Chee May: Discontented Upland


One of the long awaiting Downhearted photo from her. Photo taken @ Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highlands. She is one of the most appearance in my blog and hence called as DeXXy.Net model poser.

She felt quite joyless at the elevation of few thousand feet from sea level.

Discontented Upland (Downhearted)

Camera: Nikon D60
Exposure Time: 1/160
Aperture: 6.3
ISO speed: ISO 100

John & CT Wedding Dinner


Dinner held in this special day … 01.01.2010 and will a remember forever. It was @ Restoran Minmax, near Jln Ampang.

John & Chui Teng Wedding Dinner


Wishing you a Happy Wedding … Happiness always & Merrier ever after

First of all, I was invited to their wedding dinner as a special guest. Why I say this? I sit in a same row with the main table and it’s No.2. They’d given me such an honorable status as guest. I appreciated it. Thanks for invited me to your dinner. Friends are always number 2 to you.

Both of you had given me a remarkable start in my wedding photography portfolio since your ROM day. And this night, out of my surprise, my humble set of photos were given distinction to display out on white big screen.

It was in my first time in my life, my hard work was bring up such high.

John & Chui Teng, thanks for invited me to your dinner as VIP guest. I’m wishing both of you happily forever and stay in happiness.

Please enjoy the photos below.


Daniel & Alice Wedding Day


The most awaiting moment has come finally. The clock is ticking @ 7.00am. ALL ‘brothers’ had reached quite early. The groom came down to greet us and welcome us confidently. All were look energetic for the later ‘mission’.

Daniel & Alice Wedding Day


We were here to lead the groom to complete the ‘mission’ by bringing back the brides. Our theme attire was white color.

Our brother team is ready to advance and face any challenges posed. It’s my first time in the brother team, came with no expectation and no experience. Due to this, I was normally the last person in the group for any challenges. Hey, I got a special task on hand, photographing them. LOL.


Photoshoot @ Casa Rachado, PD


Another photo shoot session from both of them, CM and Susan. It was taken at one of the popular beach at PD with golden sand. The theme supposedly to be colorful, however I feel that brownish theme is more appealing here.

Enjoy the photos.

Photoshoot @ Port Dickson

ROM: John & Chui Teng


A day of photography lesson at Thean Hou temple.

I was honored to be part of their registration of marriage (ROM) recently.

I walked into the temple at 3pm with much of excitable feeling, saw many of newly wed couple walk around with beaming smiles. From the very first time, I took this opportunity to become photographer cum ex-colleagues of their ROM.

I met both of them at my first job 5 years ago.  A month ago, I received their call to attend their ROM, at the same time asking for a favor to take their pictures. They know that I’m doing photo shoots occasionally in my recent trip.

Their ROM was attended by her family member’s and friends. It’s a standard procedure to recognize them legally as a couple even though their actual wedding day will be 3 months later.

John & Chui Teng, thanks for inviting me to your ROM.

I know both of you first met and how you both getting click together. However, it’s great that we still keep contact each other after so many years. You are still able to click with some of us.

Here’s wishing you constant laughter and love for the years ahead.

Please enjoy the photos below.

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