Again, we created history. We’d our inaugural edition of Annual Gathering series overseas, the Phuket Island, Thailand. Our 5th series this year (2012) was successful with 9 people in our group.

24-26 Nov 2012 | Annual Gathering 2012 @ Phuket Island

Having here on this occasion this round made many differences. We crossed boundaries by over-shooting to Thailand, forgo our own Malaysia as chosen destination. Downside was not many of us can make it and only those committed try their best.

For those who has married with child and some personal commitment, not able to join this year. Crossing my fingers as well because I’m getting married soon this year (2013). I’ve strong feeling that we shall be together again in next outing.

Initial plan which decided to hold our gathering was done spontaneously with few overseas locations. A long thorough decision has made off with Phuket Island. Action is louder than talk. Someone must initiate this, else ideas will just come and go. Anyway, we were firmed that time.

Whoever has been before, shall plan and contribute to the plan and yes, someone stand out to organize it. Ms Ellen organized everything from head to toe for us.

Phuket Island trip was organized for 3D2N only, therefore our schedules were a little pack, but fulfilling. Accommodation booked at Poppa Palace, a moderate stay with apartment style, only cost us RM197 each (2 nights). An engagement with local tour agent was made ahead and we paid on the spot.

Our trip not mainly for just gathering and having good memories together but strengthens our bonding and also early birthday celebration for our member, TKT.

Day 1 …12.45pm – Afternoon arrival @ Phuket International Airport

Our arrival at LCCT in the morning for departure was not that smooth. We missed the check-in time and hence delay for another flight. Luckily the time span to 4 hours later, but we required to pay for the differences to convert to actual price. A very good lesson for us to be punctual for flight. Not every penny can save the situation. We potentially missed out our stay & day trip planned ahead if the flight was happened to be DAILY.

At noon, we arrived at Phuket International Airport, and upon claimed my luggage, I spotted a booth which offered local phone card (SIM card). Taking one without doubt and apply to my phone immediately. Without top-up any value, this card is render useless. Get any top-up card at convenient store.

TrueMove free SIM cardtop-up to use it

Pre-booked airport transferfit all of us

The Airportleaves for holiday!

Phuket Island is Thailand’s largest island. The island is connected to mainland Thailand by two bridges. It is situated off the West Coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. It’s surrounded by beaches and entertainment that I never dream off. Never ever come into Phuket without having wild imagination, eyes opener entertainment is a must else regret.

YES, I regret a little bit for some entertainment I’ve no chance to see!

3.30pm … Late lunch @ Patong Street

The airport transferred us directly to hotel, instead of lunch place. We were late but we manage to catch up our late lunch. We craved for food since boarding the flight, but we hold until reach Phuket for the Thai food, to be specific, the local food.

Poppa Palacestays for 3D2N

Busy street along Patong beacha paradise for entertainment at night

Famous No.6 (recommendation)our lunch settled here

Flock with tourists (included us)me & the gals group

The culture and environment was a bit different and we all try to adapt it. Tourist seems to be the largest group flocking around the street and patronize every shop here. They wear beach suit and bikinis … walking around without giving any thought. We happened to watch everyone passing by especially those with good body shape and sexy.

Clad with beach weargood to go

At later, we’ve contacted our local tour agent (communicated earlier via FB page), we met them at Jungceylon shopping centre near Bangla Road.

By walking past Bangla Road, we witnessed variety of activities waiting to be happened at night. It’s an ideal place for party and jolly. This is the central town where the bustling nightlife with restaurants, beer bars and disco.

Patong Citythe famous beach for nightlife and 3.5 kilometers distance

I’m here!Patong Beach (the paradise)

Patong beach are lined with many bars. Beach is crowded with tourists and locals. Some are enjoying the holiday with family, some are coming for honeymoon (which I think too mess and crowd) and some are simply spent a day at the beach with their ‘lover’.

We crossed one part of beach where guys are the majority seen here. We assumed its gay beach.

