Pine Tree Trail is located at Fraser Hill, a highland resort on the mountain of Pahang. Known as Bukit Fraser by local, this place can be reached by road transport about 2 hours via trunk road from Kuala Lumpur.

PINE TREE Trail @ Fraser Hill

At height of 1,500 meter, Pine Tree Hill can be access near end of High Pines Road. This trail is only 5.5km long but it needs about 4 hours or less to hike. A return trip would require 6-8 hours. This is one of the toughest trails that well-known among hikers. There are 7 other shorter trails scattered around, namely Mager Trail, Abu Suradi Trail, Hemmant Trail, Bishop Trail, Maxwell Trail, Rompin Trail and Kimbersley Trail.

A good things with all trails is there are many sign boards were built to show the distance you have done. Our time expectation was better managed with this sign.

This trip was initiated when we spotted a very good deal in Groupon which enabled us to stay at Fraser Hill at very cheap price. On sharing basis, we only need to pay RM29 per night for each person (2 bedroom apartment), at Fraser’s Silverpark Resort. We’ve combined group for this trip. I opted to stay 3D2N because I decided to explore all trails during my stay. Understand from others saying Pine Tree Trail itself would take full day. Therefore, I need another day to explore the rest.

We set to arrive and meet up at Silverpark’s Resort itself at 8.30am.

Day 1 … 8.30am – Arrived @ Fraser Hill

It was fortunate to be able to early check-in, so we place our luggage into the apartment room. I allocated about 2 hours buffer time to reach Fraser Hill from KL with sufficient signboard road available along.

Getting into Fraser’s Silverpark Resortone of many resorts in Fraser Hill

Reception buildingWelcome to Fraser’s Silverpark

Our group stay scattered around different buildingdue to availability

We dropped our luggage after check-in.

We planned to start our hike at 9.00am, but getting stretched to 9.30am. After parked our car along High Pines Road, we walked to the entrance.

Park along the empty spaces on road sidewalks to the end of road

Should we drive in or walk inwe chose to walk in

Meet the entranceright everyone we gotta start hike now!

Right after short whilesaw this hut

Rough information about Pine Tree Trailwhat to expect for plants around here

Just completed100m

Continue walk down the trailgood as starting but torture when return


Completed 600mvery complete information about how far we progressing

900m distance from starting point in 20 min … 4km to go

Going down by stairs with supporteasy peasy

Later when returnneed to take the whole stairs up

1.5km mark completion45 mins since started

1.8km completionmore to go!

2.1km completed in 1hr 10mins … half way to go

1hr 30min to achieve 2.7kmBravo!!

2 hours taken to reach this 3.6km mark trail entrance

6 mins used for 3.9km from previous checkpoint 300m is done!

2hr 20min and counting4.2km mark

4.8km check-point in 2hr 45minsnot bad

Final ascendingtake it and you’ll be on top

The last ascending before touching the base peak needs stamina for steep climb with rope. About 100 meters to go at this checkpoint. How motivated to see this sign!

Very motivating100m to go

Finallytaken 3 hours to reach Pine Tree Trail peak

The view from topPine Tree Trail peak

Didn’t spend long herecontinue to Twin Peak

Journey to Twin Peak is about 1km from this peak. The height is almost similar with 57 meters of height differences (1458m vs. 1505m). Estimated 40 mins to reach Twin Peak.

Twin Peakanother peak of the trail

Return to the baseweather is getting hot

Return to trail entrance5.40pm

Return to apartment for clean-upget ready for dinner

Parking in front of our unitsmall balcony

The living roomclean and enough for comfort stay

Big balcony viewfacing green lush jungle

Our master-bed roomvery cold at night even without air-con

View of bathroomthere is another room opposite this

Room 2comfort also with bathroom outside

8.00pm … Dinner @ Silverpark Resort

Due to our stay has included dinner meal, we didn’t join the group for steamboat. But we all gather at one place for discussion & chit chat.

Dinner was rather simple at my resort, which I think breakfast was a bit better.

Dinner (buffet style)3 dishes with rice

Morning diningbreakfast was served with pine tree view outside

Day 2 … 9.00am – Continue explore 7 other trails

Fraser Hill has 8 established trails. I vowed to continue the remaining one as far as time & weather permitted. All trails are natural for those wild bird lover to take photos. These trails are used as shortcut and also daily exercise routes for local & tourist.

My group choose to start from Hemmant Trail, due to the nearest and easiest (1km) to start our morning exercise. Subsequent trails were depends on interest and motivation to further or stop at eatery place.


Taken from source (brochure), this trail is named after Frank Hemmant, the designer and architect of the 9-hole golf course at town center. This trail is located on elevated ground, offers a good view of the golf course.

Stretching about 1km with mostly wide and few minor obstacles.

Entrance of Hemmant Trail1km trail with wide and level path trek

Bad erosionthe hut is waiting to slide down anytime

At Hemmant Trail real entrance (exit for us)information board is readily available


Taken from the source, this trail is opened up by Abu bin Suradi to commute daily to his mining site. He was the first person and first Malay from native of Raub being issued a mining lease by British Government in Pahang in 1899.

This trail only 500m and begins opposite the town mosque and ends near Maybank lodge and Jelai Resort.

