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Dinos Alive 2010 @ National Science Centre


AMONG all outing that I’ve been to, this one was a bit different. It’s inside the venue. Alright, the recent exhibition held in National Science Centre has brought back many people old memories. Being a science stream student, this centre was my favorite place in the past.

9 Jan 2011 | Dinos Alive 2010 @ National Science Centre

How can this place attracts if not because of DINOSAURS ?

Yes, the prehistoric World of Dinosaurs is right here in KL. Experience and get close with personal single life-size dinosaurs including a well known 16-feet TYRANNOSAURUS and a 23-feet BRONTOSAURUS.

To dinosaur lovers, you won’t regret after get into Dinos Alive Hall of Fame in National Science Centre.


Taman Buaya Melaka


Taman Buaya Melaka is one of the largest crocodile farm in the country. This farm has over 200 crocodiles of various species including the Siamese, African Dwarf, Humpback and Indian Marsh. My visit was part of my journey to widen my exposure to Melaka tourism.

Taman Buaya Melaka (Malacca Crocodile Farm)

The crocodile farm is located just opposite the Zoo Melaka and easily found along the road from Ayer Keroh toll to the town. Car park should be free but very packed with cars especially during the weekend. I parked rather far away at 11.00am.

Finally, I managed to arrange my time to visit the farm since 18 years ago … how long is that you know? I was almost forgotten how it was look like in the past. Over the time, the crocodile farm had renovated into modern and achieves the biggest crocodile farm in the country.


Melaka Night View


Among many places I went to, Melaka still offers me the best revisiting destination. I’ve done many places in daylight, it’s time to move to night time. That’s what I called Melaka Night View.

Melaka Night View @ Befallen Light of the City

Due to I’m not really into night explorer of the street, there will be no review about any happening elsewhere in Melaka. Instead, I’ll be presenting a series of photographs taken at night, especially the Melaka River.

My short weekend in Melaka normally more happening during daylight, but caught unaware of such a beautiful sight at night. In fact, places like Melaka River Cruise could offer a lot of dancing lights when you follow along the way from river side.

Let’s the picture do the talking now.


Cactus Garden @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia


My previous visits with Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam (a.k.a Taman Pertanian Malaysia) were about SkyTrek and cycling activities. In fact, many place yet to be discovered with only half day here.

18 Dec 2010 | Cactus Garden @ Bukit Cahaya

Normally, you guys will associate this place with cycling but other than cycling, there are much more hardcore activities going on here such as paintball, skytrek and etc.

If you’re too lazy to walk along the way, just rent a bicycle for RM5 for first hour, subsequent RM1 per hour. Would you rather move on the wheel?

I’ve been invited for this for fun cycling. But I won’t be here for just cycling because I simply love to explore. Explore new place is a BIG must. I recalled a place where the cactus plant resides. Yea, it’s CACTUS GARDEN.

To go here, just follow the signboard available there, it’s same route with SkyTrek direction and further until the end.


FGS Dong Zen Temple 2011


FGS Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern & Flora Festival 2011 is a place where many visitors would flock during CNY period. This year seems to be slowing down compare to last year. However, it didn’t deterred my decision to visit this place annually for 4th years.

Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zhen Temple

6 Feb 2011 | CNY Lantern & Flora Festival

1Malaysia Spirit

FGS Dong Zen definitely not an anonymous place for many Malaysian during Chinese New Year. Due to lack of promotion effort from media, the crowd was less than expected. Many choose to come here for sight-seeing, photography, family outing or even dating.

Once a year decoration effort has put FGS Dong Zen into main attraction to whole Malaysian. No doubt, the decoration was real unique each year and too hard to resist from taking photography for memories.

Located at Jenjarom, you can reach this place from KESAS highway, Banting Klang exit. If you come from Bukit Jalil, you need to fork out RM6.60 toll fees in total. From the exit, you just follow the signboard for about 15km distance to the destination.


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