I feel I started to repeat trip that I went once and never had enough after that. There’s a chance for another round to complete whatever incomplete mission in the first trip. I always have fulfilling desire when going for second time.

Phuket Trip 2015 | Island Escape @ Phuket

It was organized in a FREE way, to make our trip as free and as easy as it could be. A 5D4N is my favorite duration foreseeing I can make 3 days full trip to anywhere I want. Of course priority gives to those I never went before and unique places to the destination.

With giving a shot to AirAsia during Zero Fares promotion, I managed to buy 2 person return ticket at RM342, meaning RM171 per pax.

Cheap huh?

3rd time to KLIA2it has been a year since it was moved from LCCT

Modern low cost terminalKLIA2

AirAsia fleetboarded the plane

Flight into Thai airspacespotted an island

Zoom init’s Ratcha Island

Other islands … Koh Kaeo Yai & Koh Kaeo Noi

We reached @ Phuket International Airport around 1.30pm local time after taking about 2 hours of flight. The immigration is quite efficient as many counters were open.

Get a free SIM card this time as I can’t afford to be disconnected.

Internet has become a necessity during travel. Instead of paying high roaming charges, I rather pay for unlimited data plan for minimal charges (~200 baht for 7 days, capped at 1GB).

As we didn’t check-in our bag, we moved faster towards the exit of the arrival hall to meet our shuttle service (PhuketShuttle.com). We were welcome with limousine transfer (Toyota Harrier) to our hotel. It still took around 1 hour to bring us to Citin Plaza Hotel. With 750 Baht, the service is match with the price.

Arrival exitfull of banners & peoples offering transfer

Big envelopereceipt and brochures

Not long during the transfer, the agency called up the driver and he passed me the phone. As expected, the agency try to cross sell some day tour package for my holiday. I courteously told them I’ve already planned and booked my tour ahead and thanks for their offer. They’re not pushy.

Arrival at hotel entrancepaid them in cash, after all a good service

I saw lots of cheaper alternative to Patong town which I think I rather spent some bucks to gain the time. I read somewhere that taking taxi are relatively near expensive with the airport surcharge of 100 baht on top of normal charge 550 baht to Patong town.

Check-in hotel process via desk service is smooth. We redeemed the Groupon voucher we bought recently for 5D4N stay for only RM599 only. We were offered a welcome drink during check-in and were given a room at the 4th floor.

Getting up to swimming pool at roof area is just a walking staircase to upper floor. The pool is open daily from 7.00am until 6.00pm.

Room overview the room that we spend 5D4N

Bed viewKing size bed

Balcony & LCD TV viewspacious & clean

Bathroom viewclean with build-in water heater

Swimming poollocated at the roof-top

Settled for late lunchmeal from 7-11

We prepared for our visit to Simon Cabaret for a ladyboys show. As the place is just a walking distance from our hotel, I decided to just walk-in which latter I found out booking online can be cheaper. Walk-in price for VIP is 800 baht versus 600 baht for online booking.

Phuket Simon Cabaretthe best cabaret show

VIP seat is those in front row close to stage. Normal seat is located at higher level. The theatre is huge enough until I force to move my head left and right. A bottle of complimentary mineral water is provided at every seat.

Show starts at 6pmfirst batch of the day

Entertainment of dance and song performed by ladyboys based on various cultures, be Chinese, Korean, Indian, Brazil, Egypt and America. All singing done by lip syncing but if you doesn’t mind, I think just enjoy their movement and body.

No photo or video is allow or else faced the fine. Photo only allowed after the show outside the auditorium. The shows last for 1.5 hour only and at the exit point, you can see all of them waiting for you, to take photo with you.

Lai Lai Lai (come come come)while pointing to us (chinese tourist)

Taking their photo is FREE, but taking with them is not free. I read online, the charge per person is 40 baht, but what I saw they requested 100 baht for each photo you took with them.

Not so pretty/popular will always ‘park’ together with those popular, so they can charge customer also. This is a trick, beware okay.

Come take photo with mevery eager to lure you with them

2-in-1a nice shot and kiss from them

Some China tourist didn’t aware that need to pay when taking photo with them, refused to pay when asked for payment of 100 baht. They don’t speak English (China tourist) and ladyboys do not understand Mandarin, hence the misunderstanding. They just walk-away after that.

I walked back to the hotel and proceed with my birthday dinner. I was nearly forgot my dinner as we were too enjoying the show. After dinner, we proceed to walk around to get our next few day day tour packages. Overall, the streets were safe during our visit.

Time for dinnermy birthday dinner

A simple dinner can cost me 499 baht. This place is really a tourist trap. Imagine everyday having such simple meal can cost you much, how about seafood?

Walked past Malin Plazaa lot of street food

Spotted a self-wash bike servicecalled Hippo Self Wash Motorbike

We walked past our area towards looking to DDC Tour & Travel as recommended by some blog. Unlucky for us that we maybe late or they didn’t open that day. We ended up with the neighbour agent call NNJ Tour & Travel.

They quoted us for island trip per person quite high, 1800 baht, which a total ripped off. Numerous discounts to us but we insisted that max we can pay will be 1200 baht.

Due to time constraint and our consistent bargain with them, we settled at 2 Island trips (Ratcha/Coral Island & Phi Phi/Bamboo Island) at 1300 baht each. One is using speedboat while another is using cruise boat.

Later I found out it can go as low as 900 baht. Since I never experience with cruise boat, I forgo the ripped off matter this time.

We called the day off for Day 1, a simple day filled-up with lots of thing. Let’s get prepare for fun at island tours tomorrow.

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