Waterfall Trek

BBQ @ Sungai Nuang


Sungai Nuang, a stream of water flows from Gunung Nuang that you normally encountered when you hike this mountain. No hiking for this trip during the weekend. That’s barbecues (BBQ) along the river.

BBQ @ Sungai Nuang (Nuang River)

When my friend, Paolo told me about the intention to make a BBQ near Sungai Nuang, I was thought of bringing loads of food, stove, drinks & accessories all the way from entrance to the hiking trail.

It was a very good training before eating a lot. But I was wrong. They actually occupied one of the hut build near the river, outside of the park ranger office, on the road side early in the morning when I called them.

Only discovered there are few spots ready for picnic & have a good fun time BBQ-ing.

Cool. How did he find such place?


Hidden jewel under the bustling city


Following of my existing post about Bukit Puchong, the forbidden crossing was lead to one of the most pristine waterfall that I ever visited.

Pristine Fall – Hidden Jewel Under A Bustling City

Hiking never leave you without an astonishment. I took this opportunity to secure and enjoy a rare sight waterfall which was not open to public, therefore a necessary permit to access is advisable to be granted.

The exact location is well conserved under UPM Forestry Department for their research.

A trek leading from the peak down to the fall was about half an hour. Not many know the place, but gradually peoples were curious and it become a hot topic among waterfall lover.


Endau-Rompin National Park Trip (2D1N)


Endau Rompin National Park is a protected tropical rainforest in Malaysia. The area covered from Pahang south to the northeast of Johor covering an approximate area of 870 km square feet. Effectively, it’s the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara.

Endau-Rompin Selai

It was a huge group consists of many hardcore camper and hikers. Only known few of them in the group, me and my own self with my partner have took this opportunity to join them. Two from my group were suddenly pull out, so I’ve to take over the accommodation portion which was confirmed earlier.

Jungle trekking and national park visit is always my desires no matter where, be this 2D1N Endau-Rompin Selai Trip. An advanced of registration is required about 2 months plus, the organizer was ensure everyone agreed on a specific date before the event kick-off.


Expedition to Lata Nyur


Not every waterfall is pleasurable to visit. Some are hectic challenging before you can call it heavenly gift. For Lata Nyur, one has to hike tirelessly in trodden and soft soil.

17 Apr 2011 | Lata Nyur (Berembun & Bomoh Ali)

Accessible via Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang entrance (dubbed as Never Ending Road), only 100m from the entrance, you’ll be able find a yellow sign board on your right.

The board is showing the checkpoints for each before reaching destination. It was an equal challenging trek, one can easily lost track when it’s not proper guided. Advise to stick close with group leader, especially after river crossing, it have many confusing path.

Scenery wise is superb. Photography made easy.


Greenish waterfall


WATERFALL hiking was never left me alone. When opportunity comes, I secure and enjoy a rare and wonderful waterfall , dubbed as greenish waterfall. This amazing nature spot was not open to public, therefore a necessary permit to access must be granted.

15 Feb 2011 | Greenish Waterfall

Unknown by its name, this waterfall is located Ayer Itam Forest Reserve. The exact location remain unknown as it’s fall under private land maintained by UPM Forestry Department.

From entrance to the destination, we took about 30-40 minutes of walking through under construction road access to few forestry property.

Nothing fancy all the way with proper trek plus some visible signboard showing us the location. The leader lead us to the location where the greenish pool located. What an amazing spot for such wonderful waterfall.


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