Entrance of Abu Suradi Trail500m trail only

End of Abu Suradi Trail is starting of Mager Trail


Taken from source, Mager Trail is named after F.W Mager, an engineer who worked for Pahang Public Works Department from 1918 to 1922. He is responsible to monitor the development of the Gap Road (which is still using to go up Fraser Hill).

This trail begins at Abu Suradi Trail near Maybank Lodge and Jelai Resort following a gentle descending path behind Puncak Inn for about 500m to end at near the Upper Gap.

Entrance of Mager Traila short descending path to Upper Gap (near the Clock tower)

Exit point of Mager Trail

We returned back via Mager Trail and exit at Maybank Lodge. By merely walking down the road back to town, we saw Allan’s Water, one of the attraction and activity in Fraser Hill.

Boat paddling seems the only activity, 2 seated boat.

Cost & time is RM6 per boat for 15 mins (2 pax).

Entrance of Allan’s Water boat paddling


From the source it mentioned, this trail was named after the Bishop of Singapore, Reverend C.J. Ferguson-Davie, who discovered a fine plateau which suitable for a hill station. He built his retreat which named as The Bishop House, facing the distant mountains, but unfortunately no longer habitable.

A trail path connecting Bishop House was opened up to other cottages in the vicinity (Kuantan Bungalow and Muar Cottage) which also part of present Jalan Lady Maxwell to connect Hemmant Trail.

This trail is 1.5km long is a heaven to birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Entrance of Bishop Trailvery near to Fraser’s Silverpark & Hemmant Trail

Actual trail distance and route … a complete information

1200m to govalue each step of trekking in this trail

Not safe for consumptiondon’t take it lightly

Beautiful trailenjoy the bird chirping

Very near to junctionconnecting to end of Bishop and start of Maxwell

Junction where we need to decideMaxwell Trail OR exit at Muar Cottage

220m to exit OR 1800m to exit via Maxwell Trail


Taken from the source where this trail is said a tribute to Sir George Maxwell, Chief Secretary of the Federated Malay States in 1920, who had a keen interest in the development of Fraser’s Hill.

This trail was abandoned but later reopened in 1993 as an extension to Bishop Trail at Muar Cottage. It almost 2km (~1.8km) long.

The exit at Corona Nursery near the Tamil primary school.

Extension from Bishop Trailgoes straight

Panoramic viewthe view of the distant valleys

From Bishop junction to Maxwell Trail exittaken 1 hour trek time

Maxwell Trail sighted from far … well marked (next to Tamil primary school)

The big Hill sign-boardnamed the FRASER HILL

Drive to Muar Cottagewhere Bishop Trail ended


This trail was paved in 1928 to allow easy access to the Methodist Bungalow from Kinderley’s Bungalow (currently called Raub Bungalow) which used for church gatherings by local Christian community. R.C.M. Kindersley is taken the development of Fraser’s Hill during his tenancy.

This trail is 150m and begins at the Aubyn Bungalow and gradually uphill climb and ends just before Methodist Bungalow.

Entry point is just opposite this bungalow

Entrance of Kindersley Traila merely 150m trail


According to the source, the Rompin Trail is opened in the late of 1980, named after Rompin Bungalow nearby. This trail was opened for the convenience of the residents to commute daily to the town center. With this trail, the time taken was cut down by more than half.

This 200m trail is rather steep with steps.

Entrance of Rompin Trailonly 200m trail with steep steps

End or exit of Rompin Trailnot well marked


The location is about 4km away from Jalan Semantan. The road leading to this fall was steep and narrow. Starting point by driving is not far from Ye Olde Smokehouse.

Our visit during that time was quite unfortunate. The road leading to Jeriau Waterfall was closed due to landslide. No any sign when this road can be fix it and open again for traffic flow. Nevertheless, it can be accessible by motorbike.

Road blocking for vehicleas final, we walked for 4km just to visit this fall

Landslide conditionthe fixing is rather slow progress

Long winding walk for 4kmat the entrance of Jeriau Waterfall

A simple group photowith the fall as background

The return from Jeriau Waterfall back to starting point was another long winding walk. Some of them manage to borrow a bike to send one-by-one to starting point, while both of us willing to walk back, due to we felt it we can take the distance.

We call the day off as my group decided to call the trip end and drive back to KL. However, I’ve another night stay until next day. We’d our scrumptious dinner at nearby food stall.

A rainy and cold night … hot soup to keep our body warm

Day 3 … 10.00am – Check out from Silverpark Resort

Day 3 was indeed a leisure day where I enjoyed the view by driving around. Stop, walk & drive again. A visit of Fraser Hill is never complete without walking around to appreciate the surrounding, like what most holiday maker will do.

Back to resortpacking & leisure around Fraser Hill

The icon of Fraser Hillthe clock tower

My journey to Fraser Hill this round has been a fruitful one. Attempt to hike Pine Tree Trail was indeed successful and within my expectation. One need to take the courage to complete it even it’s tougher than expected, so called challenges which will bring you higher level.

After I completed Pine Tree Trail alone on Day 1, further 8 trails on Day 2 and 4km road walk to Jeriau Fall had developed my self-confidence, nothing was impossible when I first thought hard to accomplish.

For anyone would plan & take this challenge can view the full map below (courtesy of Tourism of Pahang).

A full map of Fraser Hill (click to enlarge)

With the experience I have, there’s no hesitation for me to go again by leading a group and explore the nature of this wonderful hill & trek.

Good bye Fraser Hill.