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Kota Lukut (Fort) & Pulau Intan Beach Trek


A combination of few places in one trip was a time-saving. Organized by a group called My Travel Kaki Dot Com, we’d a fruitful trip which we never thought of exploring in the first place for hiking, Port Dickson.

Kota Lukut (Fort) & Pulau Intan Beach Trek


Being able to explore new places always my aim. This group leader was being so kind to bring us to exciting place for nature hike plus beach trek. Wonderful huh?

I can’t imagine how these both could combine together. Looks not tough, but it’s enough to make people say enough for the day.


Gunung Suku – An Uphill Mountain


A mountain with trails sloping upward all the way (only 1% downward trail). No flat terrain and it took us about 3 hrs to the peak. A 360 degrees view of surrounding mountain such as Irau & Chabang at the PEAK.

Gunung Suku – An Uphill Mountain

In fact, not many know about this mountain. Not many attempted also because we encountered overgrown plant along the way.

A small group of us joined the organizer, Alvin which agreed to bring us to new place to hike. We as well need to manage his expectation for return. Not easy but fun. However, we’d mixed feeling knowing it’s an upward hike, leaving us exhausted rather than enjoying.

In a bright side, the completion trained us to be more sustainable for any mountain.


Mountain Kinabalu via Mesilau Trail


Having made to the summit was always my ultimate aim. Gunung Kinabalu (Mount Kinabalu) summit was marked my success of conquered the highest mountain in Malaysia this time.


24 Jun 2012 | Mountain Kinabalu via Mesilau Trail

Back to the failed attempt to the summit in Sept 2009, triggered me to try again whenever there’s chance. Time has passed yearly until June 2012, I was able to grab a chance to attempt to the Gunung Kinabalu‘s summit via Mesilau Trail.

In fact, I jump into easy decision-making to climb this mountain again.

Of course, one month notice wasn’t good enough for us on physical preparation but I confident enough maybe because all these while, all my mountain climbing was involve much trodden, longer and tougher trek. Forget about the altitude and temperature preparation. Not much we can do for this. Swimming more frequent, perhaps may help for under pressure breathing?

Although this was a second time we attempted Mount Kinabalu, our challenge was compounded with the climb happened on 3rd & 4th day of our 4D3N itinerary. Means, we descended on the same day of our departure day to KL. Less advantage for us to take rest after the climb, straight to the airport. Suffer huh? However, we took advantage to visit interesting places before our hike. This was a reward we gained. Haha.


Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 1)


Krabi, one of my highly anticipated trips in Thailand, planned about a year back bring my beach trip memory since my last East Coast beach vacation.

Sweet-Sweet Krabi @ KrabiAn Adventure Holiday

A 5D4N trip to southern Thailand’s province with white sandy beaches and offshore islands for exploration, national park and mangrove forests. Giving this new place a try is a must if you’re adventures + nature person.

It was a BUDGET TRIP because of low season and cheap package offered. I booked AirAsia flight during promotion period. I bought hotel packages 4D3N at Krabi Resort for 2 pax for RM399. Cheap huh?

I booked airport transfer (4 pax sharing) to Ao Nang beach (Krabi Resort) for 750 baht. Return was 500 baht. Ala-carte package for Free N Easy trip. Believe it?


Sweet2Krabi @ Krabi (Day 2)


One of the most popular islands, Phi-Phi Island was our Day 2 plan. The islands feature beaches and clear water that have had their natural beauty. Nowadays, the place has turned into one of the major destinations for visitors in Krabi. However, things get overturned!

Sea Kayaking in Ao Thalane @ Krabi – A Truly Wet Day

However, our dream came to halt when the storm hit the ocean as early as we departed from the jetty, on half-way journey.

Tension! There’s gone my Maya beach dream!


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