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End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment


End of the 10th cycle of the lunar eclipse. In mere human terms, it simply means the end of the 10th month of service for a certain corporation.

End of the Dark One’s Imprisonment – Freedom towards a new career path

20th October 2009

Ahhhh … … … !@#$%

It has been 10 long months since I have been imprisoned in this evil & disastrous unit, stuck in a middle of a restless department. And after serving a painful 3 long months of notice period, the day has finally come to free my soul from this horrible disaster.

Since the Day 1, I, the Dark One, was tricked into a simple ploy to get into a unit filled with sweet promises of bright career path, highly paid salary, attractive remuneration, exciting benefits, you-name-it-we-got-it stuffs.  Initially, it was simply too hard to believe that such attractive position can still be available at that time, despite the economic downturn worldwide.

Ohh, it’s something like what the Chinese love to say, ”rewarding stuffs don’t come jumping around in such a leisure pace”. And yes, the offer is really something that jumps not only around, but jumps directly to ME. Wow, that ‘s weird.


Darken Era: End of Saviour of Support


The darken era of the fallen of Support. Life after DeXXy, one-man show era. (Please note that this not a fictional storytale or some sort. Based on true experience from the eyes of the Dark One).

The strong ‘bell‘ rang non-stop…rings like no one’s business. I looked at my watch. It shows 09.05am.

Yet …

Darken Era: End of Saviour of Support – 5 OCT 2009

Nobody was care the ‘bell‘ ringing. Oh, wait…there is someone; the “so-called substitute” for the other side, but she was simply too occupied at that moment, picking up another line. Her agonizing, yet restless look shrouds her already tense face. It looks as if she can’t take it anymore soon. And yet, other people who surrounds the Support faction, chose to ignore the continuous ring from the lines, especially when the Master is not present.

Well, this is yet another true, blue day after the departure of Savior of Support, to Neverland.


Concentrated Coffee meets Stuffed Crab @ Kemaman


The memories of my previous “Ultimate Trip” back to Terengganu still linger up my head. Sight of the weird-looking-but-overrated crab stuffed with crab meat & spices visualizes over my already congested head. And not forgetting the ridiculously concentrated, “coffee-gao-gao” (“gao” in Cantonese means concentrated) from this place.

Concentrated Coffee meets Stuffed Crab @ Kemaman, Terengganu

July 2009

When these two objects are mentioned, one can’t help to start thinking about the small town of Chukai, or more commonly known as Kemaman, Terengganu.

For the information of people who are not really that familiar with Malaysia’s tourism & point of interest, Chukai is a small, tiny administrative town in the south of Terengganu state. The name of this town, Chukai, comes from an old Malay word for tax, as during the old days, taxes are collected along the waterway of Kemaman River.

Besides the few government offices’ branches which are situated in this town, it serves as also a resting place for most travelers who often travel to the east coast, be it for leisure or work. And….this is where some “good” food is located.

You ask, why the inverted commas’ in the word “good” food? Because I would say, there are some foods which are really good, some which are merely mediocre level. Well, we have to understand that sometimes, some over-marketed foods are not up to the standard.

Stories aside, pictures do the talking.

This ordinary looking restaurant is where you get your stuffed crab a.k.a “over-rated-crab-of-the-East-Coast”. Period.

Menu of the restaurant. Yes, they do have a variety of food here besides the popular stuffed crab, most of them are seafood. Notices there are no prices stated over here? Wait till you see the bill….later.

As I was there quite early that day, there are not much people here. Notice there are Muslim diners over here; this place is a halal restaurant!

I have to admit the service here are fast (maybe there is no customer at that time?), just after a while of ordering food, here comes my “over-rated” stuffed crabs!  RM7.50 each piece; well, worth the deal, & these 4 guys cost me RM30.00! LOL.

The inside filling of the stuffed crab. Notice the amount of crab meat & spices in the crab; this, I have to give credit to them. The taste, however….well, ordinary, not as “perfect” as expected.

These…these 2 garlic butter prawns cost RM10.00 per 100grams. Each prawn weights 100grams, minimum order 200 grams, which means these 2 guys cost me RM20.00! OK, I guess THIS is the icing of the cake, the one who tops up my bill later on. And their taste isn’t so outstanding at all!

An ordinary looking lemon chicken dish. Nothing fancy about this, really. I just ordered this randomly. RM10.00 a dish.

Overall view of what I’ve ordered for that day. And the best part is….I get to eat all these by myself, no sharing, & I can take my own, sweet time to slowly chump on the food! I love my solitude…..seriously.

Stomach’s full, appetite fulfilled, time to pay the bill. Oh wait a minute, did I just remembered I ate alone just now? And I didn’t order that much items? How come my bill comes up to a freaking RM63.40? Freaking outrageous, this place is your “wallet killer”!!

