Pangkor Island, located at Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia is a destination that I choose to have my simple round the island trip on my own in 2D1N only.

Pangkor Island | 2D1N Round The Island Trip

Purposely planned prior to my celebrate anniversary and also a place where I went during my childhood. Due to this, I really wish to visit again to explore past memories. Pangkor Island is a simple island where you can explore on your own, alternative for engaging any tour travel company. To come to this, I’ve just rented a scooter (bike) to explore on our own.

Located not far from KL & Selangor, anyone can have a holiday of island which do not need long hour drive. By stopping at Lumut Jetty, you can just buy a return ticket, board 30 mins ride via speedboat and you can call your holiday straight away.

Starting our journey as early as 8.00am towards Gopeng interchange exit way.

8.55am … Cruise on the highway

Our visit didn’t fall into peak holiday season. We’ve a good & smooth ride during the weekend. I always prefer early morning travel because I could explore nearby places before heading to my main destination. One of the place I dropped by was Teluk Batik.

PLUS highwayexit at Gopeng toll booth

Teluk Batik is a famous beach which looks cleaner and many picnickers and beach goers spent time with their family and partner. Alternative to island visit, you can have all it takes with white sand and ideal place for swimming and relaxation. Chalet accommodation is available at nearby.

Teluk Batika hidden beach & holiday destination

 Welcome to Teluk Batika sign found near the public beach

Under the tower (inner) … nothing other than empty space

A real watch towerwatching & guarding the beach

People flocking the beachholiday maker destination

Banana boatone of the activities available

11.30am … Drive towards Lumut Jetty

By driving to Lumut jetty, we were wandering around looking for car park where I spotted few parking places available. There is multi-storey covered car park but I didn’t go in, instead park at designated open car park which cost me RM10 per day.

Outdoor carparkstandard charge of RM10 per day (24 hours)

Finally excited as I’m here for a trip to Pangkor Island

From Lumut jetty, there are ferries taking passengers across to Pulau Pangkor and leaves every half an hour. They’re using high speedboat which only took 20-25 minutes to the island.

Ticket purchasing countercost us RM10 each (return way)

Terminal Jetty entranceentry point

Overview of the island … Welcome to Pulau Pangkor

Long queue for speedboatmany youngsters opted for holiday there

The jetty & boatscolorful and attractive

Upper deck platformmany passengers prefer platform ride

Getting down from the boattaking with care

Towards EXIT signwe’re HERE!

Jeti Pangkoran important sign to mark the destination

1.00pm … Arrival at Pangkor Jetty

Upon arrived, we were greeted by a lot of people at the jetty, mainly offering us some transportation option. Taxi, private car, motorbike or even tour package are available upon your arrival. That’s awesome for holiday-maker which comes here for free & easy.

I was fully gear-up! We looked upon a transportation which is BIKE! Others transportation was out of our sight. We rented a scooter cost RM40 only. We checked our brakes and gear if it’s functioning properly.

Upon taking the bike & helmet, we immediately moved away from the crowd towards our hotel. Before that, we pumped RM5 of petrol for our consumption. But I believe it’s more than enough, we shall put RM3 instead.

Puteri Bayu Beach Resortour holiday accommodation

Puteri Bayu Beach Resort was chosen because we only need a decent place with nice beach. It cost us RM120++ per night with breakfast.

Pool areafunny message with ‘No night swim allowed’

Many of the resorts in Pangkor offer ’round the island’ boat tour with snorkeling activities on few popular sites such as Pulau Gian, Pelandok and Mentangor. It’s also possible to charter a boat and head to Pulau Simbilan if you’re keen in fishing activity.

Being offered a boat triphowever my target was a town trip 

Since we’ve more freedom with our bike here, we were getting ready with our first outing in the island. First thing we did was looking for lunch place.

Typical Chinese food stallour lunch settled here

Getting around Pangkor Island was easy because the journey circling the island only about 20km. There is light traffic, making the journey smooth and easy. So far road condition is quite food but still some part are narrow and steep. Be careful.

