Never underestimate hill & mountain by its name. Bukit Chenuang, a hill by name, as tough as typical mountain. Located in the area around Gunung Nuang and accessible via trail through Congkak Recreational Park.

13 April 2014 | Bukit Chenuang (Congkak Recreational Park)

‘Nuang’ is a name that many hikers terrified when heard about it. However, Bukit Chenuang should not be taken lightly as well. The jungle area is closely related to Gunung Nuang. Due to this, I decided to follow KL Hiking community to Bukit Chenuang when they planned for it. A small fee of RM1 for entrance and RM3 for carpark is compulsory.

The group started hike from Camp Zone 6. The rest of the hike was not easy Trail after the river crossing was tough, with very steep steps which spoil with fallen bamboos/rattan and thorny plant.

It took me total 2 hr 15 min to reach the peak. Descending took me 1 hr 50 min. Therefore, completed this only 4 hours, but for me I felt like 6 hours. Perhaps too long absent from hiking made the situation not favorable to me.

At 7.00am, the group meetup at nearby mosque in Batu 14 Hulu Langat. We were required to collect our name tag and sign the attendance.

At 7.15am, all set off to Congkak Recreational Park and park our car near the entrance.

Entrance of the Congkak Recreational Park

Private land converted to car parkRM3 for car vehicle

The park & resortmaintained by Selangor Tourism

Operating hour of the park

Resort rental costas well as camping facilities

The entire park mapour starting point was ZONE 6

One of the many public toilet facilitiessome toilet inside are not usable

Basic briefing from Alex … to ensure all hiker return safely

Name tagmy target today!

All set!start walking to the trail head

From start-to-endtowards the Zone 6 Campsite

One of many chalets available in this recreational park

Crossing side riverfeel good taking myself into jungle again

The camping areacalled Zone 6

Trek visible from the starting point

Lots of river stream crossingzig-zag until I lost count how many times

The paper trail guided ustowards the correct way

Alternativelythe marker is leading the way as well

River stream endedthe steep trek as defined earlier (from moderate to HARD)

Chopping some branchesto avoid unnecessary scratches when going down

This segment of the trek is where the path becomes less clear and maintained. Fallen tree & bamboos are common in this trek. The looping thorny vines stretch along the path putting me on alert.

Fallen bamboosmake the trekking much harder

Open side trek can look upon the opposite mountain

This spectacular view on the surrounding mountains right here, meant there will be another 15 min to go for the peak, vary depending on your speed. Sounds good!

The view from side trekcan see opposite mountain (name?)

The PEAK is herethe moment that I was looking for (beirut)

A testimonialleft by trekkers which completed Bukit Chenuang

Myself with the beirutstrong determination to complete this hike

Familiar hikers informed that we can see Pangsun dam, a distant view of Klang Gates, KLCC and Ampang. The view, however was largely being obstructed by trees.

Absolute view from the PEAK

Return back to groundmark the completion of 4 hours time of trekking alone

From the source I read from Internet, many stories were told that this hill offer a very tough, if not the greatest hiking experiences. Once is enough, they said.

The jungle trek is become harder and difficult to attempt as goes higher. This is the fact.

Try not to attempt if you’re first timer here, engaged a local guide maybe costly but minimum they’ll take you when your group is form of 10 pax minimum. Else take someone who has hiked before.

This hike has told me, hill-hiking is not always easy peasy. It shall be a moment where hill can offer you nightmare when compare to mountain climbing.

Should I continue to be semi-retired now or casual hike when opportunity arise?