A day was meant for FREE & Easy. The best day for exploring our own island where we stay. It’s neither big nor small to go around for a day.

Maldives in Thailand (Day 3) – Koh Lipe Island

To get on whole island by foot is not impossible. It’s only 2km long and 1km wide. With 2 main beaches each with their own. The busy one called Pattaya beach with wide beach stretched in a long crescent of fine white sand.

Sunrise Beach (where I stay) has views of several small nearby island and cool onshore breeze most of the year. It’s located opposite Pattaya beach, with just a few resorts and bars. No cars on the island and thankfully few motorbikes only. Therefore, I can assure the whole island can be explored on foot in couple of hours.

6.00am … Sunrise @ Sunrise Beach

The sunrise is one of the best and to make my whole day exploring fruitful, I woke up earlier than day before to get beautiful view of sunrise.

Best view with best feelwhat a beautiful day to start with

Shiny & reflection of sun lightwarm & breezy

Walk towards Mountain Resortfor breakfast

Beautiful girlbeautiful sea

Beautiful islandclear water

Sighted Mountain Resortbeautiful resort on higher ground

Mountain Resortthe restaurant & viewing platform

Get on stair caseup & down between beach and resort

The most luxury unit with facing the sea directlyhoneymooner paradise

Our buffet breakfast … 200 baht per person

Back entrance/exitguest will be fetch by buggy

Back end of resortwelcoming sign

11.00am … Long walk at sand trails

We crossed out from Mountain Resort border by the sign above. It was located behind the resorts where the only happening at night. Spotted few bars which closed on day light.

Exploration continues down to Walking Street to Pattaya Beach. Due to direct hot sun too hard to bear, we decided to head back to our resort for leisure.

Decoration design one of the barclosed on day light

Tarutao Cabana resort @ Sunrise Beach

Exclusive bungalows sit in frontbasic shelter for great holiday

1.30pm … Getting across the beach far away

I love our beach. It was indeed the most beautiful that I ever seen. I love the view people relax on beach side (without covering) and not even under shade. They enjoy the suntan, front and back side.

Walking past of them and crossing few resorts. The end of the beach end was for the view point where Serendipity Resort located.

End point of public beachblocked by rocks & boulders

Cross a small trail near the rock endtowards another private beach resort

Private beachsplendid view and truly paradise

Serendipity Koh Lipe Resort at secluded beachat south end of sunrise beach

Two hours laterreturn back to our resort for Kayaking

Continue the feasting one’s eyesocean & people

Time for sunsetheading to Sunset Beach via sand street

Welcome to Sunset Beacha short walk meant for leisure

Porn Resortone of the popular resorts at Sunset Beach

Beautiful sunsetliving it up

Atmospheric phenomenon @ Sunset Beach

7.00pm … Clean-up & Dinner (Seafood)

Exciting moment is over. Sky getting dark upon sunset. We need to clean-up ourselves first before heading to Walking Street for luxurious dinner (seafood).

Time to bid goodnight after a good massage (again).

Day 4 – Last day of Koh Lipe Island

Our 4D3N on this wonderful island was near to last countdown. It’s always the hardest to bear. Instead of going for resort breakfast, we spotted a very budget breakfast from a motorbike (wholesale) to the market.

We picked few pack of food which considered quite cheap, ranging from 20-40 baht per item only.

As early as 9.00amcheck-out & boat transfer to mainland

At Hat Yai townour lunch is mcD set (Samurai Pork Burger)

To end this blog post, I would like to give few tips & facts for this vacation if you ever plan one.

  • Choice of transport varies. From Hat Yai to Pak Bara Jetty for speed boat (1100 baht return way) or from Langkawi Island much shorter journey but costlier.
  • No ATM in Koh Lipe. Bring enough cash for your spending (for extended stay & food)
  • Accommodation budget varies (from bamboo fan chalet to air-con sea view). Plan according to your budget.
  • Massage service is affordable (300 baht only). Food is delicious. Snorkeling package (full day) is cheapest I ever found (550 baht only).
  • Foot traveling is a must (along the beach, Walking Street, Sunset/Sunrise/Pattaya beach). Get comfortable sandal/slipper.
  • Light clothing all the time. Weather hot and windy. Tourist with bikini & swimming wear found everywhere even at the street and restaurant.
  • Beach suntan & topless are normally spotted if you’re lucky as it’s allowed. You’ll get used to it as day passed.
  • Snorkel activities are not brief to beginner. They treat you as amateur. Speed boat is costly, they used long tail boat. Slow & boring sometimes.

Time to bid goodbye to Koh Lipe trip which I never forget.

Till my next Thailand trip. The END.