Our very first stop @ Fu Ling Kung offered its visitor a cute mini China Great Wall replica.

Fu Ling Kung templea big & grand temple

My last visit on this temple was 20 years back (that’s long enough huh!), which my memories on this replica was still intact and would like to come again. I made it now.

The Mini Great Wall of China as it’s called, is simply a very scaled-down replica. A lot of tourists came to visit this place even after so many donkey years, which I noticed it was properly maintained.

3.00pm … Round the island tour

We saw many pink vans going on narrow roads of the island bringing tourists to all various attractions that we went. Notice they were came in group, but we felt we’ve more freedom to determine the time and places where we go. Good point to round our trip with our own.

No shopping malls or fashion boutiques in Pangkor Island, if yes, not much. Normally island like Pangkor is famous with the beaches, not shopping heaven. There’re number of clothing shops selling shirts, sarong, batik and souvenir near the jetty.

Other than that, dried seafood stores and souvenir shops are the most hit. One shouldn’t miss the major product of Pangkor Island comes from sea. One of the popular destinations we visited was Kedai Ikan Satay Hai Seng Hin.

Factory for Fish Sataystore selling dried seafood at this direction

Pink van … tourist van waiting outside

Freshness assured due to modern technology today using vacuum-sealed packaging to lengthen the freshly. This factory sells in bulk and separate items at cheaper price due to originality and packaging done here.

The entrance of the factory selling storemost auntie & uncle bought in bulk

Journey continues after bought few delicacy of dried seafood. I’m not fancy that time and couldn’t understand why people buy in bulk. No doubt it’s cheap & fresh.

Scooter rideas passenger & its fun

Another stop at a very old and legacy Chinese temple called Lin Je Kong. Nearby place where local people pray to the Guan Yin.

Temple near the beachoffering some sea activities

Collagenvery tempting to try

Disney character to attract people to go inmix with modern style

Observing the view of the seain a romantic way

5.30pm … Sunset beach walk

Sunset time. We rode back to our resort and enjoy our time at the beach. It’s clean and smooth sand. People do swim and for us, we enjoy the view more.

Long stretch of beachromantic place

Sunsetwater & sand

Our slipperswith our foot print

Rope tree swingnice & enjoy it

Relaxing on the swingfew of them there

The proposal ring“I Love You”

Night beachbuild our romantic light

We called off the night with a simple light dinner nearby our resort.

On next day, we woke up and had a fulfilling breakfast.

8.00am … Local cuisine breakfast

Local delicacies which I liked to have it in the morning. We didn’t had chance to watch sunrise since we’d it for sunset. No chill-out to beach on Day 2, as we took our scooter round the island again for the remaining part that we didn’t explore.

Nasi lemak breakfastmy favorite

Chalet type accommodation of this resortthe entrance

Location for each chaletbetter stay near the beach

One of the historical placesThe Dutch Fort

Welcome to Kota BelandaDutch Fort (not big place) & free entry

Information boardsurrounding quite quiet & less visitor

Historical fortnot as big as A Famosa Fortress

Interior of the fortressone or two photograph will do

Not far awayfound Historical Rock (Batu Bersurat)

Picture carvingunknown meaning, at least for me

Stop by Teluk Ketapanggood for picnicking

With the scooterlooks cool right?

Passed by Pasir Bogakone of the beach

TEMP CLOSEDunable to walk on hanging bridge

Pinky vanmany of them are waiting at the jetty for tourists

The jetty surroundinga huge 1Malaysia architecture 

The arrival/departure of jettyboarding here after check-out

Bye-bye Pangkor Islandwe shall meet again

Pangkor Island is a very peaceful and relax island. A highly recommended for a short gateway to relax your mind. It’s not crowded yet have beautiful beach.

Cost of this trip is not expensive but rather cheap I can say. Go for free N easy and you’ll get a true budget trip.

Finally this trip ended with good memories, Happy 4th Anniversary & moving forward will be our engagement soon.