This post is about to close Year 2018. No fancy summary like what I did in the past. Just short one below.

31.12.2018 | Goodbye 2018 & Happy New Year 2019


Looking back my past, my enthusiasm in blogging started from nowhere. With photography in mind, I’m actually started with a travel blog and set it up under 30 minutes. It’s gotten a lot easier than when I started my blog in 2008 when I quite knowledgeable about making a website.

On my gearing for Malaysia holiday plan, I met Lily & the rest of my current ex-colleagues cum best friends now, from Ambank. When I decided to start my travel blog, I purchased a web hosting package (basic one) and a personal domain. Back then, having own domain and hosting account gave you full authority on your website/blog. It was a hanky panky easy with few steps installation and it can be use straight away. Designing is a consuming time but it’s worth.. Getting old contents from old blog to new blog was pretty quick and easy.

Maintaining is another challenge here. From post year 2012 onwards, I’m hardly to be actively here due to social media booming. Many focusing on getting foot on Facebook rather than blog for quick update and most important, let the photo speaks. Words were getting lesser then.

Blue shiny 2019 Happy New Year banner. Vector background.

That’s a short story told on why DeXXy.Net still kicking alive but almost dormant this few years. Pardon me, I shall keep this ‘mini dictionary’ of mine online even lacking of updates. Decided to renew domain/hosting for another 2 years from today. That’s my post note of Year 2018. Hope year 2019 bring a joyful year to everyone reading this post.