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Zoo Negara


As a person who loves nature, I also sometimes caught myself obsessed with small creatures found in nature. Therefore, I decided to get some exposure to the wild beast in the zoological park.

Zoo Negara (National Zoo)

June 2010

My recent visit to Zoo Negara proved that I’m also concern about the nature inhabitant but definitely not animal fanatic.

As early as 9.00am, me and DarkOne were up to the entrance after having breakfast at Tesco Ampang. Both of us were excited about this visit to remind us of our memories. Although it’s a pleasant trip, the cost of entrance fees is not cheap, RM25 (included insect & butterfly park). Car park fee is RM4.20.


Day Trip @ Bukit Tinggi


Bukit Tinggi is a famous tourist spot in Malaysia which is located on mountain in state of Pahang. It can be found along the way to Kuantan via Karak Highway. I’ve never been there, therefore I was quite anticipated about this place.

Day Trip @ Bukit Tinggi

6 June 2010

Frankly say, my short visit to Bukit Tinggi has been a fruitful moment. I called it a day for me and my dear for our second year. In fact, we had delayed a week of two due to unavailability. So at last, we managed to set off a day trip in a short planning.

That day, the weather was indeed good and bright. Sky was blue, wind was breeze and heart was at cloud nine. LOL. Pardon me. I drove up to the hill, after exiting at Berjaya Hill Resort signboard along Karak Highway. According to my GPS, there were another 11km to go before reaching Colmar Village. So, don’t panic whether you’re on right track.


Bukit Melawati @ Kuala Selangor


Bukit Melawati is located in the coastal town of Kuala Selangor. It’s a rich historical site, only 30-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur. Sultan of Selangor has a fortress on Melawati Hill to protect the state from intruders at the end of the 17th century.

Bukit Melawati @ Kuala Selangor

28 May 2010

My trip to Bukit Melawati was just coincidence with Sekinchan trip. Since we have crossed by this place, we decided to stop by for sight-seeing as none of us except me have been here before.

That time, it was under hot afternoon. Everyone there was taking the tram at cost of RM3 for each in one way.


A Cycling Trip @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia


Taman Pertanian Malaysia is always synonym with cycling activity. I used to cycle during my childhood day where I started to learn how to cycle. This was the place where I exercise my cycling skill. I remember I was once fall down and it gave me a bad memories and therefore wouldn’t want to cycle for some time until I learn how to drive 4 wheels vehicle.

Weekend Cycling @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

April 2010

Again, I’m back to Taman Pertanian Malaysia also known as Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam not for SkyTrek-ing but cycling. Together with all my ex-colleagues and friends, we all reached the entrance at 9.00am. This was not a well plan but a quick spread. We had almost 14 peoples in our group, a bit tough to identify each one’s need.

We were not the earliest batch to reach, for bicycle rental, there was a long queue and almost all bicycle being grab by people. I was fortunate enough to secure 14 bicycles for my group. All of us were so excited when took our bicycle and test the height and air pressure. The expression of those who were still lining up is really impatient.


Sungai Lembing, The Hidden Treasure (Day 1)


Sungai Lembing, one of the most recognizable places among young generation. A unique town owns the largest, longest and deepest underground tin mining in the world. They got the oldest suspension bridge in Malaysia, the perfect sunrise viewing on Panorama Hill, Historical Museum, Rainbow Falls and varieties of popular local foods.

Sungai Lembing, The Hidden Treasure

Panorama Hill

10 April 2010

As history said, the name Lembing was an adoption of the event of spear that fell into Kenau River while the hunters were hunting the deer. Another said the name of Chinese Hakka Lim Ming (林明) translated to Malay.

Sungai Lembing has become a charming town attracting loads of visitors especially on weekends and during holidays. There is Sunday morning market, offering inexpensive goods to the locals and the visitors. It’s a small town with elderly and children. Most youngsters have moved to town for job and better life.

If there is only thing you can related to Sg Lembing is Rainbow Waterfall, you are wrong. There are a lot to tell from my visit to Sg Lembing recently. Although it’s not a complete visit this round, as I missed out few locations here. Hope it can use as guide to plan a trip to this old mining town.


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