Day 3 begins with another island tour trip. A much anticipated tour of Phi Phi + Bamboo Island via cruise. The itinerary was a bit different from my first visit to Phi-Phi IslandBamboo Island without bamboo is a wonderful island with white sand and surprisingly there’s no resort here.

Phi-Phi & Bamboo Island Tour | Island Escape @ Phuket

This tour is via cruise and cost for 1300 baht per person. The price can be lower if you know where to bargain. Phi-Phi Island is going to be my third attempt to visit as my first time ruined due to bad weather. My second time was success but this time going to be little bit different.

Bamboo Island is on the list this round. It was another beautiful island surrounding Phi-Phi National Park.

The van picked us up from hotel around 7.15am and transfer to the jetty. We experienced issue with other hotel guest being late for half an hour. Van driver was mad at them by showing displeasure face. Punctuality is important as it will affect the rest of people and ruined the trip timing.

Waiting to be pick-uphotel lobby

We ended up late to the jetty to board the cruise ship. Everyone was waiting us and we feel guilty as the trip would cut short and we’re the loser, not the operator.

Our last arrivalthe operator is waiting us to board the cruise

Moving quicklywaiting us unanimously

From ground level to middle levelvia stair case

There are few levels in this ship. We sat in the air-con room which suitable for short nap and sleep. But we found out outer area are more enjoyable with strong wind blowing up your face under hot sun.

Air-con seatingfirst come first serve

Open area at the back on middle levelenjoy the open air

Side of the shipno one want to stand as it was water splashing area

Out of curiosity, we went up the upper deck for a view. Absolutely wonderful with super strong wind blow. For an hour plus, we did a short tour around the ship like a kids. Our first time taking cruise ship mah.

Toilet facilityfor urgent release

Dining areaalso served as waiting area for those sea sick symptoms

Locker facilitykeeps your valuable safe and worry free

A dining deckseating area during lunch or meal time

My lunch coffeewith sweet biscuits

Spotted a sign remind us to prepare 20 bahtas conservation fees for Phi-Phi Island

As boat unable to park at the beach, a small speedboat fetches us to the island. A little time spent on this arrangement, further cut short our enjoyment time … sigh.

We arrived at Bamboo Island, a place without resort or any accommodation. We had an hour lurking and checking out this island which is not enough. We sorted out our time wisely.

Arrivalsighted from far

Long tail boat arrive to fetch us to beachour ship unable to sail on the beach

Split into 2 batchesadditional time taken used taking cruise ship

Upon unloaded usthe long tail boat return to the ship

Beach of Bamboo Island … inhabitant island 

Super wide sandy beachwalk from one distance to another required time

Official sign of the islandpart of Phi-Phi National Park

Bamboo Barselling light snacks and drinks

After an hour, we were fetching back to the ship for lunch, a buffet style. I’m excited to have meal while cruising on the sea. Some people get sea sickness when having lunch meal.

Buffet lunch experienceon the cruise

Stop from farViking Cave short visit

Maya Bay vicinity … snorkelling here

Arrived at Jetty of Phi-Phi Islandview from cruise drop off point

Entry point of Phi-Phi Islandtourist entry which we pay 20 baht conservation fee

Busy street where all resort, facilities & eatery locatedresembles a small town

Follow the sign and keep walking at random placesjust to spent time

Found a viewpoint entrynever a target but it’s open for us to explore

Route started with stair casea kind of warm up as beginning

Motivation to go up … upon seeing the arrow sign

Entry pointprivate land by the owner

Small fee of 30 bahtcharge by private land owner

Long winding trekmy worry not the distance but timing to reach there

Am I near?effort can’t go waste at this point

Can’t return even time is very rushed … must go further at soon as possible

I see the lightI have reached the view point

A decent accommodation at strategic pointcan imagine how wonderful during night time

Viewpoint gardenbeautifully decorated

Viewpoint brandI love it

Sit & enjoyfantastic view

Getting down from viewpoint to jetty was a truly challenging. I was given myself max 15 mins to get back to the jetty as soon as possible. The boat is waiting no one. They’ve the right to dump you right there and move according to schedule.

Lucky on our side, the boat manager waited us and rushes us quickly. I noticed got people in front of me, assume I wasn’t the reason he waited there. Immediately the boat moves and being told that I was late for 10 mins. Sigh. I was in heavy sweating.

Trip was ended around 4.30pm.


Dinner simplifiedjust from the night market near hotel

Fried noodle with seafoodcost 100 baht

Fried rice with chickencost 100 baht also

Crunchy fried chicken50 baht only

Continuous island hopping day trip has finally comes to end.

I found myself sunburn but luckily Day 3 trip was in good weather.

Anticipating next free and easy day tomorrow with shopping spree.

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