To complete Bukit Saga hiking series, one must done for all the routes (A, B, C & D). Normally, many call it as completed via Route A (famous route). The rest are much tougher and challenging, but I determined to complete Route C this time.

Saga Hill (Bukit Saga) – Route C

It doesn’t take long to complete all routes, not even weekly or monthly but could be as short as 1 day. It depends on your stamina, but doing it weekly is recommended. All routes end-point will be at SAGA Hill peak.

Route C is accessible along the way of Route A, where the diversion happened (look around for direction) during flat trek. Route C will be diverted when you see the Chinese local deities OR small camp/rest area as shown in picture above.

Some labelled Route C as ‘Courage’ due to the trek difficulties is higher than the rest. Compare to Route D (which I’ve yet to explore), this is the best challenge trek among all.

Starting point of Route Cvisible trek

Chinese deities (altar) & rest area

Steepness requires rope for supportchallenging trek

Checkpointbeirut as checkpoint

Direction is clearalways on the right direction

Diversion trek to Apek Hill waterfall, be careful … keep on the track towards Saga Hill top

The end of Route CSaga Hill top is just few steps away

Completing the Route C is just part of Saga Hill hiking. Taking a return back to the base can be any route on your choice, be A or B or even same C.

From Hill topRoute C direction is clearly visible

In fact, customization on the trails trekking in Saga Hill is much fun. With all routes accessible and easily spotted, it’s not tough to explore further down off track such as waterfall, Station 1-6 (Apek Hill) and pond recreational area.

Take a look at major map available at the beginning trail near the stall (selling nasi lemak, drinks and fruits) before start.

You may click below PDF file.

Looking forward to explore Route D, perhaps in year 2014.