Beach-goers of the daybeach side holiday is fun

Gay beach?one part of the beach having ‘couple’ of them

6.00pm … Taking a short nap & 1st night outing begins

Yes … since morning until now, we travel, walk and spent a lot of time outside. We dream about rest & nap before we continue with night tour. Some of us went back to hotel (me) & while some went for body/foot massage.

Our night tour begins with Aphrodite Cabaret Show. It’s a glamorous cabaret show in Patong. A large ship-like structure houses the theater. It was recommended by the tour agency to watch the Aphrodite instead of Simon Cabaret.

We took 500 baht with hotel transfer and given VIP seats, which quite far from the stage. Later on, we complaint and get upgraded into front rows (VVIP, I assume).

My first visit for LadyBoys showhighly anticipating

Big ship located outsideeyes catchy

Inside the theaterour seat has been upgraded to VVIP (first row) later on

As shows ENDready for friendly photo-shoot session with you & it’s not FREE

Show was emphasizing on Chinese, Korean and Russian dances and songs. I’m fine with it. At the end of show, we can get to take photos with the ladyboys but at a price, not free. They love taking picture with you as this may their side income. The sexier or prettier their look, the higher offer price, ranging from 40 baht to 100 baht. You may combine 2 of them together with you.

At additional cost (close to 50% extra),  those who want an special touch up & feel can have their hand placed on a fake boob and a picture taken the fee is 100 baht. Anyway, they’re ladyboys and happy than enough to have you.

It’s up to you anyway.

Ladyboys with the audience … hug one each another

Close to sweet lady appearanceI can be cheated by the look sometimes

Inviting audience … to earn extra bucks for photos

They had good fun trying to pick out the guys from the girls!

No visit to Phuket is complete without mandatory visit to the Cabaret shows.

We called the day off for Day 1 … a long day enough for anyone to take it. Get prepare for fun at BEACH tomorrow.

Day 2 … 7.00am – Day tour to Phi-Phi Island & Maya Beach

A day with full of water & beach fun. Day tour to Phi-Phi Island & Maya Beach was on our Day 2 plan. It has become major destination in Thailand tourism, accessible by speed boat from Phuket & Krabi.

Our breakfast prepared by the hotel at Parichad Restaurant. Buffet style and it’s enough to fill up our stomach.

Breakfast voucher redeemedParichad Restaurant

Van transfer for us!to the jetty for boat departure

Reached!the place where everyone wait for timely departure

Given an option to rent flippernot FREE

Waiting for briefing sessionyou need it for some expectation

Get ready everyonelong wait finally arrived!

Departure one boat and anotherall departs at same time, fair right?

Another briefing on the boatwe really can’t wait for the beach!

Speedingleaving far from Phuket Island

Slowing downfirst stop has reached

Viking Cavephotography & sightseeing

Moving to second check-pointvroommmm

Pileh BayAwesome & fantastic lagoon

Moving to 3rd check-pointMaya Bay

Very crowdedbest season for holiday

Me & 2 beautiesMaya Bay as background

Group photo (without me)beach crowd as prove

Group photo (without me)with small cave as background

Toilet directionlocated inside the jungle

Moved to 4th CP, Monkey Baymore human than monkey

All monkeys are waiting to be feedthey’re hungry

Get close with monkeyhaving the banana

Finally, lunch hour @ Phi Phi Don (5th CP)enjoy lunch at beach restaurant

Lunch ala buffetjust enough for fulfilling

Walk around the villagesrestaurants, shops, internet cafes, and shanty towns abound

Phi Phi Banyan Villa … an accommodation choice at Phi Phi Don

Our 6th check-point at Khai Nok beach was for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is beautiful and clean. People there are relaxing. But a lot of tourists on this island!

Beach chairs and umbrella is not free for sitting. We paid 150 baht to rent it.

Khai Nok Beach … rental fees apply for beach chair with shade

Group photo of us at Khai Nok Islandbefore go for snorkeling

Shu Yunhave fun snorkel at shallow water

Sun burn on the backweather was too good

Our day tour for island is ended with short travel from Khai Nok back to Phuket.

