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Hill-hiking @ Gunung Datuk, Rembau


Gunung Datuk is a mountain with height of 880 meters (2900 feets) from sea level and is my first mountain hiking (approximately 3 hours – included rest) so far. My best achievement in doing what so call mountain and is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

Gunung Datuk @ Rembau

31 August 2009

It wasn’t plan early but a group of enthusiastic outdoor peoples suggested and agreed on the place few weeks earlier. I was dragged into leading my group even though everybody was first time here. I’m still enjoying being an organizer anyway.

How to get there?


Architecture Museum of Malaysia


Architecture Museum of Malaysia is one of the museum found in Malacca. In fact, there are many museums along the road, but due to time constraint I only managed to visit this museum. It’s located at one of the building built during the Dutch administration of Malacca.

Architecture Museum of Malaysia, Melaka

Entrance fee is FREE. So, why not take a peek inside?

Inside the building, we can see a lot of architecture not only found in Malacca but the whole Malaysia. Again, there are many related to philosophy of architecture and cultural related art.


Kampung Cantik, Pengkalan Batu @ Melaka

We invite you to check our threshold and bathe in the sight of our beautifully maintained flower garden. Admire our traditional Malay architecture and venture into our house to view priceless antique and bridal exhibits” – Welcome to Kampung Cantik, Pengkalan Batu.

The words coated on the board is really make us feel welcoming. This place actually located nearby Batu Berendam. I saw some buses stop by the road side and I thought it must be one of the tourist spot. I quickly park on the road side and saw an artful miniature traditional house.

Kampung Cantik, Pengkalan Batu @ Melaka

This is a common place for non-Malaysian to understand and know our culture and the surrounding. I seek to drop by to see what’s so special about the place. Luckily no entrance fees charged as I follow the group together getting into the house. They thought I’m part of them…haha.


Malacca Sultanate Palace


If you wonder how was the palace of Sultan Melaka look like, Melaka Sultanate Palace is the right place to visit. It’s not the real palace but a replica that located at the foot of St Paul’s Hill. According to the historical documents, the palace was built during Sultan Mansur Syah’s era, who ruled from 1456 – 1477.

The Forbidden Garden Of The Palace Of The Malay Sultanate Of Melaka

22 August 2009

The entrance to the palace is rather easy and just nearby A Famosa Fort. The fees is just RM2 for adult and  RM0.50 for child. We were given a plastic bag for our shoes to be carry on when enter into palace.


Broga Hill – Second Installment

As promised, I’ll be back to Broga again for second installment. It’s totally different and less exciting as hikers but as photographers. Anyhow, my trip this time has gained something that new to you. Stay tune for my photography and series of pictures…

Broga Hill @ Semenyih

8 August 2009

I didn’t go with a big group this time, only three of us. We started at 7.00am and walked into the plantation area before hike to the top gradually.

Just want to give direction to first timer at Broga to take the RIGHT path when you come across this junction. It will lead you to better and safe route to the top.


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