An unexpected 17 pax group turn up to hike cooling and mossy mountain located at the Gap, the foot hill of Fraser Hill. All were first timer to this mountain.

29 June 2014 | Gunung GAP & Ulu Semangkok

I was expected a 3 hours hike has turned almost into half which was 2 hours from base to Gap peak and Ulu Semangkok peak. Our group were a fit and steady, leaving no one behind to complete first peak (Gap) less than an hour time. Another hour plus to second peak (Ulu Semangkok).

The supportive elements that moved our group so fast was a dry season and trails were better grip. No one encountered any leech.

The group was gathered at Tesco Rawang & Kedai Kopi Yee Kee @ Serendah for departure. None of them know the trail starting point. I was glad to make them to complete it at first attempt. The weather was truly supporting us.

Gap bridgeabandoned but still walkable

Anticipating groupto complete 2 mountains in one day

Frankly say, trail head was not visible enough for anyone to know it was a trail to the mountain. Therefore, these mountains required an experience hiker to show you the starting point and guide all the way, with hoping not to off track to another trail.

Group photo before the hike … we’re ready!

The path is clearfastest hiker lead in front

Sweep is required behindno one left far behind

Leftover trail paperindicator that we were on right track

Crossing the border between statessteel rod

First PEAK done!the elevation was just 300m only

It was a big waste if you decided to call it a day once you reached here, GAP summit. It may drain up your energy with uphill non-stop but this is just a body warming to keep your stamina to sustain in coming trail.

Partial group photohappily completing it within an hour

Flat ground after descending & ascending was part of the trail. It sounds motivating to keep you moving.

Moving steadily for another hourshort break

We were in Ulu Tranum Forest Reservesignboard indicated

Descending was part of trail of Ulu Semangkokthe beauty part

Having lunch at peak area … the beirut is occupied

What an achievementhiking kakis

A very passion & dedicated hiker … his name is Ridz

Group photo @ Ulu Semangkok peak

Group photo @ Ulu Semangkok peak

A slowly faded hobby in past year has come to light again.

Thanks for some buddies who knows me & this blog to push me back to hike. I was planning fewer hikes and more run this year, hence most of them didn’t see me as active as before. Some thought I might busy with new-born and couldn’t come out to take a break to exercise. I was instead struggling between responsibilities and hobbies. Trust me, I was lucky enough to continue chasing my passion.

This hike ended in handsomely duration, far above my expectation. We all came back clean, without need to have wash, compared to my first time, wet & dirty.

Our group decided to have lunch at favorite restaurant called Seong Mun Restaurant near Kuala Kubu Bahru. Till here the mountain revisits. I shall make several revisits somewhere next year onward.