Never imagine and ever thought of having beach fun at Puchong? That’s the fact, Asian Water Sports Village offers game sports that happened on the man-made beach.

Asian Water Sports Village @ Puchong

Without traveling far from the city, within the city, you can find a place where the adventures of beach game and ride. The man-made beach indeed proves that it can provide the games that normally beach side can provide.

Located at vicinity of the city, Puchong, Asian Water Sports Village offers water sports that accessible to everyone. As it’s ‘Only Licensed Water Sports Center within Klang Valley‘, you can forget about going to Port Dickson, Bali or Phuket to enjoy water sports.

They’re operating in a huge lake in town, having a private beach for outdoor lakeside hangout for overnight package. More details info for packages is available at their official site.

I found out this activity from Groupon. They advertised it with special group discount. I’ve been invited over to join the group buying, so more people can get cheaper and YES, merrier.

There were 2 slots for speed boat departure and activity. We followed the map given and we parked our car in this apartment nearby. I’m not sure whether it was still allow to park inside as guest, due to my visit was a year back.

Parking in the apartment GUEST car parkwith permission

Waiting for the speed boat to arrivefit 6 people at one time

Applying sun blockexposed a lot under the sun

Get to the boatBIG lake behind

Greenery waterdirty lake water

The beach!getting ready with our swim gear

Observing how the water sport ride plays in this lakefirst timer here

Briefing sessionmany youngsters who were first timer I guess included myself

Queue while waiting our turnanticipating getting rough and wet

Believe methe SPEED will throw you out to the water if not hold properly

AFTER done 1 round of gameBANANA boat

SECOND gameTurbo Blast ride

Hold it tightpossibility of throw into water is BIG

It’s getting FAST and FASTERcuz of my weight, it’s VERY bumpy!

Fast corneringalmost flung out

Endthe ride was slowing down, lucky still intact

She enjoyedI’m feel relieved!

Gonna go for THIRD gameEVO PRO3

KAYAKbut it’s tiring, so not into it

Waiting for THIRD gameEVO PRO3 in line

Ohready to hold tight again

Leg touching watergiving some hard time dealing with water resistant

The ENDthe ride was successful with lots of cornering and speeding

Decided to ride againALL rides are UNLIMITED anyway

More people queue up for RIDE againmaybe second batch has arrived

Banana boatmost safe but one can drag all into water easily

Her SECOND ridelook like balance weight here

Steady ridecompare to my first ride was ROUGH and FAST

Beach rescuer taking care all safety and caution

Dinner timeeach of us provided with dinner pack (BBQ food)

My groupbusy with BBQ the chicken wings and fish ball

A stack of fish-ballsfinish fast cuz we all too hungry

Chicken wingsyummy!!

Sky getting darkwe’ve almost done our dinner and wash ourselves

Bidding GOODBYE to Asian Water Sports Villagefor the great water sports experiences

As I never fancy of water sports in my life, this experience really set me back. I’ll be unlikely to try at other places as I gain all rides here.

Facilities are fine and they’re room for improvement and expanding the scope. More can be offer and they’re doing very hard to advertise as much as possible. You can even find their booth at MATTA Fair. Things get more excited with more rides and games introduce.

Stay tune for the exciting package at their official site:

I’ll be back.