After much convincing myself that the over-charged bill was totally slaughter, I’m hit by another “bill”; a summon from our friendly town council friends, who happen to work on.a.freaking.Saturday.

That’s not the best part; the best part is the parking machine is faulty, I can’t really think of a way to pay my parking, I didn’t see anyone else who paid their parking over there, & their office to pay off the summon isn’t open on that day. WTH! Ok, I’m sending this bill off to the bin.

During the noon, while I was restlessly wandering around Chukai town, I came by this coffee shop. Wait a minute, this is no ordinary coffee shop; it’s the popular Hai Peng coffee shop which serves authentic Hainan “coffee-gao-gao”!

Without much thinking, I went straight in to get my dose of caffeine. Hmmm…they have a decent menu over here. And since I like the look of their Hainanese coffee, I’m getting that one.

For those of you who don’t really fancy hot coffee, you can also opt for cold coffee such as this fancy looking “Ice-Blended Cocoa Lava”. Oh yes, this IS good. I bought one back before leaving Chukai town & the energy that the coffee provides was unbelievable!

Despite the large number of people here, services are fast too. Within minutes, I got my order of a hot Hainanese coffee. Ohhhh, so they do look weird like this. & what is that metal thing doing up my cup of caffeine?

So they just grind those coffee beans up the metal thing & leave the extracts to flow down my coffee? Nice! I have to admit, this is the 1st time ever I drank this kind of coffee & it’s a great way to present your coffee too!

After playing around with spinning, grinding, or whatever you name it, it’s time to move the metal thing away & take a peek at my coffee below…and…..

I felt a huge wave of strong caffeine aroma striking my nose the moment I remove off the metal thing. It was unbelievable! Yes, although I have to admit it do looks like Milo mixed with coffee in this image, but wait till you really test the coffee!

Besides serving coffee, they do serve toasts like this popular “Kaya Toast”. They have it in both round bread or the ordinary Hainan soft bread. Take your pick, both taste good!

Notice the amount of people patronizing this coffeeshop; this is another halal coffee shop!

The interior deco of this shop really brings up the old school feeling; it’s as if you’ve just returned to your grandparents’ house!

They even have old plates hanging around the shop & a freaking old grandfather clock!

To keep a long story short, I’d stayed in Chukai, Kemaman for a day before leaving off to Marang to board the boat to Kapas Island (please refer to my previous post on that), & what I can say about this small town is….


Go eat the stuffed crabs, but avoid other seafood.

Go drink the coffee, & take away one if possible.

Go park your car far enough from the sight of unfriendly town council folks.


I’m off.

Will be posting another one in the near future.

An Unfortunate Mishap @ Island of the Wool – Pulau Kapas



It took me 5 long months to plan this trip to Kapas Island in Terengganu, Malaysia. Yes, I may sound dramatic with the lengthy period & all, but initially this trip was part of my “master” plan, also known as “The Ultimate Trip” back to Terengganu, the state by the east coast where I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, 2 years back. And that’s not the best part.

Kapas Island Resort @ Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas)

July 2009

The best part is….I went for this whole “Ultimate Trip” alone. And I really, really enjoyed the solitude. Long winded stories & deviations aside, back to the topic.

I drove all the way from my home at PJ to Marang in Terengganu, where the jetty to Kapas Island is. Marang is a small town with not many inhabitants living in it.

Most of the people there live by the sea, working as fishermen & travel agents for Kapas Island. Unlike the highly marketed & “latest hype” Redang Island that almost every single KL folk have been to before, Kapas Island is a small island located closest to the mainland.

Believe it or not, there’s an annual swimming event hosted by the local council, involving swimming all the way from the Marang beach to Kapas Island! And this whole process takes around 6 kilometers at most ! Yes, it is THAT near.

The Marang jetty to board to Kapas Island. Now start visualizing the Redang Island jetty at Merang (not to be confused with Marang) & cry.

Check out this jetty at Bali !! Ohhh…I mean, jetty at Kapas Island. Notice the significant difference between both the jetties ? Gosh!

Previously I’ve booked this package at Kapas Island Resort during the ever so popular MATTA Fair. Well, looking at the name of the resort, I’m sure most people will get cheated & say “Hey, that’s a resort which has the same name as the island ! I’m sure it’s going to be really good & nice !”

Think again.

Well, let’s just let the following pictures tell you the story & I’ll just leave the rating of this resort in your own hands. Like what people always say, a picture paints a thousand words.

The signboard you’ll stumble upon before entering the “resort lobby”. Ohh, nice signboard….wait till you see the lobby.

The “resort lobby”. From my opinion, it looks more like a staff quarters’ than a decent place to welcome your guests. Bad first impression, really.

The overall site map for the resort. Looks big, ehh ? Wait till you see their “chalets”.

