Year 2014 is marking a completely new journey in my life. Would anyone say “Life start at 30”? It’s a BIG YES for me.

1.1.2014 | Happy New Year 2014

DeXXy.Net is still impressively performed well. I’ve long abandoned my lovely bloggie but Google never gave up and bringing more visitor here. A unique visitor daily now hit at 1,500 daily.

I admit many events in my life were not updated here. I wished I could have done it in one shot for ALL backlog. I vow to make more posts to keep my reader informed via new powerful social media updates platform integration.

In year 2014, I’ll bring it closer to utilized social media integration.

What I’m focusing in year 2014? As a responsible person in my own, I’m now prioritizing family, financial, career and health more than anything else.

Things get changed over the time. Blog get matured too. Technology getting advanced and simplified. Everything seems moving very fast without knowing we all fall behind this revolution.

Resolution must be written, no matter how because I love DeXXy.Net as a platform for me to understand myself and evaluate it. A brand year 2014 is awaiting me. Turning me into fatherhood world. Amazing is it?

I look ahead myself, at the same time, I’m looking back what I’ve achieved through-out fast moving year 2013.

Life start at 30, at least for me, is changing my focus and how I should draw my life in future. Every focus & prioritization count.

Life has just begunmeaningful that’s it

Every year, things keep moving. Whatever it is, just keeps it rolling.

  • Career & Self-Advancing
  • Family Building & Commitment
  • Health Maintenance & Balancing
  • World is Round & Having Different Angles

Career & Self-Advancing

Value is depends on our orientation. By advancing a decade of employment, I empower myself to determine where I should belong too. No one understands better than yourself. You earned it, you deserved it.

Family Building & Commitment

One becomes two and two becomes one. That’s come with a stage of three in a family. Wonderful as it’s nothing without a developed and stable relationship & commitment.

Health Maintenance & Balancing

As we grow older, the risk is growing as well. Never take it as granted. Prevention is better than cure. Life can start at 30, risk follows too.

World is Round & Having Different Angles

World is round. Interpreting it comes in different angle. Try not taking it as absolute view but different feel. It’s still wonderful no matter where you are. I love the world and the world loves me. DeXXy.NET is meant for the world to exist.

Year 2013where the past teaches me

In year 2013

I learn about focus and prioritize. No one can teach you how to achieve it. You’ve to determine which one is important and which one can be later. Stress peaking when I started to realize this. I’m confident enough I’m passed and I’m hitting another level to cope this.

When comes to family, you’re the one who driving it to perfection. Focus more and put more attention to every single matter, it would be a happy family. I’ve still more to learn as the journey just embarked this year.

Never take easy with health. Started to make a routine check and keep everything in balance. It must, but not less to be ignoring as the cost is too huge to bear. I’m taking every step as a challenge, to improve and maintain my health.

Even though travel & trip has lessened overall, the world is keeping its promise to be explored in different way. Put every step counted and meaningful in every trip.

My e-business has stabilized. Looking for a big involvement and expanding my focus on it. It’s seems to be my direction from now on. Big changes should happen soon.

Financial is better control and I shall see greater challenge ahead when my house started to kick-in into my expenses sheet. A big thing is rolling in.

Major AchievementsYear 2013


  • My Wedding ~ My Big Day – 07-01-13
  • Golden Palm Tree @ Sepang (Pre-Honeymoon)


  • Visit FGS Dong Zen Temple (2013)


  • Gunung Angsi Hiking via Bukit Pajam (new route)
  • Budget trip to Koh Lipe (Thailand)
  • Victor & Eliss Wedding (Bro-in-law wedding)


  • Daidomon Japanese Buffet
  • Sakae Sushi Dinner (My Birthday)
  • Fraser Hill¬†(leisure trip)


  • Lata Medang Hiking (leisure hike)
  • Bali Trip (Honeymoon)


  • Genting Highland (leisure trip)


  • Bukit Kembara a.k.a Bukit Indah
  • KL Tower Sunrise Towerthon Challenge
  • Bukit Tabur East (leisure hike)
  • Bukit Apek (leisure hike)
  • NTV7 Feel Good Run 2013


  • KLCC Bookfest
  • Gunung Datuk (leisure hike)


  • Kordel Charity Walk 2013
  • Simon & Michelle Wedding (Melaka)
  • Mens Health & Shape Night Run 2013
  • Langkawi Island – Family Trip


  • Treasure Hunt event (KL – Pulai Spring JB)
  • BSN Putrajaya Night Run
  • King of The Road 2013
  • World of Hunger Charity Walk


  • Annual Gathering 2013 (Port Dickson)
  • World of Diabetes Walk 2013


  • Portuguese¬†Settlement (Melaka)
  • Port Dickson Waterfront (Short trip)

From achievements above, there were some occurrences where unhappiness exists. However, with positive mindset, that unhappiness will gradually disappear, leaving me with much anticipated future.

Things always greener at other side. Be brace to try new things for major breakthrough.

How about yours?