Our Day 2 is island hopping day. A must activity in this Phuket Trip, we had an enjoyable day tour to Ratcha (Raya) & Coral Island. It wasn’t in my list until the agent introduced it. This place is so amazing with crystal clear water.

Ratcha & Coral Island Tour | Island Escape @ Phuket

This tour is via speedboat, cost me 1300 baht per person. The van picked us up from hotel around 8.00am and transfer to Chalong pier. Punctuality is important so other guest won’t be late due to first batch was late. I was 2nd batch to fetch over.

Phuket is not as big as city but the road heading to jetty is not that straight forward and lots of traffic along the way. It expected to take an hour to the jetty. Not only us heading there, but a dozen of vehicles fetching guests all around the island’s hotel.

Of course I was at lobby on-time. Anxiously waiting for the van to call us up. Van driver went on pick-up spree from hotel to hotel.

Voucher of the booked touras verification

Upon reached the jetty, we were given a short briefing on snorkelling activity. Some tourists don’t even know snorkelling, which they thought of taking the gas tank to the sea. Not everyone has experiences snorkelling prior of this trip. The guide assumed everyone knew it.

Fins are available for rent at 100 baht. The guide scared us by saying that sharp rocks are within our reach. For me, unless you’re first time into snorkelling, something you can avoid to get hurt if you know where to step properly.

A row of speedboatamong the most punctual group to board

Woohooat Coral Island, a wide white sand beach

Proof of stepping onCoral Island

Stall selling food and fruitsa bit overprice for me

Tourists from Chinamost likely have such briefing from guide

Changing area and toiletfree of charge

Chairs are everywherefor rental or group tour arrival

Beaches were invaded with tourist from China. They were everywhere. Thailand beaches seem their favorite holiday destination nowadays or there’s huge market of China tourist to invade any of the world holiday destination?

Everywhere also can see them taking selfie and pose with blueish water as background, in bikini and swim wear. Mei Mei (chinese young ladies) rather enjoy self-shot in hundred times than going for swim. Really my surprise having such experience looking at them.

I wonder I could do the same. Lolx

My turnnah

We were given around 1 hour to enjoy white sandy beach at Patok beach.

It’s time to return back to boatfor another location

After that, we went to Kon Kae Beach and Siam Bay to enjoy snorkelling. For those who were not keen in snorkelling, they dropped off at Ratcha Island earlier.

No photo during snorkelling as none of my camera can afford dip into water.

Arrived at Ratcha Islandtime for lunch

Even more blueish water … I’m drooling

Weather was extremely goodgetting tan easily

Not forget to check-in my faceto the background

Immediately walk towards the shop rowsthe only shade we need now

Everyone walk-up the roadjust follow

The island main resortfor resident only

Special transportationall up loading to the truck please

They called TAXIrental for 300 baht

Ready to movestill no idea how far we’re moving

Padthai Restaurantsettled our lunch buffet here

Normal tasterestaurant is operated by Muslim owner, for sure halal

Lunch time given was 1 hour, but when we cut it down, we have ample of time about less than 2 hours wondering around the island. Umbrella and mat can be rented at 300 baht a set for a day.

We don’t see any point to get shed under the umbrella when we spent mostly our time in the water. Hardly have any place for shelter except the shop rows here.

One of the shelters on the beachenjoy the breathtaking beach view

Shallow waterfishes can be seen here

Drinks & fruits are given every time we return from beachreplenish our body fluid

We called the day tour end here once we boarded the speedboat to return back to Phuket.

It was a tiring day though not much jump and excitement going on such as water activities. The night life is awaiting me to explore, so I get prepared for it.

Settling our dinner is a must because later on we need to walk towards Patong night life area. So we went back to Malin Plaza night market again. It’s was a short 100m walking distance only. Fried noodle & rice can be as cheap as 80 baht (chicken/pork) and 100 baht (seafood). It’s quite tasty and become our choice of dinner every day.

Get hooked with this stallkeep going back for other varieties she offers

Fried stuffscan be temporary filled up our appetite

Decided to try pancake herecost 100 baht for mango & chocolate

Tastynever enough to try everyday

The night was still young, that’s why I consider safe to wonder around Bangla Street. A street that filled up with night life activities that people are looking when having sleepless night. It’s a busy and noisy street with girls seen dancing on the pole and band playing music all night long.

It’s a MUST go place if you landed yourself in Phuket for any reason. You never walk out with you heart feel empty.

Bangla Walking Streetroad is closed for vehicle, for human traffic only

Sexy ladies stand by road side toget customers to go in

Lady boy were seen parading around the street, taking you to photo shoot with them. The surrounding pub was having open pole dancing bars from sexy ladies. It was so open until you can be shock to check-out from the street itself.

People hold a menu-based show where they called Ping Pong show, Thai Girl show, Sexy show and any varieties of shows listed in small card. You need to check-it out yourself if you agree to follow them to a private bar. A different world is happening behind the door.

They managed to persuade me for a 1 min tour inside, if I don’t feel comfortable I can come out. Due to this convince words, I take a look.

We took a seat in the front row, feeling like being caged and pissed. The act was an old Thai lady with sagging skin wore a black see through dress and nothing else. Within 2 seconds she began taking something out from her vagina like some sort of magic act.

I was given a drink menu to order. The cheapest I need to order is 900 baht. I was thinking a rip-off for a fruit juice. When I try to leave, the PR offered cheaper at 500 baht. It’s still expensive to me which I told them I’m off for this. Later they come back with another menu of 300 baht. I finally settled down with 2 pax drinks (600 baht bill).

Imagine, how big differences on price. If you’re comfortable with the price of a drink + adult show, you always can bargain your price. They’ve nothing to lose. The show is going on every night with repeating. The more customers they bring in, the better their business will be.

The shows are great for first timer like me. Not the show only, but the reality show in front of me. Some customers are making up grab/touch/kiss/fold move with those girls. Nothing comes free, so you need buy them drink in order to ‘play’ with them. Single guy or group of guys are likely their seducing target. Those come with girlfriend or wife is considered safe at this place as they will leave you alone.

Okay, done with the shows for now.

We leave the place and proceed to look for massage center to rejuvenate our energy after a long day activities.

Massage center are widely available everywhere in Phuket. Go for those with lots of customers (which looks clean and safe) but longer waiting time.

Price wise can be ranging from 200 baht to 600 baht, depending on services you’re looking for (excluded special service). Some shops are clearly stated ‘No Sex’ or ‘No Happy Ending’ as precaution and safe to visit. Give your body and leg a chance a good ‘touch’ at the end of the day.

Mine was an oil massage for 2 person (550 baht total), a small discount of 50 baht.

Stumbled upon this massage centerFriendly Traditional Massage

No worry of any extra massage serviceNo Sex & No Happy Ending is clearly defined here

When we leave, the town and road was in sleeping mode, quiet and dim. Far from noisy and happening over the other side.

Good night Phuket.

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