Bukit Kembara is a moderate hill for leisure hiking especially for beginner who seeking for easy-peasy hike. Located in the green lung next to Taman Bukit Indah, this hill is not that popular enough but one should consider it because the difficulty level is rate as LOW.

13 Jul 2013 | Bukit Kembara (aka Bukit Indah)

Never imagine the reward of the hike would be an awesome reservoir view which I don’t think many hill would able to offer this, especially around KL.

An old but active reservoir called Ampang Impounding Reservoir was one of the earliest waterworks constructed in 1892. This location is fondly known to nature lovers as Bukit Indah.

KL Hiking group was the sole organizer for this hike. Again, I followed them to discover my first hike on this hill.

I’m invited my Khaki for this hike. We gathered as early as 7.00am for breakfast. Meet up with the organizer at gathering point of Caltex petrol station @ Taman Kosas. Socializing and get-to-know each other was the first thing we did when we mark our attendance.

No charging fees from the organizer who wanted us to just have fun hiking. The leader was an enthusiastic hiker all the time.

Gathering areaCaltex Taman Kosas

Registered as hikerwith name tag given

Let’s keep hiking!!!A very motivated catch phrase in the morning

Short briefingorganizer, Alex was giving a short speech

My own groupCJH & TKT, not in picture (Shu Yun)

The starting point is somewhere near this SK Taman Bukit Indah. We parked our car, make a short walking distance to the trek entrance. Unexpectedly a big group which some of them know the way, they came here first.

While waiting the group to get ready, we were so anticipating hiking Bukit Kembara for first time. I was like long time never explores new places since a year back. Hiking same hill over and over again was a bit boring. Lolz.

Walking towards the entranceabout 3 mins walk

Starting pointwhere the trek begins

Huge groupbig support for Bukit Kembara Hill Hiking

Go go gowet trail and all walk with cautious

Not too visible trek in the beginninghopefully there’s marker around

Steep hill supported by wooden staircasesit continues to be UP all the way

Flat trek at lastrelax walk for short while

The check point (B-6)counting from backward

Trail continues with 40 degrees steepness (estimation)where’s the peak?

Another check-point (B-5)still counting our steps

Check-point (B-4)how long to go?

Saw the PEAK?at least rest point I’m looking forward

The BASE PEAKcalled as Dataran B

Not really well developed like other hill in Cherasbut still better

The name given is Dataran Bukit Kembara BI’m wondering where is A

Start descending at steep levelquick and fast down hill

Ohh, found the check-point (B-2)very near to B-1 soon

Alright, I saw thatB-1 check point

Foot hillcan see the reservoir (Ampang Impounding Reservoir)

At the foot of Bukit Kembara we will reach an old but active reservoir, known as the Ampang Impounding Reservoir which is one of the earliest waterworks constructed in 1892. This location is fondly known to nature lovers as Bukit Indah.

On right direction (reservoir on your left)you’ll be heading to mini waterfall

On left direction (reservoir on your right)same destination as it goes ROUND and ROUND

The check-point (A-1)looks like the starting point in lake surrounding

Overview of the reservoirthe getaway to tranquillity and serenity

Check-point (A-2)continues to walk

Check-point (A-3)

Check-point (A-4)also known as Dataran Bukit Kembara A

I was like hunting every check-point around the reservoir. The A-4 checkpoint is where the mini waterfall located. Also known as Dataran Bukit Kembara A where I’m looking earlier.

Absolutely mini waterfallfor refresh, dipping I don’t think so

Continue our walkrounding the reservoir

Check-point (A-5)

Check-point (A-6)

Look-out pointa stop for natural lover & photographer

Alternative trail from Kelab Darul Ehsan … will explore next round

Walking backunder the scene of illusion

Again, the short climb and descent will bring us back to the car park.

Thank you KL Hiking & Trail Running for organizing this hike which designed for beginners and less experienced hikers who want a short break and morning workout in the nature park.

KL Hiking, the organizerlaid the foot-print on Bukit Kembara

Once we returned to car park, we dropped our paper name to inform we’ve safely returned. We called the activity end although the group will continue to Bukit Saga at 1pm later.

I shall be back to explore the remaining trail which named as Bukit Indah & Bukit Belacan. It was a rough hike (around 4-5 hours) and the exit is somewhere near Taman Rimba Ampang.

Not easy and let’s see how the plan goes for KL Hiking in future. I’m looking forward to join them if they organized again.