Many hikers might attempt Gunung Datuk (Mount Datuk) mountain in preparation for Gunung Kinabalu real challenge. But not many know that this is mountain is a legendary mountain by the history.

Gunung Datuk (Mount Datuk)

Back to time where Negeri Sembilan was ruled by Minangkabau, this mountain is used by local people to gather and choose their leader.

You may ask why there is a FOOTPRINT at the summit on the boulder. Myth stated that it was belong to legendary warrior Hang Tuah which used to move one place to another place by jumping mountain to mountain. (Source from WikiTravel).

My FOURTH time to hike this legendary mountain and the best timing I achieved among all. I took 1.5 hour to touch the base peak. Started at 8.30am, reached at 1st check-point (rest area) at 9.10am and subsequent base peak at 10.00am.

From the car park, you’ll be able to see the office and registration counter. If you missed it, don’t worry, they’ll alert you. The mountain registration counter is open all day for hikers’ registration.

However, exception happened on the day I visited. The counter is closed. I went during Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival. Perhaps slightly advantage to skip the fees imposed during public holiday but not encourage for safety purpose.

It’s better to let them know, so that your safety is better protected.

It’s advisable to:-

  • Register your name before climbing
  • Better start your trekking before 12pm and return before dark
  • Better to have trekking buddy. Hiking alone is dangerous.
  • Bring enough water, food & snack
  • Follow the trail which straight up and will lead to summit
  • Take a guide if you’re not confident and first timer here

Officetheir operation centre

Counter (if not mistaken)a newly opened

It has been a year since my last hike, I notice few things are new in this park. The registration counter now is better equipped but I notice one thing, MYR10 for BUFF. Is it registration fees? WOW, is it increased from MYR6 to MYR10?

Hardly accept this fact if it’s true. Many could be avoiding this it’s keeping increasing. I may consider for a long break from this mountain.

Relaxing and exercising is what nature lovers and adventure seekers do during weekend.

The formation of big boulders at the summit is the main attraction where many hikers find their sense of achievement of hiking.

The toughness of trail is depends on stamina and speed. Normally it’s between 2-3 hours for average hikers. Fast hiker could done it in 1 hour. Trek was properly label and easy to recognize, however, some do lost in the beginning trail due to few pathway available.

To cross the correct one, Gunung Datuk trekking will start ascending immediately along the trail. The trail should lead you up to the hill continuously. If the trail lead you to downhill or flat jungle trail, it’s likely to be in wrong trail.

Rules & Regulation to be followwhile attempting Mount Datuk

Check Point 1 (CP1)resting point before continues

Check Point 2 (CP2)at the base peak

The height of Gunung Datuk885m only

New staircase builtone way up & the other way (no waiting time)

Newly replaced stair casethe rusty one is gone

Magnificent viewwith great view of Malacca Strait (other side)

No matter how many times I climbed this mountain, the magnificent view never seems to disappointment me. Many mountaineers was aim such view after a tough climb, was found its worth and satisfying.

And not many mountains offered such unblocking view and Gunung Datuk is one of it.

After spent an hour photo-shooting, jumping, refreshing & yelling, it’s time to reverse back to the base. We immediately climb down to the base peak and descend back to where we started.

From my GPS tracking, I’ve done 4.16km for return way.

A good workouts plan if you aim less than 5km distance for a mountain in 4 hours’ time.