We took shower and nap at our room while waiting our nightlife plan. For those who still have energy like me, went for swim at resort swimming pool. I explored the resort facilities such as sauna and Jacuzzi. I’d never get enough for water.

Enjoy and relax until past 6pm. I quickly shower and get ready for night tour.

Night market @ Phuketsomewhere around popular area for food/stuff

Waffle stickjust try without doubt

First bite for dinnerof course everything also GOOD!

Needless to sayquails eggs, her favorite

11.00pm … Bangla Road, night street entertainment

It’s a MUST to go place. This street is full of Bars & Pubs, strip entertainment, pole dance, ping pong show, tiger show and etc on the list. A paradise for any entertainment you’re looking for. You can see lots of tourist, ladyboys and show girls.

Colorful nightamazed of what can be seen outside

Pole dance on top floorto attract you to get into this bar

Tiger bar & its showwell known in Bangla Street

We had a drink at one of this kind of pub. They dance close in front of you, showing their sexy moves, touching you and all sort of action you would desire. Anyhow, our group has just fun watching them and we couldn’t chat under this situation. All our eyes were on their dance.

We came into this area to celebrate and treat our friend on his birthday. He got lots of attention because we pay her to entertain him and seducing him. He didn’t react. End up the girl changing shift or maybe ‘bought’ over by client for exclusive treat. Another new girl replaced her.

Our birthday buddywith the newly bought cap from night market

The group with heavily drunk with alcoholred and perhaps blushing from the show

The night ended after the drink and light entertainment. We didn’t further with adult show which we’ve been targeting for quite some time. Perhaps next round, I guess. A big missed this round

Some of us vomited during way back to resort. A bad sign of heavily infested by alcohol. Our blood rush fast, plus our stomach as well.

Good night my dear friends.

Day 3 … Last day of the trip

I would love to go back Phuket again as this day came too fast. I merely enjoy a day of fun in Phuket. The rest would be traveling and rushing. As we were left half day spent at resort and the rest are on adhoc trip basis. We booked the airport transfer together with half-day tour.

Yes, a half-day tour in Phuket start from the time we check-out. The earlier, the longer time we can have to visit these places.

Good morningbreakfast at the resort

Hot Jacuzzi timelike a boss

A very quiet swimming poolfor adult because it’s quite deep

Let’s check-outwe handed our luggage at the counter

Walk out the resort looking for early lunchseafood treat

A costly lobster mealone for all, one can get a piece of meat only

Big prawn (no idea what type)

Cuttlefish meal

After the lunch, the van fetched us from resort and starts our half-day tour.

First stop was Karon Viewpoint, is one of the most frequent visit in Phuket. From here, you can take a view of Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches.

The entrance of Karon View Point

The view point from where I’m standingKaron & Kata beach

A real group photo for all 9 of usat last, the beautiful beaches sighted

Next stop at Adventure ParkPhuket ATV Adventure

No, we don’t play thiswe just cross by the neighbour

We actually played thisPhuket Rifle Shooting Association

Shoot … shoot … shoot … aiming at your target

The girls playguys just watch

Another stopBIG BUDDHA

Welcome to Big Buddhafree entry at the moment we visited

At that timeit was still under construction or renovation

Currency donation … from tourist all over the world

Faith from around the worldI try to spot my own country currency

What a big teases herebeh tahan

A short walking stairs to the big Buddha platform

From the platforma great view spotted

Finally, final place to visit Wat Chalong

I would love to go back to Phuket again. Recommended for longer stay instead of 3D2N. I’m not fancy anymore for short stay at overseas trip especially inaugural visit.

Many places were not covered and I vow to cover it in my next visit. Our trip ended with our foot landing at airport hall. We had our dinner at Burger King, not much can say except we know this is only meal we can have for the night as we travel for night flight.

Facebook check-intime-stamp for our Annual Gathering 2012

Thank you all my members who was able to make for this overseas trip. It was indeed success. We shall again make another next year (opss … it should be this year, 2-3 months to go only, hehe).