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Eco-Challenge IX @ Nur Lembah Pangsun

Eco-Challenge is kind of activity that need physical strength and competent mindset. This version of eco-challenge, according to the organizer is more easier due to foreseeing a lot of newcomers joining in. I’m one of them. It’s a real challenge to my ability, thanks to Genting Trailblazer 2008 that I participated two weeks ago, enable me to stand the real challenge.

Eco-Challenge IX

15 November 2008

The entire activity need you to complete 12km route with non-stop challenges that you never imagine. It drained your energy to the last bar. You must finish the race no matter how you want to give up. Terrible is it? Haha.

This is my toughest challenge with 6 hours non-stop and worst come to worst, it’s raining in last one hour.WOW…a new experience for me.


Ipoh Trip 2009


An unplanned trip to Ipoh this year. Originally, I was thinking to visit Ipoh together with nearby tourist area such as tea boh farm and hot spring. This capital of Perak is located 200km from KL. In the past, I was just passed by this city without really go around. It has been 4 years since my last trip to Ipoh. I start my journey at 8am from KL.

Ipoh Old Town Trip

7-8 March 2009

What is so interesting about Ipoh? As the capital is well-known on its own history, it’s has been made famous by the food like bean sprout chicken rice. I’m not sure whether it’s originated from here, however, it had been long associated with.

I drive along the old trunk road which save me toll payment about RM24.60. This cost is about half tank of my petrol. I don’t mind driving the slower road but I do care about the volume of vehicles on the road. It just get on my nerve.

Since it’s already lunch time at 11.30am when I reach, I settle down my lunch at famous Ipoh Chicken Rice stall. Yummy. But no pictures here. LoL. I’m not into food blogging. Keke.


The Mines Wonderland


The Mines Wonderland is a theme-park with variety of entertainment and with numerous multi-colored night light. It was built on former mining pool and has various attraction such as laser show, musical fountain, snow house and a wide range of water sport activities on the lake.

The Mines Wonderland

15 February 2009

It has been a long while since my last visit, probably more than 10 years ago. My visit this time is just for fun and coincidentally on the Valentines Day mood with my dear. After many years, my curiosity has built up.

The entrance has moved to the amphitheater side, so we need to walk a distance to reach there.

Price for an adult is RM35 with senior citizen is RM25 and child is RM23. Kind of expensive and the park is not live up its expectation. No wonder not many visitors on the weekend. I thought something should be going wrong.

Nevertheless, you still seeing some beautiful landscape catered for Chinese New Year and Flora Festival that still going on.

What I notice at the first is roller coaster is no longer there. The winter house is no longer have snow however, the temperature is still maintain as before. It’s no longer called Snow House but Four Season Garden.

The current season is Spring. Winter is already over, so no snow.

Among all, I found that this small tower is the best!

From the entrance towards the park, I saw Coin Garden. This garden houses local coins and some foreign coins. Local coins from 1 cent until 1 ringgit. The coin is not small, almost as tall as an adult.

My most favorite RM1 gold coin which is no longer use in Malaysia.

One of the big foreign coin.

On the lakeside, there is Giant Dragon Sculpture. I find it new and interesting.

Does dragon tortoise represent anything? I don’t know.

At night, the light will shine those dragons. It become an antique look.

I stumble upon this unknown park which housing various animal statues such as bear, deer, elephant, pigeon and etc. It’s actually an abandon mini golf in landscaped park.

Mural that getting tear off. Originally very nice and real but spoil totally.

Nothing can beat this dirty water. Aiksss…FYI…I took a photo here a decade ago. Up-to-date, it wasn’t even one change!

The Secrets of Tiger is just an exhibition with lots of picture and fact articles.

A giant tiger statue in front of its house.

Garden Boat is located opposite tiger’s house and had a dominating ride there. Nobody is riding except both of us.

This birdcage-like boat takes you on a cruise along a 200 metres canal.

Canal water is moving slowly and we enjoy green environment very much.

The park is housing various kinds of animals and it scattered around in their cages. Statue animal can be found as well. Some of the special species of tigers, peacocks and parrots are having their own park and section.

Light Fantasy On Water with giant animated aquatic animals decorated with numerous multi-colored lights floats proudly on the lakeside.

Axe moon shape at night.

Vriesea & Topiary Garden.

Vintage Car is where you can drive it along and round the fish pond where you can experience nostalgic moments. Nearby the station, there is a fish feeding on mostly koi.

Musical Fountain is one of the attraction that still represent Mines Wonderful uniqueness in local tourism. Incorporating light, musical and water, the “water dance” is a spectacular sight.

Laser show is also available with multimedia presentation. Magic show comes after that. I started to become boring and go back after the show.

Restaurant and other cafe facilities are maintain so so and not many varieties. More places is worth to visit such as Road Tram, Unity Fountain,  Unity Train, White Kingdom and etc.

Taman Rama-Rama Melaka


Taman Rama-Rama Melaka is one of the sanctuary that houses butterflies and insects in the world. More than 200 local species included the rare species such as Rajah Brooke and Birdwing. Other than that, they are more than 400 collection of insects.

Taman Rama-Rama (Melaka)

Butterfly Park in Melaka is one of the few places I visit during my stay in Melaka. It’s just located after Ayer Keroh toll. You have to turn to the left after the toll OR pay attention to the signboard once you paid your toll.

Carpark is FREE. Entrance fees is RM6 for adult and RM3 for your camera!

The weather during my visit is okay, just a bit of raining. Not many peoples at that time although it was a holiday. Perhaps once in every 10 years as my last visit is almost a decade.

A group of butterfly sucking the juice from orange and pineapple slices.

In fact, there are many local species and rare species is very hard to find.

A beautiful species here.

It’s very concentrate on its meal until not aware that we have taken 2 pictures already with close gap.

A koi pond which I think is a must in such beautiful landscape. Compliment to the nature.

Other than normal butterflies that we expected, there are many unexpected could be seen. One of it is weird frog which look alike robotic. Geezzz.

America Alligator is damn dangerous compare to asian crocs.

I suddenly think that whether should I visit Crocodile Farm in my next destination since they had their own section here and wondering what the need to have a special park dedicated to them.

Can I have Bear Park or Tiger Park?

What a leopard is going to do in Butterfly Park and Reptilians? To make RM6 entrance fees worth enough?

Malayan Tapir can be found in some forested habitat. It can be seen actively during the night. I like tapir due to the color scheme equal to panda.

Asian tortoise is the largest inhabiting Asia and fourth largest in the world.

Turtle is coming after the tortoise. One is land and one is water.

Through out the park, I noticed some reptiles in their own cage with different species from different countries.

Butterfly exhibition room is in final section. This indoor section with a massive collection of insects in dead form.

The park is an imitation of the butterfly’s natural habitat in overall. So, if you want to come to the Taman Rama-Rama, Melaka (Butterfly Farm, Melaka), make sure to bring camera as it’s worth to bring back some wonderful shots.

Sungai Gabai Waterfall


Sungai Gabai Waterfall is located at the district of Hulu Langat. The waterfalls have few falls which cascade down over 100 meters. Apart from swimming and picnicking, wading in the river among the rocks and boulders can be an exciting outing for the whole family.

As I love weekend outing, this weekend is kind of special. It’s a place where I never been before and very scenic in Hulu Langat district. If you come from Kajang, you should follow the road sign to Hulu Langat or Pangsun.

The distance is about 25km from KL. My group is form of 5 peoples included me. They all car pool with me and we started our journey at 7.30am. Kinda early but actually it’s better. The place is not yet get crowded at this hour.


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