This is the largest Doraemon exhibition held in Malaysia @ Viva Home Exhibition Hall. It was happened from 14-Dec-2013 until 23-Mar-2014. The main attraction was a showcase of 100 unique of Doraemon figures along with others figures.

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo 

Why it was named as 100 Doraemon? It was a countdown towards his birthday, which falls on Sept-3, 2112 in future.

One hundred (100) brings much meaning to this expo. You can see 100 different poses, 100 different figures with each holding 100 different secret gadgets! If you have time, read each information available to know the gadget functionality better.

If you know Doraemon, means we’re likely at around same generation. A big fan once a while but not hardcore. Bought many comics to read and movie/series to watch, especially those episodes aired in RTM back in time. Memories huh?

I went twice to this expo due to discount given via MyDeal voucher purchase which entitled for FREE 2 tickets. After discount, cost per ticket is only RM22.40. Viva Mall is not very far from my house, located conveniently with car park fee RM1 for first 5 hours.

Main entrance is widely notice and online tickets can just walk-in to scan the barcode. Senior citizen above 60 years old is FREE. Good enough to bring my father in without doubt.

Travel through the TIME machineback & forth 

Yellow Doraemon in the makingone only or many?

Have you ever seen a yellow Doraemon? Doraemon was originally yellow in color, but the poor fellow had his ears bitten off by a robot mouse while it’s in the factory. Depressed, he cried and cried and cried, until his tears washed off his original yellow paint, revealing his now iconic BLUE body!

Poor Doraemon get bittenby a rat

Oh, I’m looking in BLUE nowhow sad but I’m totally UNIQUE

Entering the 100 figures after short introduction made you wonder & happy. Instead, a huge crowd draw out your happiness straight away. Many peoples queuing up for photo, but none of them actually queue up and you can always come back for photo or wait a little while for your turn.

Anyway, big DSLR have slightly advantage when people can easily notice you taking photo and let you go in first. Fast pointing and shoot it while you got the chances.

Let’s start with photo marathon below …

Let’s start by looking at 100 spectaclesthrough this expo

I’m the FIRST!my first shoot here

Everywhere got sign ‘Do Not Touch’, ‘Do Not Sit’, ‘Do Not Stand’closely monitor by staff 

I’m the LASTshot by me

The figures were placed in two rowsmade shooting a bit challenging

Church setting for Nobita & Shizuka weddingthe happy ending!

3D effect wallpaper

Favorite shootget mad & being hit

A special lane for in-house photo-shoot … getting our from the drawer

Normal crowd but still crowd for convenient visitduring public holiday

Terrible voiceno one can stand for this!

Another in-house photoshoot availablequeue up behind this house

I’m downsizing youHAHA

Goodbye Doraemon & Nobitadon’t cry as I’m leaving the expo now

Food cornerDoraemon’s favorite snack, Dorayaki & Memory Toast set

There is also overall this expo is just average, does not impress me much even though this was my very first time had this.

This exhibition should hold a way earlier perhaps 15 years back when it was a hit in Malaysia. I believe I would be lots happier and enjoy it than now. My next generation will not likely to be influence much with Doraemon & family characters.