UK Farm is not the located at United Kingdom, but in Kluang, Johor. It’s one of the modern agriculture project comes under Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia.

UK Farm @ Kluang, Johor


A largest goat and sheep farm with 100 acres of grazing land for 4,000 sheep. Also have 15 acres of passion fruits and on-site fruit manufacturing station.

If you wonder what UK stands for, is their founder’s name, Un Keng.

UK Farm Agro Resort is provided overnight accommodation under their tour package for those who want to experience staying in the park surrounded by farm. The landscape here is excellent and you can see paddy-field’s green across the entire land.

A day visit is sufficient for local residents to drive into the farm for the nice view of scenery and relaxation, suitable for family, group tour & photography lover.

UK Agro Farm offer a wide range of facilities that cater to all individual needs such as restaurant, farm mart, conference room, chalet, dormitory, barbecue area, open stage, camp site and karaoke.

Before we started our journey to Kluang, we actually stay at Kluang town a day before in order to save our traveling time and cut short our morning rush.

In return as advantage, we have chance to visit and taste the famous Kluang Coffee @ Kluang Rail Coffee. If you never heard about it, it’s time to learn about this place.

I’m sure many had heard about Kluang station outlet cafe which available around KL and Selangor shopping mall? Do you ever wonder how the origin of this outlet from?

Kluang Rail Coffee @ Kluang Railway Station

It’s part of the canteen of the railway station. This station is part of KTM railway station. Many travelers take an advantage to stop by to have their breakfast.

The name of this outlet goes by the name of Kluang Station RailCoffee. According to the history, it started operating in 1938. It is now operated by the 3rd generation of the Lim family.

The dishes that you can get here are charcoal-grilled toast (bread or bun), half-boiled eggs, packed nasi lemak and mee siam, curry-puff, and the famous coffee.

Famous for its toastwhich grill on charcoal

They used real butter and the kaya is made with the finest ingredients. I’m sure you’ll start drooling after this picture.

Don’t forget to get the well-known hand roasted coffee. The aroma of the coffee was fantastic.

Hand roasted coffeewith half-boiled eggs

Overall, having a breakfast here is a MUST if you come across Kluang. It’s indeed special one. The classic train station is match with rustic ambiance coffee shop.

We drove to UK Farm Agro Resort based on the GPS on our phone.

Once we reached to the starting point, have we reached? I wondered. It’s NOT. Have to drive through 6km via dusty road before hitting the entrance.

Stoppedget to pay the entrance fees

WowI’m finally here

The first thing that catches our attention is the giant UK Farm sign.

A place where people can do their wedding shot with awesome farm view similar to those in New Zealand. Can pretend to be oversea photo-shooting as a trick.

Walk-in customersee which package is most suit them

Ticket counterindeed look special bamboo decorated theme

I immediately go to the ticket counter to redeem my entrance ticket with goodies bag included.

The minimum entrance fee per pax is RM30. Additional RM15/pax will allow you to feed animal and free ice-cream, goat milk muffin and passion fruit drink.

Package Listfrom Basic to Full package

Getting around with the maptoo hot to walk around the farm

Our goodiesstarter pack

Each of sub-entry ticket3 main attractions that required sub ticket

Getting ready my groupphoto before getting in

We went for supposedly 3 hours guide tour on our free and leisure way. Means, we can either move along with the guide tour or we take our own sweet time. But make sure you’re able to cover the whole farm based on your itinerary.

Exciting journey start with first stepboarding the bus after the entrance

The 3 hours guided tour is guided by in-house guide to visit feed-stock processing factory, sheep pens, goat milk processing center, herb sanctuary, ostrich park, Jakun village, fruit farm, nursery, mushroom and vegetable farm.

This is the modified bus, waiting us in front. An old type bus which decorated such a way tourist can have maximum convenient to take photos along the way while moving.

Walk towards the busa very welcoming way to us

In-house guide started to give introductionanother welcome gesture

The first stop is Sheep Grazing. I saw the whole herd of goats galloping towards to the field for food.

According to our tour guide, the goats supposed to run but that day they walk in such a slow pace. But good also, so that I can capture them easily.

