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Round the Island – 2D1N Pangkor Island Trip


Pangkor Island, located at Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia is a destination that I choose to have my simple round the island trip on my own in 2D1N only.

Pangkor Island | 2D1N Round The Island Trip

Purposely planned prior to my celebrate anniversary and also a place where I went during my childhood. Due to this, I really wish to visit again to explore past memories. Pangkor Island is a simple island where you can explore on your own, alternative for engaging any tour travel company. To come to this, I’ve just rented a scooter (bike) to explore on our own.

Located not far from KL & Selangor, anyone can have a holiday of island which do not need long hour drive. By stopping at Lumut Jetty, you can just buy a return ticket, board 30 mins ride via speedboat and you can call your holiday straight away.


Amazing Race 2012 @ Langkawi


Amazing Race 2012, an event held by GTO of Standard Chartered Bank. Without any experience prior joining this event, apart from Treasure Hunt, I was left amazed when it comes.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort | Amazing Race 2012

At first thought, Amazing Race was all about the jungle or highway race. It was wrong. It’s a challenges/tasks to be completed prior each destination stated in CLUE paper. Destination this year is Langkawi and we travel all the way from KL to Langkawi in 4 hours at least.

A team formed by 3 members with me as driver. Started from KL in the early morning and ended at Langkawi Lagoon Resort where all task clues were given. Skipping any tasks will cause stuck and disqualified.

Tasks only revealed when we reach designated place. We required traveling one place to another, hence car transportation is required.

This event run 2D1N over the weekend, hence we’d our short holiday cum challenges. It was too fun to miss it!


Beach & Rainforest Trekking


By focusing solely on beach & hill-hiking activity on the weekend, we’d nowhere to go other than Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve Park & Pulau Intan beach. The famous landmark the representing this place is Tanjung Tuan Light House.

Beach & Rainforest Trekking – Tanjung Tuan

I organized this as part of Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 physical training preparation. I’d a group of 13 who joined me for this training. I hope everyone enjoy it although few of them never expect it to be too tough.

Tanjung Tuan, a stretch of Port Dickson beach, provides a jungle trail through the coastal will lead to white sandy beaches and a small island called Pulau Intan. Is the best kept secret of Port Dickson at the tip of Tanjung Tuan?

A series of walking through the jungle up to the trek of Batu Putih (similar to Tabur Hill) overview of Port Dickson coastal.


Gunung Rajah – A Physical Challenging Mountain


As the title mentioned, Gunung Rajah is a mountain that bring you to the challenge of physical and mental. Due to its time-consuming and length route (32km for two ways) in ONE day, it can drain you totally.

Gunung Rajah – A Physically Challenging Mountain


I’m up to the challenge. That’s the BIG reason I respond to the invitation send by a hiker group to Gunung Rajah in ONE day. The key point of reconsideration is always the distance (32km return way). I’ve never done such distance before. I’ve doubt but open for challenge.

The event started at 6.00am with participation of over 100 hikers. All gathered at car park (Chamang Waterfall site) for a briefing. Experienced hikers are present with well-prepared, judging from outlook itself.

I’m just a beginner with some basic equipment. Even though I’m prepared both physically and mentally, my ability to reach the PEAK was in doubt. I failed to reach the peak due to time commitment for each check-point has delayed.

Organizer has put all the distance (in KM) marker along the way and yet, I miscalculated the time required and fall behind the schedule.


Training @ Gunung Nuang Trail


Gunung Nuang was always a good training base for any event of personal achievement and measurement. Compare to other tougher mountain, this mountain always be the baseline. With the completion of Nuang hike, other hike was a just a boost of motivation and strength to carry on.

Training @ Gunung Nuang Trails

It was none of my preparation or little workout for my upcoming Gunung Rajah hike. It’s deeming to be tougher and a lot tougher than many would think. With one way of 16km distance, two way of 32km (day trip), what a great point to test my ability.

Hence, let’s the training get started in Gunung Nuang.


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