Never underestimated the word of ‘Bukit’ (meaning of hill). It can be bigger than life of mountain. My trip to Bukit Repin was one of the toughest hike I ever been. Trust or not, the 28km distance (return trip) cost it all.

13 May 2014 | Bukit Repin

It was a month since I had done Bukit Chenuang, yet another tough hike. I am off with another again.

Bukit Repin is situated next to Gunung Nuang and the trail is beautiful. This trail is much easier from the starting point of Klang Gates area, however, there are several difficulties and on many occasions, motorbike wheels erode the track.

The distance to the R&R is almost 14km, so the round trip gave me 28km of hiking pleasure.

The reason I joined this hike was to explore new hill, which left unknown to me.

Parking for those decided to drive infree parking on narrow road

Walk up to the gathering pointalso a start point aka briefing point

Organizer (Alex) giving speechwelcoming and set expectation

Each hikers given a name tagonly registered hikers is allowed to follow the group

Group photoachievement of joining a big group of hikers

Go go gostart hike from this point all the way up

A big groupfollowing the leader of KL Hiking group

Split trailneed to know & remember each of every junction

Easy trailpassed by orchard and private land

Another junctionlack of direction but better to take note every split

Yes again another splittry not lose sight with front hikers

Into the trailwhere the hikes begin

Have fun hikingwhere stamina testing in progress

Set a scenerywhere the reason for hiking

Signature checkpointa very steep and eroded trail

No escape even there’s a chicken exitI’m doubt it

Seems no ending sightedcounting my each steps bit by bit

Flat trail yeah!continue my journey to destination

The trail is clear and there’s no need for crawling under or climbing over fallen trees and bamboos. It’s not applicable for coming part of the trail later on.

Crawling startedenergy drained a lot

Early bird catch the wormscatching up time not later than 12pm to R&R

I’ve passed a few small streams with crystal clear water.

Small streams crossingcrystal clear but I’m doubt it can be drink

Light of hopewhere is the peak?

Had I reached?Sound not with false peak

Still light of hopesensation of view

There’s only one major knee deep river crossing. The crossing stream is after the 6km mark, which some (most) of them can choose to relax before returning to the car park. The total distance then will be 12.4km that saved our day.

Hope of U-turn or go aheadrelax checkpoint for fun hikers

Serious hikersgo ahead to continue your journey

Should I continue?determination was strong

Real challengecontinue to struggle

A paper trail of KL Hikingto lead us to right path

Long winding trail finally comes to endsighted the R&R (destination)

Within the cut-off timethe leader still around waiting for us

Wiring and socket setupcan charge your phone here

Kettlecan boil water, but first fire up the charcoal

Thermometerjust 23 Celsius

Solo piceven exhausted, but still looks fresh

Returning to baseyet another 14km journey down the trail

This hiking trip took me total of about 8 hours and drained my phone to almost zero battery as I used it for track my hike. This probably marked my slowdown in hiking life and moving on with other priorities.

Nowadays, I hardly do hiking. This post is written after 3 years. My life has been changed a lot since then. I no longer in blogging life, nor photography. However, I do take a lot of photograph in my every event I participate. Last year I ran on this trail for an event (King of Kemensah 2016) in 18km category. Completed in 3.5 hours. Sound good right. Things around us keep changing, so does me. I hope (still keeping as hope) that I’ll be back to continue blog in some day.

Thank you for staying with DeXXy in so many years.