simple nature outing here. Photographer enthusiastic also found it remarkably captivating  for a nice shots.


Serendah Waterfall


Waterfall has been always been my second choice of day trip. No matter how nice the waterfall is, I rather go for mountain or jungle but occasionally I was thinking of dipping into water after a long hike. But it’s not the case for Serendah Waterfall trip done by me lately.

Serendah Waterfall

16 October 2010

It’s my second trip outing with My Travel Kaki Dot Com. But I did really enjoy their trip itinerary where every one of us never been here before. We did a recce instead.

A group of people who look strange to each other joined for a day trip mission. It was considered as 3-in-1 trip which consists of waterfall, private retreat and also seven well dam. The costs of this trip were only cover food and transportation, that’s it.


Hangout @ Kanching Waterfall


Kanching Waterfall offers seven (7) waterfalls under lush jungle greenery spot that housing much plant life. A good place for picnicking for family and couples. A good hangout for children in the nature. Under this situation, photography made it great.

Kanching Waterfall (Sg Kanching Recreational Park)

20 June 2010

It doesn’t get long enough for me to get into waterfall obsession again. It took matter of words and I’m back to the nature which my old gang of hikers, namely TKT, WMK, CM and Dansan. We drove from KL about 30km along the way to KL-Rawang Road, which normally you would see signboard pointing to Templers Park.

I know many people are familiar with the name of Templers and Kanching Recreational Park is just nearby only. This park is better organized and much larger.

Car park is charged RM2 and entrance fee per pax is RM1. The weekend crowd is great and I saw many picnickers around until walk around also need to be careful.  This park offers big shades for family outing with few huts available. Toilet and bathroom is available for small cost.

Anyway, my visit this round is more about recreational purpose. Also the park offers a great scenic for photography. Adventurer should find this place a bit choke up some stamina, however, it doesn’t require much hiking. To get from first level to highest level, you need around 30-45 minutes depending on your speed.


Sungai Chiling Revisited


There are a lot of names associated with this place, Sungai Chiling, Chiling Waterfall, Chilling Sanctuary River and Chiling River. Normally we just called it Sg Chiling or Chiling Waterfall for short. So here we are again, a revisited trip for the second time.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kuala Kubu Bahru

20 March 2010

I was leading a group of eight (8) peoples, started from KL. Our journey on trekking all the way @ 11.20am considered late. Many reached earlier than us. Upon reached there, I wasn’t so excited, maybe I know the environment there. This waterfall has gone over-marketed through some photo album and blog site, causing a huge crowd at most weekend there. No fun at all.

Some more, the entrance fees has increased RM1 now, a 50% increased! Gosh!…lol. None of my reason going there other than photography.

We have to cross 6 rivers (actually six times river to be exact in ONE river only) before reach the waterfall. We felt chilled up enjoying scenery there.


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