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Gunung Datuk – A mountain for everyone


I did 3 times Gunung Datuk in these 3 years. Gunung Datuk, a very good hiking ground for many hikers now, is equipped with better signboard and facilities. Many without doubt, would give a try as it was only 2-3 hours to touch the peak surrounded by 360 degrees view.

Gunung DatukA mountain for everyone

To make entire hiking experience interesting, one must form a group of interested hikers who wanted to try out this mountain, no matter their first time or re-attempt again. It was fun hiking together.

Exactly what I did in my third attempt at Gunung Datuk. I went with a group of casual hikers. They’re not new to hiking but rather to find something useful to achieve on this public holiday.

I was shocked to learn that the fees has risen to RM5 per person from RM3 last time. We need to jot down our name and contact number and this list is going to send to police station for record, in case any casualties, it brings rescuer job easier.

A good place for hiking is getting pricier, forget about the travel cost from KL – Rembau alone.


THREE mountains in ONE day


An EXTREME determination has led me into this plan. A day pack to Cameron Highlands not for strawberries but sweats! Completing 3 mountains in ONE day, seems impossible but I DID it!

17 May 2011 | Gunung Berembun, Gunung Jasar & Gunung Perdah

This type of mountain hiking has ONE best reason to explain: Iciness Temperature (Misty, Windy & Coolie). A strong contender for my ONE month, ONE mountain mission.

Three mountains conquered in one trip made my checklist go faster. Big applause for hiking enthusiastic who took us too unbelievable mission but achievable.

Weather was undetermined and underestimated at that point of our mission. Even though probability of canceling the event or make it shorter was there, but we seems didn’t lose our hands so easily. We hope and wait for any circumstances to make it even though we encountered ambiguity in between.


Gunung Angsi – A Training Ground


Not too long ago since I’ve completed this mountain, I’ve geared up to attempt it again on same route as my training ground. It’s definitely not as easiest mountain to trek via Bukit Putus.

22 Oct 2011 | Gunung Angsi – A Training Ground

The reason I said so because I took 5.5 hours in 12.6km to complete the whole journey. A recent overgrown and few landslides along the way really made me think thrice if I ever go again in future.

Alternatively, there are another two routes which comes from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park (which entrance fees of RM5 applied) and via Panjang R&R.

My visit to Gunung Angsi this round was took longer than usual, due to overgrown ferny plant which slowing down my movement. But I was made aware there was a group came here 2 weeks before me via ferny trail. That’s why I was confident this route still available.


Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Bromo (Day 1)


My FIRST oversea trip post here. Mt Bromo (a semi-active volcano) is a popular destination in East Java. It’s a wonderful place and very scenic.

Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Bromo – A Mystifying Volcano

Bromo surrounded by Mt Penanjakan, Mt Batok and Mt Semeru currently is an active volcano during my visit. Authorities have deterred us from getting closer and stay from a mile away. But it didn’t stop us to continue with the risk up to the allowed distance limit.

A group of 11 of us have successfully embarked 3D2N Mt. Bromo + Ijen Crater tour. Even it’s short and pack, nothing can beat our experience of hiking, experiencing low temperature and sensationally delighted with culture of suburban area.

Knowing is incomparable until I see it myself. It was simply deserving and worthy.


Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Bromo (Day 2)


Mount Ijen crater is so popular and the existence of Mount Ijen has been a blessing to the people living around the foot of the area.

Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Ijen (Crater) – A Volcanic Tour

Our first day of arrival at Surabaya has been a blessing for all. The real challenge has awaited us on Day 2.

Mount Ijen (crater) is popular for its sulphur. People who work as the miner of the sulphur on the crater of the mountain transported down on their shoulder for further process in Surabaya.

The view around the foot of the mountain is really a breathtaking moment.


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