Paddy Field in Sekinchan


As an average photographer of KL, many already knew this place. A paddy field which attracts many for photo shooting. With a vast land (unblocking view) just for paddy, it catches many eyes looker who passed by this place.

The Paddy Field in SEKINCHAN

Came for second time this round, just a simple visit a.k.a drop-by. The best season perhaps, just before the harvest season normally by Dec. Now the paddy has grown at our thigh level.

It’s hot and we came after 3pm which the direct sun doesn’t too hot. This area was open for anyone, to enter for fun & get around for a view. Photo enthusiastic like this place and spent many hours just to get the best shot.

With same DSLR which already 3 years old, I tempted again on Sekinchan photography.


An Awful Delay with Studio Baddogz


I was having a bad experience with this studio, so called Baddogz. By the name, you can guess it so. They meant it really.

Baddogz Studio Photoshoot


Initially they were doing some promo (I guess) due to some reason, they are not serious about serve this segment of customer (bought voucher from Groupon). It was advertised quite cheap and that’s the reason to get big right?

Cheap advertisement and good service can get more business. In fact, they’re opposite. Cheap fee, cheap service. Enough. My story explained it all.


Alvin & Esther Wedding Dinner


I hardly do photo-shoot for wedding dinner nowadays, however upon special request, my passion has resurfaced again. I was an honor guest at the dinner held at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya33.

22 July 2012Alvin & Esther Wedding Dinner

Congrats to both of you.

Getting know both of you was a leap of success in my passion of natural places. Even though we met in different occasion in overlapping network, we understand that things always get around and back to point where we started.

Thanks for inviting me to your precious event in your life and tells us what pure love is and how one should care for each other throughout life. I wish you have blessed wedding life. Happy wedding day.

Enjoy the photo below …


Shooting the breeze of Semenyih Dam


Semenyih Dam has one of the most breathtaking sights in the country and is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It also supplies a major portion of drinking water to the Klang Valley population. Semenyih Dam also has become popular with angling enthusiasts, especially on weekends.

Semenyih Dam

22 Aug 2010

I was pulled along for outdoor shooting one of the weekend at the location of Hulu Langat. I was astound to see the lovely lake surrounded by green forested hills. On that day, we could see the reflection of the lovely hills.


Chet Meng & Yean Cheen Wedding Day


It was a breezy morning. My second time of becoming brother cum volunteer photographer. As my first time was rather passive, my second appointment was a bit initiative.

Chet Meng & Yean Cheen Wedding Day


The starting place was from Taman Muda to PJ Old Town via OUG road. At 7.45am, we flagged off. Around 8.10am, we reached the bridesmaids house.

As expected, they’re still not ready and preparing … we didn’t bother and chit-chat outside. Light food was served. We eat first while waiting.


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