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Rock Temple @ Broga Town


Rock Temple, not many known its name but when I mentioned located in Broga Town, many would give a sign of memory recovery. It’s attracted a lot of people from local and Singapore for its popular 4D lottery luck.

Rock Temple @ Broga Town

Visitors can make offerings or just walk around enjoying the views and many statues of Chinese Zodiacs, Monkey King, Grandpa fisher and local fruits.

Winding on same route to Broga Hill, known by most hikers, it’s located at far end of the road.

Along the way you will pass by Rabbit Fun land on the left hand side and you will than reach the small little town. After the town, you will pass by a few seafood restaurants. Finally, you will reach a dead end where the temple is located.


Makan-Makan Trip @ Penang Quest N Food 2010


The GREATEST makan-makan trip I ever had in my life. It was happened from 2 months back in Penang Island where we hunted as many foods available as we can. Nothing can beat when comes to food delightful.

19 Nov 2010 | Penang Quest N Food 2010

(aka Makan-Makan trip @ Penang Island)

Penang Island is famous with so many great foods. No doubt that we had prepared much earlier with Penang best food guide before hand, namely Penang Food Trail.

We drove up to the North from KL in two cars with seven of us. A 3 days 2 night trip can’t get any better than this – food craving all the day in the island. Of course without our great food Penangites navigator our plan won’t be as so successful.


The Seven Wells


The Seven Wells was once a waterfall, but no more now is a dam. This river is flowing through the former mining town of Serendah and letting the water flow down in seven channels.

The Seven Wells (Tujuh Perigi)

16 Oct 2010

This attractive wells is just nearby the road that we took to Serendah Waterfall. In fact, it’s just a quick visit for us that day. One can look forward to see where does the water go.

After flowing down in the wells, the water appears again from the dam.


A Day Tour to Sekeping Serendah


It was merely a round tour, for us to give a glimpse at Sekeping Serendah Retreat with green architecture that embraces nature as part of it.

Sekeping Serendah Retreat

16 October 2010

Located at Serendah vicinity, deep into the jungle, for about an hour from KL, there is lies a wonderful retreat far from city. The beauty concept of this architecture promoting a transparency to the nature with withholding a strong privacy desired.

You might have wondered how the concept works.

Indeed, it was concede as a private retreat with open sheds to beauty nature and concern surrounding. It’s actually bringing you closer to serenity of Mother Nature.


BBQ Dinner @ Sepang Gold Coast


Having a BBQ session by the seaside was always my desirable mission all the time. Not mentioning about the windy effect but also the relaxing mind eating under the sound of waves. I’d my recent outing @ Bagan Lalang also known as Sepang Gold Coast. The environment was very fun and enjoyable.

BBQ @ Sepang Gold Coast (Bagan Lalang)

7 August 2010

I was merely a joiner because I’m not an organizer. It was a friend’s hometown at Bagan Lalang who wanted to make an outing nearby the beach. About 4 km journey from her house. Things went smooth for technical matter except timing was a bit late than planned.

Tell you what, it’s very fun to do BBQ session on the beach especially at night. Trust me because I like it so much. From now on, no more BBQ at outside house. All must go to nature places. LOL.

By the way, camera always not functioning well at night. Pardon on the limited pictures taken here. Just enjoy!


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