Paddy Field in Sekinchan


As an average photographer of KL, many already knew this place. A paddy field which attracts many for photo shooting. With a vast land (unblocking view) just for paddy, it catches many eyes looker who passed by this place.

The Paddy Field in SEKINCHAN

Came for second time this round, just a simple visit a.k.a drop-by. The best season perhaps, just before the harvest season normally by Dec. Now the paddy has grown at our thigh level.

It’s hot and we came after 3pm which the direct sun doesn’t too hot. This area was open for anyone, to enter for fun & get around for a view. Photo enthusiastic like this place and spent many hours just to get the best shot.

With same DSLR which already 3 years old, I tempted again on Sekinchan photography.


Shooting the breeze of Semenyih Dam


Semenyih Dam has one of the most breathtaking sights in the country and is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It also supplies a major portion of drinking water to the Klang Valley population. Semenyih Dam also has become popular with angling enthusiasts, especially on weekends.

Semenyih Dam

22 Aug 2010

I was pulled along for outdoor shooting one of the weekend at the location of Hulu Langat. I was astound to see the lovely lake surrounded by green forested hills. On that day, we could see the reflection of the lovely hills.


Sekinchan, The Paddy Field


Sekinchan is well known for paddy field. It has attracted many passionate blogger and photographers towards this destination. The idea of getting to this place was actually from new enthusiastic photographer, TKT. He asked us for photo shooting session since we last had it in somewhere last year, perhaps with him only. LOL. I remember my last photo shooting was a group of DSLR kaki at Tg Sepat. He didn’t join us.

Sekinchan, The Paddy Field

28 May 2010

The scenic can be interpreted into strong feeling whereby many wedding shot also take into this place. Frankly say, if the weather is very good, it could be a stun effect for photography.

My first visit to Sekinchan had brought me to learn a level in photography. So, 4 of us in one car, drove up to Sekinchan as early as 5am sharp. Even though not much traffic blocking us in front, we took around less than 2 hours to reach there, with our first stop in front of Tian Hook Temple. We managed to catch the sunrise over the paddy field.


Taman Botanikal Melaka


Taman Botanikal Melaka (Malacca Botanical Garden) is one of the interesting place in Melaka with the relaxing place in mind. It’s known as Hutan Rekreasi Air Keroh before it changed the name to Taman Botanikal Melaka. Its started develop in stages involve the entrance, carpark and nearby flower garden.

Taman Botanikal Melaka

It’s a new place to visit as it was develop from existing park into total new landscape. As I never visit this place before, I found it’s total a new place for me to explore. I manage to explore entire of the park due even though it’s raining during my visit.

Carpark is FREE. One can do a picnic in a dedicated area.

A welcome landscape of waterfall at the entrance.

Need to walk about 1km before reaching first destination.

In fact, the botanical garden have few sections, one of it is Pre Historic Garden. This park is created to replicate the pre historic dinosaurs in 70 million years ago. About 15 types of stone replica can been seen in this nature landscape.

Me with Stegosaurus replica.

Lily with dinosaur eggs.

Then comes with local story park (Taman Cerita). One of the most popular story tales is Rabbit and Tortoise racing.

The crow and the pot. The intelligence of the crow enable him to drink the water from the pot by putting stones into pot.

The entire place is not that big nor small. However, it’s enough for exercising and make you feel hot. The good thing is all the interesting place is very easy to find with a helpful signboard.

Hanging bridge (Jambatan Gantung).

Kampung Buku Malaysia.

Muzium Perhutanan Melaka.

Even though people come to jog and camp at this place, however, it’s truly suitable for tourist and hobbyist like me. A trekking route together with forest tree (some remain untouched) is really unique. On side by side, there are many flowers planted included orchids.

I never regret to come to this place. I’ll be here again as I believe it has more to offer in the coming development. It has changed and suit the name of Botanical Garden of Melaka. It’s worth to pay a visit.

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