Last 2 days was meant for relax and non-adventure. Shopping and walking around the place where we stay. Hey, we stay at Patong area, the most popular and busiest town in Phuket.

Patong Beach & JungCeylon Mall | Island Escape @ Phuket

JungCeylon is a popular shopping complex in Patong. It was quite near to Bangla Street. That’s my first destination and believe it or not, we spent half day here. Things were cheap and you don’t feel want to go out looking at souvenir shop under the sun.

We took a free shuttle from our hotel, drop at Patong beach. A direct sunlight of 11am (Thai time) is mean 12pm in Malaysia. We walked and decided to stop by my favorite restaurant, call Number 6.

OMG, it was closed for renovation. How unlucky.

Initial plan of taking a return to this restaurant I went before, but closed for a month.

Number 6 Restaurantclosed for almost a month

End up going to next doorsmall fried rice not cheap

After JungCeylonwe walked back all way to hotel

Saw a very cheap airport transfer by minibusjust book it immediately

Long winding walkrewarded with durian sticky rice

At evening, again we walked from hotel to Patong beach again.

Now we step onto beach, Patong beach. Trip wasn’t complete without coming here. Foreigners like to spend whole day relaxing at this beach. It was meant for holiday.

Patong Beach around 6:30pmpeople were around to see the best moment of sunset

Walking pastI guess I’m at banana walk street

Bangla Boxing Stadiumplace where Muay Thai event held

Opposite from Bangla Boxing Stadiumfound a night market

Tempura anyonefried stuff that not on my list

Fruit smoothiesthat’s refreshing and quite cheap

Cheap foodtoo many to choose

Fried chickentempting but eat too much already

Small packet of noodleenough for my dinner

Perhaps the shopping mode still ongoing, our appetite wasn’t on the food. Again, we went to JungCeylon for second round purchase. Night shopping was completely different. Lights were everywhere.

Night still youngsurrounding is more alive

Colorful ship lightthe symbolic of this shopping mall

We like to walk and hesitate to talk any tuk-tuk or taxi back to hotel. In fact, the reason why we choose to stay near the hot destination as it’s within walking distance.

Passed by a famous massage centrehigh class and quality service

No need to ask why it was popular. It was a legit happy ending and happiness massage here. Men would definitely find a right place for some extra services (B2B). Googling this places yourself to know further services that I mentioned.

Long winding walkrewarded ourselves a fresh coconut drink (30 baht)

The night before the last day always the night to remember. It was reaching the end of trip. All memories happened past few days was sudden recall. Hope the time passing slower and still we’re on Day 2.

Reality, it wasn’t. We went to same massage centre earlier as return customer. They saw us again and happy to give us the same discount (550 baht for 2 pax).

Even no happy ending as result, satisfaction at the peak. Good night.

Day 5Get ready for check-out and transfer to airport

Simple but delicious breakfast from 7-eleveneach time favorite hehe

We hop onto minibus we booked earlier. As our flight was noon, there’s no where we can go other than straight to airport for boarding.


PHUKET is considered as a tourist paradise whom has the thought of women & lady. It’s far from being a shopping paradise.

I made to know that you can completely clear your thought or you want totally drown into heaven of ADULT entertainment.

Most tourists will focus on PATONG for exciting night life OR stay out of town for peaceful life.

If I would to revisit again, I would choose to stay away from the crowd and enjoy my life, the meaning of serenity on any island there.