Seeking a new place to hike around KL & Selangor has never faded inside me. Till I learn from my hiking guru recommended this hill. A friendly hill for beginner. He decided to bring us there for once after talked about some time.

10 Jan 2015 | Bukit Besi

Neither I have any clue what and where is this hill until I attempted it. Peak should be nothing to fancy about but the CHECKPOINT is!

Checkpoint is the place where the PANAROMA of KL view where PEAK is nothing than a TELECOMMUNICATION base. Many locals knew this place and organized few hike at the night for spectacular KL night view since the trail is absolutely beginner friendly. I chosen to hike in the early morning to catch a SUNRISE!

To start, we all gathered at one famous trademark, OCBC Bank, Alam Damai branch. Car park is FREE. Just park at proper parking spot will do.

Starting pointopposite where the barricade can be easily seen from road side

All the way UP in 5 mins you will see the Water Reservoir Tank

Turn to the left or right (both will still lead to peak) from 1st landmarkinto the bushes trail

This is RIGHT side (drainage trail)

This is LEFT side (normal trail)

We chose to turn LEFT side and come down from RIGHT sidewon’t get lost

View along the trailabove the water reservoir tank now

Continue with normal traileasy peasy one

View is getting betterfrom trail’s open space

Trail getting steeperjust few stairs doesn’t matter

Open space viewnot the checkpoint yet

Spectacular viewCheras panorama view

KL Panorama viewstriking sky

Multiple trailstake any one still lead you up to the same place

Follow the most clear trailmost frequent used for safe

Toughalmost there pal!

No pain no gainsteepest

That’s checkpoint!we arrived!

Vast empty land facing KLwith a table set 

Checkpoint 1we take a short stop here updating our photo database

We pursued to subsequent trail but due to massive blocker and unclear path along the trail, we had taken precaution and proceed until the submit where the Army Camp Telecommunication Tower. As the road leading down will be at another side, we decided to return back to our checkpoint and call our expedition as completed!

There are not many story about this hill can be found in Internet. Hence I’m thinking to get one to contribute into the pool of mass information since this hike was done back in Year 2015.

P/S: Last hill where my hiking guru lead us before call the temporary retirement from hiking arena. I also temporary stop excessive hike in recent years and move to marathon training.