Snorkeling trip is a must when you holiday in Koh Lipe. It was incomplete without it especially for first time visit. There are daily snorkel trips available via local tour agent.

Maldives in Thailand (Day 2) – Snorkeling at Blue Ocean (5 Islands)

Amazed with blue ocean and white sandy beach. A lot of things going on our mind. Soul & body are ready for water dipping. Giving an option to dip into shallow water, we’ve a choice to go for deeper part where we can see fishes and coral, that’s snorkeling trip.

Booked to depart at 9.30am in the morning has got us ready by 8.45am. Before we depart for this activity, we woke up as early as 6.00am to watch sunrise. This much overlooked natural phenomenon often categorized as “nature wonders” or “gorgeous landscapes” or “amazing skies”.

As early as I could certain, watching sunrise is a must in Koh Lipe, reason is this beach offer the best sunrise I ever seen. Hence the name of Sun Rise Beach in the map and famous landmark.

6.30am … Sunrise @ Sunrise Beach (Hat Chao Ley)

Sunrise Beach is a long stretch of white sandy beach and as you knows, Koh Lipe have 3 popular beaches, Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach & Pattaya Beach. All are within 15 minutes of walking distance.

Sunrise Beach has the best snorkeling right of the beach.

Rising of the Sunslowly rise into complete shape

Love on the beachin the beautiful morning

Light breakfast at Elephant Barour resort (Lipe Beach Resort)

Open showerclean up before getting into the room

Open massageenjoy massage in front of the beach

Open toiletfeel free (no shy) using it for urgency

Wooden benchimagine having cocktail here

There are a few nice places to eat other than our own resort, it’s a 10 to 15 minute walk to Walking Street.

A short walk towards Walking Streetvia Sand Street

Quiet street in the early morninglooking for breakfast meal

Quiet massage centeryet to have anyone there

Snorkel Trips available at cheap pricefor full day

Half-day tour is availablecost 400 baht only

Day Trip includes 5 drop points with 2 choices:-

Program 1

  • Jabang – Beautiful soft corals cover a pinnacle that rises from the bottom (around 16 meters) to just underneath the surface.
  • Koh Hin Ngam – Visit this mysterious island build out of thousands of smoothly polished black rocks.
  • Koh Rawi – Picnic on the long white sandy beaches of Koh Rawi and relaxes or snorkel.
  • Koh Adang – Relax on the beach, explore the jungle and snorkel at the beach.
  • Koh Yang – Great snorkeling from one of the smallest beaches in the Marine Park.

Program 2

  • Koh Hin Sorn – The strange rock formations house a wide variety of soft corals and marine life.
  • Koh Lugoi – Another great spot of the edge of marine park with interesting corals and beautiful fish.
  • Koh Dong – Enjoy your picnic and watch the monkeys on the beautiful beach of Koh Dong.
  • Koh Pung – Greater snorkeling and swimming off the beaches of Honey Island.
  • Koh Bulu – Beautiful corals and tropical fish around this small island.

We’d chosen Program 1 (cost 550 baht per person) which inclusive of fins. Consider very good & cheap snorkeling compare to my previous experiences. Program 2 cost 650 baht which can be next visit.

Ready for day snorkeling soonwaiting outside for the departure

Patiently waitingspy shot my sister

9.30am … Our snorkel trip begins

It was later been told that we need to walk to Pattaya Beach to take our speed boat. This operator that offering us service is not professional.

Firstly, we’ve arrived on time, but the operator has forgotten until we knock their door. Only they go to call boat operator and others arrangement such as our lunch and fins.

Secondly, we’ve been told that we’ll be send by a bike to Pattaya Beach. Instead, requested to walk to the beach our own. These arrangement are poor, resulting a delay of our departure and shorten our time on the trip.

Good weatherKoh Lipe’s Walking Street

The ENDof Walking Street

From Pattaya Beach, this is starting point to Walking StreetWelcome to Lipe

Cheap Dorm is available at 200 baht per nightfor those backpackers

A wide overview of the SCENEPattaya Beach

Departure from Pattaya Beachlong tail boat sails to the sea

The operator for the snorkeling only provided long tail boat, means the speed is like turtle if comparable to speed boat. It would probably take 30 minutes for a destination.

I’ve less care about where I’m going for snorkeling, as long as it’s located at beautiful coral and tranquil water.

Jumping watersuch a rare stunt from me

Sandy beachsmall beach stop for our lunch (provided)

Our full view of long tail boatwell maintained

After lunchtake a short nap on the sandy beach

Photo shoots a while to kill some extra timeduring lunch

1.00pm … Snorkeling time

Long tail boat has brought us to the best place for snorkeling. Without knowing the name, we all enjoy ourselves.

Snorkel spoteveryone jump

2.15pm … Next destination, Koh Hin Ngam

The unique point of this place is not white sand beach but various shapes of shiny dark stones scattering around the island.

This dark beach can be seen from sunshine day where shiny and smooth stones are beautiful when the waves splash on them.

Koh Hin Ngammiracle island with black shiny and smooth stones

There is a very enjoyable activity for all tourists on Koh Hin Ngam which is rock piling of 13 stones without fail then your wish will come true.

Piling stones …  a fun activity

Located at Tarutao National Parkcan opt for hiking activity

Overview of the black stone beachhot due to stone reflection

There’s a strict rule of warning from taking stone out of the island.

It said that “whoever dared to take any beautiful stone away from the island will face many different disasters”. The best to do is taking photo and leave them alone.

Not to take lightly of the curseprohibit from taking the stone as souvenir

Hot weatherhope to soak with water

Enjoy soakingbeautiful view as background

Enjoy throwing stoneswhile I’m enjoying the view from boat

Fun moment doesn’t long last. Our day tour ended at 3.00pm and we travelled back to our resort for Free & Easy afterward.

3.30pm … Back to Sunrise Beach

The moment we stepped on the beach in front our resort, we noticed few topless sunbathers enjoying themselves. It’s rare sight in the first place, for us at least. In fact, it’s a norm sight in Koh Lipe after we spotted few more during our stay.

As most of us were tired, we’ve our own moves and activity until sunset. I enjoy the water and beach sand a lot. As evening hour, the direct sunlight become lesser, I rest under the tree, read books and counting down the time for dinner.

Get laid on the sandit’s very smooth

Again, our dinner place this time not at Walking Street, instead along the sandy street. Soon after our dinner, we decided to have good body massage at Walking Street. Cost us only 300 baht for an hour.

Holiday mood continues … we bid goodnight and look forward for tomorrow activities.

To be continue … Maldives in Thailand @ Koh Lipe (Day 3)