Sheep Grazing and Herding

Not far away, there is a field with green grass. There is a schedule set for this section. The times are 10am, 1pm & 4pm. Ensure you don’t miss it.

This is the grass shredder which will shred the grass into tiny pieces.

After that they will mix it here together with some wheat and their food will be ready.

Guide briefingwe pay very little attention

Goat & Sheep Farm

Their barn is 2-storey high where the goats will be placed on the first floor and their faeces and pee will go down to the ground floor. We get to feed the goat here. Each one of us will get a packet of dried grass to feed.

Feeding startedanxious feeding

Sleeping sheep

Surprise I took picture of himI know you didn’t well prepared

Now only give me a SMILEhope I not force you

Moving to another place Herbal Sanctuary

Growell Herb Sanctuary

Tea of the day is FREE per cup per persontapao is RM3

Passion Fruit/FlowerBai Xiang Guo (Buah Susu Markisa)

Endedwe walked out from sanctuary

Waiting the bus to come fetch ustoo lazy to walk to next place

Ostrich Park

The ostrich farm is separated into two to keep the male and female away from each other.

Feeding ostrich is part of the package. Try to feed them without fear. As you can see from the picture, it is safe.

Ostrich feeding is availablelots of fun

NEXT stopJakun Village

There is a lavender field here which is not very spectacular with their color.

Lavender fieldif object is strategic, outcome will be outstanding

Jakun Village

The next attraction is the Jakun Village. Not a big village. These are for display and for tourists like us to visit. I personally like this tree house because it has the ladder to climb up.

Prohibited during our visitprecaution on safety side

We are all having fun in the Jakun Village because that place is so chilly and windy. Even it is under a very hot sun.

Chilling … seems the swing can make us relax

Bus arrivedtime to say goodbye to Jakun Village

We have been dropped at the souvenir and selling area. Variety of booths selling milk based drinking product as well as some art galleries.

Shady & replenish our body with drink (milk)

A bottle of locally produced goat milk

Taste okay and fine for menot many people can accept the taste

Checking out what is the next destinationPackage B check list

Fruit Farmnot operating that day

Walk towards Bus Stationready to go

Feed baby goat with milk? Hope it’s not goat milk. For your information, the milk you are holding is made of milk powder of cow’s milk.

Goat Milk & Feeding

One bottle for each under the packageadditional is chargeble

Baby goats are cute and called a kid, male goat is called a buck and female goat is a doe. Only one milk bottle for each and we choose designated area for milk session.

They squeeze with each other for a bottle of milk, how pities are they. Sorry but only one is able to have my bottle at one time. Once they suck the bottle, no way we can pull out easily until it’s emptied unless we have some strength to do that.

The tour yet to be END. Think about Mushroom snacks. Here you are.

Mushroom Farm

A big wishing tree with a lot of colorful things hanging on the tree. That is the wishing packet.

You can purchase this wishing packet. Write any wish you wish for in the small piece of paper and throw it on the tree. May you wish comes true!

Wishing Tree

This big tree house which is located nearby the wishing tree can fit up to 4 people.

House on the tree

This mushroom house has planted all the mushrooms. Lingzhi is the most expensive. Most common one is oyster mushroom. This is the beginning stage.

Mushroom House

Ling Zhi drink is sold from RM3.00/bottle.

There are some mushroom snacks available here. Some interesting snacks are Shitake Olive Rice and Grilled Monkey Head Mushroom Satay.

Canteen hereselling meal and drinks

Menu on the board

Ordered some grill oyster mushroom

Archery and Mini Zoo

The archery station was not well maintained. The cost is RM10/pax for 12 arrows. Not really cheap as well.

There is a mini zoo which is free for you to visit. Not a lot of animals to be seen here but you can expect to see snakes, peacock, turkey, chicken, duck and goose.

Walk back to Reception Hall

Muffins & Passion Fruits Juice

Here is a great place to enjoy the blue sky and green land. We never felt regret coming here, lots of thing were new to us and contain many education elements here.

Say GOODBYE to UK Farm Agro Resort

Overall the concept of UK Farm Tour is really good educational program. Besides that, we enjoyed the fun and relaxation coming with my own group.

We indeed leave a meaningful note on the board as our gesture of attendance here.

DeXXy.Net is signing off @ UK Farm

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