I guess this is the only advantage this resort has. Wireless internet connection, or Wi-fi in short. They have W-I-F-I in a freaking tiny island off the east coast. Awesome!

Ohhh wait, who is this ? As expected….it’s me. Pardon me as I’m camera shy & my face is simply too ugly to be shown to public. My bad.

The beach off the resort. Although I can say the beach here looks quite decent, but I still prefer Perhentian Island’s (another island at Terengganu) beach.

THIS is Perhentian Island’s beach taken by myself 2 years back. Spot the difference & tell me you love this one more.

Oh gosh, the sea water here isn’t so clear after all. And the sand’s dark & rough. Hmm

Mysterious girl…I wish I can get to know her.

If these people just didn’t put the “Dive Centre” signboard there, I will really wonder why in the world are they placing their storeroom just beside the beach?

The bridge that leads to the “chalets”. Don’t really fancy the scene? Let’s move on…

Small swimming pool.

Ahhh, we’re finally at the “chalet”. Huh, what’s Perhentian Island doing over here? LOL.

The view of the double bed in the “chalet”. Yes, I have to admit it really do looks nice & cozy, but the mattress, comforter & towel are all not really clean & it’s kind of sticky too ! Wah seh….lucky I brought my own towel.

Here’s where you put your luggage & stuffs. But wait, what’s those brochures doing over there? That’s not mine…it should be those left by the previous guests. If so…..what in the world are those housekeeping people doing over here ? This should be cleared!

Ohhh, they have a mini fridge & a hot water kettle over here. Just for your information, the mini fridge are faulty & the kettle has some white powder substance in it which is un-washable. Now, tell me, do you want a cup of tea ?

This is the toilet. Looks ordinary, right? Nothing fancy, nothing special. That’s not all. They have no water heater/shower. SAD

What is this dark, gloomy picture? It’s the restaurant of the resort, where you have your meals. Meals are served buffet style over here.

This was my LUNCH for 2 days. Ordinary, plain, worse than what I can get at Kuala Terengganu’s town. Failure.

Maybe it’s just me, or is it that people here do fancy BREAKFAST more than anything else? At least the breakfast looks more hearty & decent. Thank God…

Hey, just now you were saying the food here are lousy & now you’re showing me a decent looking Chicken Chop dish? For your information, the one & only way to get such a decent looking dish is by ordering via ala-carte. Which means you have to PAY separately. Period.

This bed of flowers here are what you see right after exiting the restaurant. This, I have to admit, are really nice.

Ermmm, what happened? Did my camera fell into the sea while snapping some shots? No, this is just a picture taken while snorkeling off the resort. Thanks DeXXy for lending me his trusted water-proof camera!

Nemo….opps, I mean, Clown Fish spotted within the reefs. Notice how heavy are the density of the water as compared to the crystal clear waters of Perhentian & Lang Tengah islands.

DARKNESS invade the sea with ridiculously bright colors’ snorkeling gear. Now bite me.

Some random fish swam to me & whispered that I got cheated into this lousy & below par resort, & I should have opt for Perhentian or Lang Tengah Island instead. Ohh gosh, if only I have met you earlier, Mr Fish.

I guess this is the one & only underwater shot that is clearly lighted & decent. The rest are either too dark, highly dense, or blurred.

What in the world does a milk bottle has to do with surfing & snorkeling gears for rent? Nothing. Spotted on a camp site situated next to the resort.

Ohhh, did I just snorkeled all the way to Sipadan or something ? No, this is still Kapas Island. It’s just the view, that’s all. Notice the strong waves; it has been like that since the day I got into the island.

Fresh coconut water, straight from the coconut’s tree. Got it as a complimentary from a resort worker who so happen to be plucking coconuts like some monkey….I mean, some professional. Thanks, man.

With all the silence & tranquility surrounding the place, I managed to read 1 ½ books out of the 2 books I’ve brought over here. And the feeling is really…..priceless.

Ermmm…what’s this bunch of people doing over here at this secluded island ? Ohhh, they are teachers who came here for some team-building event. And this happened right on my last day of stay. Thanks for ruining the atmosphere, people.

Well, after looking at all the pictures I’ve posted above, do you think I’ll be returning to this place again ? Of course NOT. Once is more than enough, & I really, really discourage anyone from spending your precious vacation over here.

Go with the flow & opt for the over-crowded Redang Island instead of this island, or if you prefer silence & solitude like I do, opt for Lang Tengah. Perhentian stands in between the rating for Redang & Lang Tengah, but this island, especially this resort, is totally out of the race.

Nevertheless, all these are still my personal opinion. If you happen to stay before at Kapas Island & had a wonderful experience at other resorts or maybe even this same resort, please do share with us here. Sharing is caring, remember?

Till then……it’s time for the Dark One to reside within the shadows….again.

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