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Lost World of Tambun – Ipoh Theme Park Attraction


In the lust of hidden greenery of Ipoh, a fully water park theme appears to emerge from the surrounding limestone cliffs and vibrant jungle, waiting to be explored. The Lost World of Tambun comes as part of 3D2N of my Ipoh trip.

Lost World of Tambun @ Ipoh

I’d bought tickets for Lost World of Tambun from MATTA Fair which cost me under RM30 per pax. As this is non-comparable to Sunway Lagoon, I would give a try because it sounds a mystery world to me. Hence, this trip is made off.

There are 8 part of Lost World of Tambun that comes ranging from river of adventure, raging waterfalls, rushing rapids, majestic cliffs, magnificent tigers, ancient caves and hot springs with ancient therapeutic properties.

  • Petting Zoo
  • Tin Valley
  • Amusement Park
  • Team Building
  • Hotspring Spa
  • Swan Lake
  • Water Park
  • Tiger Valley


Gunung Lang – A Recreational Park


Ipoh, my favorite historical town and due to its strategically surrounded by limestone caves, I’ve many places yet to be cover in all my previous trip past year. In my recent trip, 3D2N back to Ipoh, I’d a good time visiting this wonderful nature place, Gunung Lang, The Recreational Park.

Gunung Lang – A Recreational Park

Even it’s called a Mountain Lang (Gunung Lang), it’s not exactly a place for hiking or expedition activities, but more on recreational and sight-seeing places.  A short break and we continue with our plan to Gunung Lang, not for hiking, but for photo shooting. It has incredibly view lake hemmed in by majestic limestone outcrops.

I cover this place only in the afternoon, means after I check-in into Hotel Abby.

Traveling from KL-Ipoh is a bit time-consuming. I started from KL as early as 6am. Managed to catch up with some famous eatery places in Ipoh at after 8am. I stopped at famous Nam Heong White Coffee stall for breakfast. We ordered Char Kuey Teow, egg tart, mee hoon and most importantly Ipoh town white coffee.

It doesn’t stop here because good food is everywhere in Ipoh.


Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka


You’re read it right. Having a Melaka trip just for food would give a thought of repeating the food itself for good sake. In fact, the foods are too many to be cover in one trip. Let’s stretch to a few trips plan separately.

Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka


Our day started from the night itself where we were traveling from Seremban after a wedding dinner to Melaka for an overnight stay. Late check-in was a trouble when we’re not able to find the exact place where we booked our stay, the freaking Al-Banjari Heritage Guest House.

It’s obviously cheap to overnight at cost of RM20 per person only! Of course the quality is what you paid for. I called the owner to pick up us from the street and he came out to bring us to the guest house and hence the check-in process done with a room key to us. Good service for real, but low quality stay if you choosy.

As it was too late, around 1am, we quickly settled most our stuffs and sleeps immediately.


Jalan-Jalan Cari Durian


A long waiting for fruit king was finally paid off with my last visit to Krau, Pahang. A very delicious and expensive Musang King was part of the menu is available ala buffet (eat all you can). A short trip to Fraser Hill was done after the fiesta for sight-seeing and lunch before we go back to KL.

Jalan-Jalan Cari Durian (Durian Hunting Day Trip)

Although durian season is over, but my last trip for durian hunting was a fruitful one. Having one or two in KL is going to hurt my pocket. Hey! This fruit how come look like luxury item by the price? It should come cheap as we’re the large producer for durian. Don’t you agree?

To counter this, I knew from a friend that we can actually opt for an orchard visit for durian, pay for a fix amount and eat all you can. We booked through a friend network and they reserved a basket for us. Normally they’ll transport it out via lorry if no reservation done. Else you can buy from road side where the stalls stand. Bargaining starts from there.


A Famosa Water World @ Melaka


Waterpark never amazed so much but it left much thrill for me to explore since I was child. Melaka A Famosa Water World is known as “The Largest Water Theme Park in Malaysia” is one of the exciting water escapades that you never want to miss!

A’Famosa Water World

Out of many attractive places in Melaka I’ve visited, it left not much for me to explore and put it on my blog. Even this visit wasn’t my first visit to Melaka A Famosa Water World. That’s N year back since my last visit.

The cool summertime fun was going to be fun when you’re in Melaka during hot weather. Jumping into cooling pool and escape from burning sensation you feel during the visit at A’Famosa Resort. This place is located at the exit of Alor Gajah KL-Seremban Highway toll.


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