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Cuti-Cuti Tanjung Sepat


Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia. Located at Straits of Malacca, primarily is a fishing town. Most of the inhabitants have some kind of connection to the fishing industry. Tanjung Sepat is well known locally for its many seafood restaurants. The most famous dish is the seafood steamboat.

Cuti-Cuti Tanjung Sepat

Pantai Morib | Sepang Gold Coast

28 November 2009

First of foremost, this trip wasn’t organized intentionally, a bit of out of expectation. I didn’t know that Tanjung Sepat is such a popular tourist spot. I managed to arrange a trip to Tanjung Sepat based on the information provided by blogger.

Due to limit contribution, we only manage to come out with simple itinerary few days before and sent out to my kakis to join me.

According to the trip initiator, it’s basically more on leisure, sight-seeing, photographing and a break from our stressful work life, perhaps a chance to know each other well. Hehe. I made a new friend here.


SkyTrek Adventure – Big Thrill


SKYTREX Adventure is the latest addition of outdoor activity in which will take participants from tree to tree like Tarzan via series of aerial obstacles at the height of 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. It’s bringing you the height that you never reached before throughout the series of canopy. Enjoy the freedom of flying in the air like nobody else.

Skytrek Adventure – Big Thrill

Oct 2009

It’s located at Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam. It can be reached via KESAS highway and follow the signboard along the way. Car park is RM2 per entry. The challenges are ranging from easiest Little Adventure to Extreme Challenge. Usually many visitors opted for Big Thrill in their first time.

You can forget about Little Adventure if you’re an adult and your height is more than 5 feet, straight away to the Big Thrill. You will never get amazed with beginner level unless you are scare of height. Participation fees is RM35 per person (with more than 10 people in a group, 10% discount apply). Great deal right?


Batu Caves – The Limestone Caves


This best well known attraction is located near Kuala Lumpur, just 13km north of the capital. It’s a sacred place for the Hindu‘s in Malaysia. These caves are made of limestone and there are three main caves and a number of smaller caves.

Batu Caves

Sept 2009

I was once here for more than 10 years ago. The most that I remembered was its staircase. I have to climb 272 stairs, which will lead me to the magnificent view inside the Batu Caves. Admission is FREE.


Sungai Chiling @ Kuala Kubu Baru


So here we are, our natural escape to Sungai Chiling Waterfall located at Kuala Kubu Baru. I foresee myself to hook up with waterfall places in future other than hiking. The waterfall ambiance is giving me a pleasant sound every time I step into water.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kubu Bahru

September 2009

Chiling Waterfall has become a popular place for many peoples in the town. There has been a long talk about this trip. Well, I managed to form a group of 10 peoples finally. We started from KL, around 7am. Our first stop was before Rawang town.


Genting Trailblazer 2009


Hey Yah!! I’m back to this challenge again with exciting adventure racing and intense trail running of 14km. Smell like team spirit? Yes, this partner-based adventure requires team spirit and unity of strength.

Genting Trailblazer 2009 @ Awana Genting Highlands

1 November 2009

This is my second year participation. And my first year: Trailblazer 2008. I managed to get 3 teams to join with me together this year. Total all of us are 8 peoples. We stay overnight at Awana before the real challenge begin. I can say that I’m better prepared. Thanks for 2 Eco-Challenge experience and Mount KK climbing. Here is the package that I was in.

Team: Mixed Team (Adventure)
Fees: Early bird (RM361) entitled with Room Package (Double Deluxe)
Dining Venue: Rajawali Restaurant (2 pax)


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