Hill Hiking

Saga & Apeh Hill via Bukit Hatamas


Saga Hill & Apeh Hill both are interesting place for hiking. The diversity of its road to the peak and waterfalls made entire journey tempting for exploration. Indeed it has much to offer from not only once but many.

20 Mar 2011 | Saga & Apeh Hill via Bukit Hatamas

Even though Saga Hill & Apeh Hill are well connected from the trail, but both starting point are about 13km distance from each other. This round, I’d myself try this new route together with other group.

There’s another route I left, Cheras Awana which not far away from Bukit Hatamas but I would like to try next round. Entrance to the trail was not well-guided and needed an experience hiker to direct the way or else end up somewhere in the jungle.

The place is accessible by car where we parked our car at some under construction road and walk along the open space under the hot sun when we came back from the journey.


Bukit Kutu Revisited


WITH a better preparation this round, I’ve attempted on Bukit Kutu again. Approximate 3 hours taken for this challenge. I participated in a huge group and together we all followed each other to make sure everyone make it to the top. I wouldn’t want to fail this time.

20 Feb 2011 | Bukit Kutu Revisited

The toughness of Bukit Kutu is still hold me back. With a height of mountain but called as hill, this hike provided me a great determination to complete it. With such motivation, I made it to the top, this round up to the real peak, that’s the big boulder (can’t hold more than 5 pax at one time).

Subsequently there is an abandon and ancient mansion behind this peak. Although nothing fancy, but without this visit, I don’t call this as completeness in my list.


Bukit Ketumbar (Ketumbar Hill) Leisure Hike


A BIG surprise if you compare Bukit Ketumbar with similar hill in KL Cheras area. You may not expect the trek can be completed lesser than an hour. You can forget of having guide to the peak, but having an experience people that hiked before would be an ideal choice. The path is clear and directive.

29 Jan 2011 | Bukit Ketumbar Leisure Hike

Bukit Ketumbar is just a hill for local resident to have their daily morning exercise. However, with social networking ability to spread the place to no boundaries, nowadays, the place is crowded especially during weekend.

Hiking this hill is kind of leisure hike which I’d fond to it lately. It’s located not far from my house, roughly 3km. The entrance is just a 5 minutes walk from Ketumbar Height Condo.

Car park is FREE on side road but once it’s FULL, you have no choice but to park in designated parking area with fees. Stalls selling fruits and drink are available along the entrance.


Tabur Hill Extreme


HAVING a chance to hike Tabur Extreme is consider a very challenging move. It was organized by the famous hiker cum recce master, Alvin Chang specifically for us to explore the serenity of the Tabur series mountains and at the same time testing our hiking passion.

13 Feb 2011 | Tabur Extreme

A final series of Tabur which classified as extreme version. A correspondent to rock hiking, people often associate this as tough and dangerous. If you often hike and get used to it, probably, it’s just another hiking under the hot sun.

No doubt, Tabur is offering a good place for photography and my passion on photography can be say started from here few years ago.

This would marking my end to continue exploring Tabur in future, exception on leisure basis.


Bukit Saga (Saga Hill) Hiking


Saga Hill is not a stranger to many hikers. In fact, this place was used as training base for Mount KK. The slope, terrain and steepness are what they’re looking for.

Bukit Saga (Saga Hill) Weekend Hiking

Located merely lesser than 2km from my house, this round was my third hike in here. A revisited trip has striker my interest further towards Bukit Saga. Indeed, a hill with many different routes leading to the peak and many stations to stop by for a complete journey.

I’ve yet to explore via Cheras Awana, mainly from Taman Saga entrance. There is limited parking space in playground field. Many advise to park at shop lot parking at Jalan Saga 20 and walk about 5 min to the starting point.


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