A long break from hill-hiking, which I never think would come back again. My hiking gung ho which concealed 3 years ago is releasing today.

Melati Hill is located at Nilai, offering a safe & clean trail, suitable to beginner like me (return of DeXXy). A long retired group of hikers, who made a comeback to hiking scene, making a clean call, initiates the occurrence today.

29 May 2018 | Melati HILL Trail @ Nilai

To carefully selecting a place, my comeback is truly a new place that I never been before. In the sense of beginner level again, without expectation, we have a junior hiker joining us. A 4 years old kid.

The STARTING trail is very visible (next to Temple Na Du Gong). The entire hill is built with few checkpoint named Centipede Hill, Monkey Hill, Cobra Hill and Mosquito Hill, with a section call Rope trail.

Understand from source from local, this hill’s trail was built by a medical doctor for his patients. Each of the trails created for different purpose which to cater and attract his patients to exercise regularly. An initiative to live healthy.


My aim to make a comeback is driven by the organizer, which initiated a series of hiking plan going ahead. Nonetheless, I’m still pursuing my running regularly, not abandoning it any soon.

Starting pointwelcome to Melati Hill

The very first step … capture this as checklist

A gentle reminder … jungle is not a place for littering

Quite fair stepswarming up

First achievementCentipede Hill peak is sighted


The first section of this hike is straightforward. Easy walk and gradually step up until reach the Centipede Hill peak. It’s like 10 minutes hike with normal speed.

Hello Centipede Hillbig area for energy restoration (light food and drink)

Centipede Hillview from the top


Sunrise can be seen here, but need to hike as early as 6.30am. To avoid unforeseen situation, you may very familiar with the trek and carry the headlight or torch light.

After taken our we-fie, we continue our journey to next hill, Monkey Hill.

A very clear signagejust follow through


Yes, we saw some monkey, but I don’t think the real reason they put named this place. Signage are clearly visible and lower chance to get lost in this hill. Unless swirl off from the visible trail, which we should not try that. Phone reception is very good, maybe there’s a tower nearby. I managed to send few photos via Whatapps and immediately done!

Along the way, we saw a chicken exit where possible lead us out from the jungle to car park. As time is still early, I assume the early exit or decided to call the day off not apply to us yet.

If you feel like early exitthis is the way

Eagle Hill is on other sidebut connected from current trail (will try next time)


Surprise that the trail running event held here before. A small googling, found out it was recently held with a distance of 6km, 18km and 24km.

Single loop for this trail is 6km, therefore for higher distance, just do a loop.

Should I go for it?I mean the trail running challenge

A split sectionMonkey Hill or Rope Hill/Trail?

A fair amount of time taken from Centipede Hill to Monkey Hill. Finally we reach.

A long winding trailthere is Monkey Hill

Monkey Hillwelcome to the peak and the view


Next journey should continue to Cobra Hill.

According to some story, the hill is named not because of cobra found here, but the zigzag route that built on this trail.

Starting point from Monkey Hillwhat a beautiful sight of trail

Psssttat Cobra Hill checkpoint


Upon Cobra Hill, we moved to the direction of EXIT. It’s time, where everyone especially the junior has called for it. No sign of Mosquito Hill being sighted, after all, that we’re not aware of different entry.

Light at the tunnelexit point

I shall make a comeback again on this trail. A lot of unexplored path and I’m keen to complete it next time. The distance covered today is about 3km only. A full loop on each trail (back and forth), should be around 5km plus.

This post should mark the COMEBACK of my hiking spree again. Stay tune with DeXXy.Net.