You may call our trip as makan-makan trip but I rather called as road trip to Muar town. Muar is Johor’s royal town, does not have major tourist attraction, but doesn’t mean you can’t come here.

Road Trip to Muar Town

I took time to walk around and I saw Muar is a pleasant town in my recent visit few years back. Yes, this post was backdated in year Aug 2012.

The Sultan Ismail Bridge spans the river at this point and here you can see the yellow painted Muar Clock Tower, one of the town’s most famous landmarks. The stairs into the interior of the tower were padlocked.

The streets are all being color-coded. I think it’s funny with so many colors there.

It was interested to walk on foot around the town of Muar. We drove all the way in the early morning from KL and passed by Seremban for breakfast before landed ourselves for lunch here.

Long winding roadtrunk road to Muar town

Crossing the bridgeMuar Town is here!

Famous landmark of Muarthe Clock Tower

The street of Muar is color coded. We walk around the street of Muar in search for a recommended place after lunch.

Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow Streetsjust say where you are based on color

It definitely is time for some local delicacies for lunch! Our first pit stop, Otak-otak!

Muar’s famous Glutton Street is popular with locals and tourists alike are located along a 100 metre stretch of Jalan Haji Abu, starting from the junction with Jalan Meriam at one end to Jalan Ali at the other end.

Muar Otak-Otak

Otak-otak is made by mixing fish paste (usually mackerel) with a mixture of spices including chillies, garlic, shallots, turmeric, lemon grass and coconut milk. The mixture is then wrapped in a leaf that has been softened by steaming, then grilled or steamed.

Muar Satay60 cents per stick

The uniqueness part of pork satay lies on its ingredient called Kuah Kacang.

Soya Drinkmust drink to cool down our body

Eat all sort of satay & otak-otak with different ingredients …  prawn & fish paste

After our lunch, we decided to go for walk to famous shoe street.

Many shops are selling shoes along the street. A trend is it?

America Shoe Shopbigger size got?

Alright, it’s time for lunch. We went to Parit Jawa for the Parit Jawa Assam Fish, a popular place among the locals and even foreigners.

Heading to Parit Jawafamous for Assam Fish

Assam Fish … love the sour and spicy broth

Steamed Egg with Otak-Otakthe best I ever had

Deep Fried Fishcrunchy

Late lunchcost us about RM72 in total

A trip to Muar without a visit to its Fishing Village will not complete.

Fishing villagewalking distance from the restaurant

Old letter boxsync well with old fishing village

Low tide all the way unseenwide beach

Checking out the view & windstanding on the platform

Next, we gotta check-in hotel.

We stayed in Kluang and we travel a distance of 97km from Parit Jawa.

Just to remind that Anika Inn & Hotel Anika is totally TWO different accommodations. Unrelated and it’s confusing at first place. I was embarrassed checking the wrong hotel and been told by staff immediately when I handed them the voucher check-in.

Hotel Anika is much more modern and builds on its on building and land. Have ample of car park dedicated to their guess. However, a total opposite when comes to Anika Inn. I should be aware by its name which doesn’t carry a hotel by the standard. Expect some budget stay here. A bit rundown and spooky for my opinion.

Hard to find Anika Innsurrounded by shop lots

Clean lobbyoutdated by design

Quiet corridorI don’t feel comfortable

Room view basic budget room overnight (RM65 per night)

The toilethot shower heater is kinda outdated

Bed is soft and loose, with cracking sound … wear & tear feel

Our friend, TKT joined this trip from SG by taking bus and drop at bus terminal. At night after fetching him, we straight went for dinner. But this time, we had a simple one due to earlier meal still full.

We call the night end once we return back to hotel to prepare for next day activity, UK FARM visit @ Kluang.